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Optional Objective/s
1. Do not fire a single shot from a firearm.
2. Stop the electroconvulsive therapy session.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,230 £ Bonus: 100 £
XP: 1,000 XP Bonus: 125 XP
Gear: Firearms: Model 1 Revolver

This is the first of six pure ‘assassination’ memories contained within the main campaign and as such it is a little different from your standard level. Similar to what we saw in Assassin’s Creed Unity, we’ll go into the mission looking to take down a specific target, however the game will give us a number of opportunities and side-tasks that we can undertake to help us in some small way towards our ultimate goal.

Part 1: Vantage Point and Opportunities

The first thing that we need to do in the memory is to climb up to the vantage point located inside the Lambeth Asylum on the second floor overlooking a surgery theatre. Here we’ll get a pair of hints. Use the Eagle Vision ability after the pop up disappears to find and tag both opportunity icons. The options include:

  • Nurse – Infiltration Opportunity.
  • Young Doctor – Unique Kill Opportunity.
    Note that it is not necessary to complete these tasks, you can do one, you can do both or you can do your own thing and do neither. Below is a short guide as to what each can do for you and how to accomplish their tasks. To continue with the walkthrough, jump down to the heading for Part 2: Assassination Strategy .

Enter the Asylum (left) and make your way to the viewpoint (right) to identify opportunities.

Nurse – Infiltration Opportunity

Completing a small task for her will grant you a master key to unlock every locked door in the building. To find her, exit the main building to find a ‘Entry Point’ on the southern part of the northeastern wing of the asylum. Speak with her and she’ll tell you one of the guards has pinched her key – you’ll need to sneak over and either steal it from him or kill him and loot it from his corpse. These keys can be used to unlock the doors to the surgery theatre.

Young Doctor – Unique Kill Opportunity

We can hide a body and take its place in order to trick the doctor who will wheel us into the surgery theatre for an easy assassination of the target.

Part 2: Assassination Strategy

This strategy is the easiest and quickest I have found to pull off the assassination whilst also completing all of the optional objectives for 100% synchronization on the mission.

After the hint screen vanishes, enter the hall to your right. Follow it to the end and you’ll find an open grating at ground level. If you haven’t already, use your Eagle Vision to identify and mark guards in the room behind the grating and in the areas to the left as well. Wait for the closest enemy on the left to start walking away and when you are good to go, slide through the grating.

As soon as you enter this room, you’ll want to cut a left into the hallway here. Follow the enemy into the side room on the right to assassinate him (there is also an open grating to the right you can slide through to find a chest). Move up the hallway and kill his friend who is examining a medicine cabinet.

Exit the far end of the hallway and you’ll spot a pair of doctors electrocuting a patient below.

Go through the open grating near the view point (left). At the end of the hallway, assassinate the pair of doctors electrifying the patient (right).

As well as the two involved with the electrotherapy session, a third enemy will also patrol from this room back to another hallway directly under the one we exited from and back constantly. Wait for the patroller to leave the room before double air assassinating (or regular assassinating if you want to go traditional) the pair of guards electrocuting the patient here to complete the optional objective.

Quickly continue down the stairs behind their location before the patroller returns. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find a pair of doctors, one in the side room immediately opposite the base of the stairs and another patrolling the length of the hallway. Use throwing knives to headshot both of them or whistle one over at a time to the doorway at the bottom of the stairs for corner assassinations – but DON’T SHOOT!

The large room at this level is the morgue. In here we’ll find the Young Doctor and if you haven’t already you should use your Eagle Vision to identify him to activate the unique kill opportunity.

Take and hide the body from the morgue (left) and then take its place on the table (right).

Once the unique kill opportunity is active, you’ll be able to see a body we can interact with on a table in this room. Wait for the doctor to head over to the far side of the room before sneaking in and grabbing the indicated body from the table. Carry it back to the side-room and place it in the hiding place indicated before returning to the table and interacting with it to lie down in the body’s place.

During the subsequent scene, hit the ‘assassinate’ button (X/Square) when prompted.

Once the target is dead we’ll need to escape the building. The good news is the door on the right (when facing the crowd) can be unlocked from the inside. Open this and kill the enemy in the hallway behind it. Follow said hallway to the left and in the room at the end, move through the right hand door to find another doctor huddled over a desk. Kill him and continue out the far side of the room.

After killing the target, sneak back out of the area (left) until you reach one of the exits (right).

If you helped the nurse out, this area will look familiar – its right where she was standing. Climb up to the ledge above the door and climb through the open window to escape the building.

Run out of the restricted area to end the memory.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Quick and Reliable Remedy

Complete Memory Sequence 4.

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