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Optional Objective/s
1. Steal the plans undetected.
2. Remain undetected whilst kidnapping the supplier.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 410 £ Bonus: 75 £
XP: 250 XP Bonus: 100 XP
Gear: Brass Knuckles: Crow’s Strength

Part 1: Pursuit

As soon as we begin this memory we’ll be in pursuit of a merchant. He’ll run off along the waterfront and disappear into a tunnel. Run through the tunnel and follow the set path all the way to the end. Exit to the surface via the stairs provided.

Chase the target through the sewer (left) and tackle him when you catch him in the park (right).

At this point you should catch up to the target in a park area. Tackle him. After a brief conversation, we’ll be pointed in a new direction.

Part 2: Steal the Plan

Make your way over to the next objective marker. As you approach it, it will expand into a green search area encompassing a marketplace. Use Eagle Vision to locate a person of interest whom we’ll need to pickpocket.

Unfortunately, almost immediately after you arrive at the marketplace and identify him, he’ll take off in a carriage with his henchmen. As this is the case, you’ll want to hijack a moving cart or grab one of the parked carriages and follow him up the road.

After a short ride, he’ll pull over in front of a factory-type building and hop out before entering the building. At this point, leave your vehicle and enter the alleyway just to the left of the building the target entered and run all the way to the end. Here you’ll find a decent sized crowd at the back of the building. Hang out here for a moment or two.

Run through the side alley (left). Sneak up and pickpocket the plans from the target (right).

Our person of interest will emerge from the building and come and talk to one of the NPCs here. At this point you can take the opportunity to sneak up behind him and pickpocket the plans.

Your objectives will update.

Part 3: Kidnap the Supplier

The supplier can be found in a large building in the very center of the northern part of Southwark borough. We’ll need to sneak in and kidnap him to complete the memory.

Inside the large building, there is a fight club ring and a catwalk area overlooking it along the northern wall of the building’s interior. The target will patrol from being ringside up to the walkway and back again.

Although we can nab him pretty good when he stands by himself near the fighting ring, the catwalk is the better place to kidnap him due to fewer enemies being around to spot you (providing you kill the thug up there before going for the target).

There are a couple of ways to get to the catwalk – you can either find the raised, balcony area on the south side of the building with the open door and climb across the supports near the roof to reach the catwalk or you can enter via the northern door, climb the ladder just to the right as you enter and climb up and over the machinery here to reach the catwalk on the far side.

We can either grab him whilst he wanders across the catwalk or drop down behind him and grab him as he moves to go down the stairs back towards the fighting pit.

Use Eagle Vision to locate the target (left). Once you have kidnapped him, escort him out of the factory (right).

Once you have grabbed him, you’ll need to escort the target slowly from the area as to avoid detection. As per usual, we’ll want to move at a turtle’s pace to keep our detection radius small and maneuver around or time your movement past enemy patrol patterns so that we won’t raise suspicions.

We’ll need to escort the target from the factory and out of the restricted area to complete the memory.

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