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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
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First Published: 14-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-01-2020 / 17:37 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Guide

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Sequence 03 Continued

Memory 02 - Freedom of the Press

Note: Before starting this memory, you should spend your existing skill points. ‘Loot Takedown’ , ‘Health Boost I’ and ‘Lockpicking I’ should be your first priorities. Unlocking these skills should move you up to Level 2 and at this point you should invest in ‘Eagle Vision III’ .

Optional Objective/s
1. Install the three fuses without going below 30 metres in altitude.
2. Air assassinate a guard from a zipline.
Money: 1,500 £ Bonus: 75 £
XP: 4,000 XP Bonus: 100 XP
Gear: Outfits: Outdoorsman Outfit

Part 1: Rope Launcher

After beginning this mission, you’ll need to hop into the nearby carriage and drive it across the nearby bridge until you reach Big Ben. At this point the game will issue you with the Rope Launcher. Looking towards buildings and ledges will see the Rope Launcher button appear (LB/L1). Hitting this will fire off a rope that you can use to scale buildings or create a zip line to ride between them.

From the start, climb on top of the gate nearby and look towards the top of the tower here. If you get into the right position, the Line Launcher icon will show up allowing you to jump straight up to near the top of the building. From here you’ll want to approach the objective marker nearby and interact with the fuse box.

Note: From here on, you’ll get an optional objective for staying up higher than 30 meters in the air until all the fuses have been installed. With the Rope Launcher, that should be a piece of cake!

From the first fuse box, you should be able to Rope Launch/zip line your way across to the spire on the building ahead with the second fuse box. Climb down to the second fuse box and interact with it.

You'll need to disable three fuses (left). Use the rope launcher between the spires to stay above 30 meters (right).

Head around to the side of the tower facing the next objective marker. Use the Rope Launcher to jump between the various spires (make sure you keep to the spires to maintain altitude above 30 meters!) of the building ahead until you are able to use the Rope launcher to reach the final building. Climb up and interact with the final fuse box here.

Now return to Bell over where we entered the area.

Part 2: Attack the Thugs

We’ll now need to make our way back across the bridge (grab a carriage to save some time) and then find and loot a pair of chests. Each chest is guarded by a number of enemies. Make sure that you scan the area with your Eagle vision to tag the enemies before planning your attack. You’ll want to deal with the lookouts and the snipers first and quietly if possible before attacking regulars.

Note: In this portion of the memory there is an optional objective to perform an air assassination from a zip line, so be sure to get one of those in before looting both chests!

Be sure to air assassinate an enemy from the zip line (left). Use the crafting menu to upgrade the Smoke Bombs (right).

Once you have looted both chests, the game will throw up a tutorial screen on crafting. At this point, you’ll need to head into the Crafting > Upgrades menu and craft ‘Smoke Bomb Upgrade I’ to continue. If you have enough money, you could also get ‘Throwing Knife Upgrade I’ as well – throwing knives are ridiculously overpowered in this game and improving them early will make things a lot easier for you (especially if you like your stealthy shenanigans!).

Return to Bell’s workshop to end the memory.


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