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Optional Objective/s
1. Do not use ranged weapons to kill the decoys.
2. Escape the Alhambra in less than 90 seconds.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 3,480 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 4,000 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Schematic: Maximum Dracula Schematic

Part 1: Vantage Point and Opportunities

This is the final core ‘assassination’ memory in the main campaign and this one takes place at the Alhambra Music Hall where we first met Maxwell Roth. As with the previous pair of assassinations, from the start of the memory, the game will lay out a set of three hints for the task ahead. The opportunities include:

  • Usher – Stealth Opportunity.
  • Waitress – Assistance Opportunity.
  • Machinist – Unique Kill Opportunity.
    As with the previous assassinations, it is not necessary to complete these tasks, you can do one, you can do all or you can do your own thing and do none of the above. Below is a short guide as to what each can do for you and how to accomplish their tasks. To continue with the walkthrough, jump down to the heading for Part 2: Assassination Strategy .

By killing one of the guards and looting a mask (left). You’ll gain entry to the Alhambra (right).

Usher – Stealth Opportunity

The Usher can be found by the entrance to the Alahambra. If we can acquire a mask by killing/knocking out and looting one of the Thugs nearby, Jacob will equip it. With a mask on, the Usher will escort us inside of the venue. Once inside with the mask on, you’ll remain pretty much anonymous unless you are super suspicious.

Waitress – Assistance Opportunity

The Waitress can be found inside the club on the second floor of the main galleries overlooking the stage. You can approach and speak with her to spike the drinks she is carrying. This opportunity has the ability to kill off one of the decoys silently.

Machinist – Unique Kill Opportunity

The Machinist is located in a locked door behind and to the left of the stage. Finding and freeing the Machinist will have the effect of lowering an additional hanging walkway above the stage that can be used for a quick and easy assassination of the target.

Part 2: Assassination Strategy

The first thing that we’ll want to do in this memory is to acquire a mask for use within the Alhambra. If you want a quick one right away, you can find a guard on the street outside the far, right corner of the park in front of the club. Sneak up and assassinate/knock him out before looting his body to have Jacob adorn the mask.

Move up to the entrance to the Alhambra and speak with the Usher. She’ll ask you to follow and lead you to the nearby door. Note that you’ll probably need to kill the Thugs guarding this as they’ll probably manage to spot you each time no matter how sneaky you try to be.

When you are ready to enter approach the Usher by the door for a scene.

Following the scene, we’ll be inside the club. Note that if you have a mask on, it is not a restricted area which means the enemies hanging about will not attack on sight. You will however have a detection radius similar to when you are kidnapping, so you’ll want to avoid any fast movements or getting too close to bad guys.

As we enter, we have to make our way to the main theatre room and climb to the vantage point objective marker on the balcony near the top of the room. From here we can use Eagle vision to find and identify the remaining opportunities.

Sneak to the top floor to reach the vantage point (left). Here you can investigate the remaning opportunities (right).

The scene will also reveal four decoys who are located around the club whom we will need to kill.

As soon as the scene ends, you’ll want to drop down to the second floor balcony area below. Hop into the concourse and immediately crouch and quickly duck past the open door on the right to avoid being spotted by the fellows inside. Move a little further along the walkway here and you’ll see your first decoy ahead. Leave him be for the second and instead wait for the Waitress to come your way.

Speak to the Waitress as she passes to poison the pitcher. Watch from the concourse as she enters the area with the decoy and pours him a drink. After a few moments, this will cause him to go berserk – kind of like the hallucinogenic darts. His own guards will take the target down for you [Killed Decoy 1/4].

Don’t leave just yet, instead follow the waitress back in the opposite direction. She’ll enter a room to the right, but we’ll want to continue past this to find the second Decoy. Sit on the bench on the concourse looking at his location. After a few moments the Waitress will walk over and pour a drink for this Decoy too. Once again his bodyguards will do the dirty work for you [Killed Decoy 2/4].

Speak to the waitress (left) and then observe her poisoning the first two decoys (right).

The third target can be found in the center of the circular room directly in front of the stage at ground level. He is by himself in the crowd so do your best to sneak up behind him and assassinate him [Killed Decoy 3/4].

Climb the stairs to the lower level of the concourse and make your way to the left hand inside of the stage. There is an open door here. Use your Eagle Vision at this point to identify and tag any enemies within range in the backstage area.

Sneak in through the doorway here and use the cover provided to whistle over and kill guards one at a time until you are free to move a little.

The Machinist is located in a locked door up a short set of stairs along the left hand wall ahead. Keep an eye on the enemies in the area and when you feel it safe to do so, sneak up and pick the lock on the door.

Head inside and interact with the Machinist to free him. He’ll go and lower the rafter above the main stage.

Enter the backstage area via the doorway left of the stage (left). Sneak up and free the machinist (right) to unlock a unique kill.

Now we just need to kill the final decoy. He can be found wandering around the stage and the backdrops nearby. For an easy kill, use the Rope Launcher to reach the top of one of the backdrop sets and air assassinate him as he passes below [Killed Decoy 4/4]. Once all four Decoys have been killed a scene will play.

At this point our target will appear. If you released the Machinist, simply climb up to the rafter above the stage and interact with the rope at the location specified to kill the target.

The rafter the Machinist releases will allow us to assassinate the target (left). Once he is dead, we’ll need to escape from the club (right).

Part 3: Escape

As soon as the death scene ends, we’ll need to escape the Alhambra.

Fortunately, we’ll be facing the exit. Drop down to the ground and race through the dining area in the center of the theatre. Use the Rope Launcher to reach the highest level of the concourse and enter the open doorway to the side room up here.

Climb down the set of stairs on the left side of the room and hop over the railing at the bottom to find the entry door. Approach this to escape the club and end the memory.

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The Joys of Freedom

Complete Memory Sequence 8.

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