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Optional Objective/s
1. Don’t kill any policemen.
2. Don;t get detected by the target.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 3,400 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 4,000 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Outfits: Blackguard’s Suit

Part 1: Vantage Point and Opportunities

This is the fifth core ‘assassination’ memory that we’ll come across in the main campaign and this one takes place at Big ben and the houses of parliament. From the start of the memory, the game will lay out a set of three hints for the task ahead. Use the Eagle Vision ability after the pop up disappears to find and tag opportunity icons within range. The options include:

  • Corrupt Policeman – Stealth Opportunity.
  • Minister – Unique Kill Opportunity.
  • Politician – Assistance Opportunity.
    As with the previous assassinations, it is not necessary to complete these tasks, you can do one, you can do all or you can do your own thing and do none of the above. Below is a short guide as to what each can do for you and how to accomplish their tasks. To continue with the walkthrough, jump down to the heading for Part 2: Assassination Strategy .

As soon as you start the memory you’ll have all of the opportunities presented to you (left). Use the rooftops to plan your approach (right)

Minister – Unique Kill Opportunity

The Minister can be found on the far side of the courtyard area from where we start the mission and will patrol back and forth along the path in front of the wall. We can pickpocket the target’s ‘password’ form the minister. This will unlock an easy kill option.

Corrupt Policeman – Stealth Opportunity

The corrupt policeman stands at the entrance to the halls of parliament emptying out into the courtyard. If we can sneak up and kidnap him, we’ll be able to enter the building without the other police getting suspicious.

Politician – Assistance Opportunity.

The Politician can be found inside the large room immediately inside the door from the courtyard. Speak with him and he’ll lead you right to the location of the target.

Part 2: Assassination Strategy

This strategy is the easiest and quickest to pull off the assassination whilst also completing all of the optional objectives for 100% synchronization on the mission.

The first thing we’ll want to do is to use the Rope Launcher to get on the roof on the eastern side of the courtyard (below Big Ben). This is the closest ‘safe’ point to where the Minister with the password is located and you guessed it – we’ll be grabbing that first.

From the rooftop, use your Eagle Vision to scan the courtyard below. Tag any enemies and identify the opportunities available.

The password can be found on the eastern side of the courtyard (left). Follow the target until he is isolated (right) and pickpocket the password from him.

Keep an eye on the Minister’s patrol route. At one point he will move up towards a fountain in the center of the area and will mingle near a crowd at the base of the wall afterwards and for the most part is unprotected at this point. As he is relatively unguarded, this time provides the best opportunity for us to sneak up behind him and pick his pocket for the password. As soon as you have it, Rope Launch back up to the roof.

At this point we’ll turn our attention to the corrupt policeman. Work your way over to the main doorway leading into the building on the southern side of the courtyard.

As with the Minister previously, we’ll want to observe his patrol patterns. He’ll walk from inside the building out into the courtyard a short distance before then returning inside and repeat. We’ll need to drop down to ground level - you can hide crouched behind the short wall to the right of the doorway. As the policeman patrols out into the courtyard, maneuver around behind him so that you can hit the kidnap button as soon as you get into range.

Drop down from the western side of the main entrance (left) and sneak up and kidnap the patrolling policeman (right).

With the policeman on your arm, you can then walk up to the entrance slowly (be sure to keep that detection radius small!) and the guards should move aside to let you in. Move out of their lines of sight and knock out your captive.

Speak with the Politician marked with the opportunity marker here and he’ll lead you right to the target. Unfortunately, there are quite a few Templars along the way. Feel free to kill them all as you go, or if you want to be stealthy, assassinate those whom you come across in the larger room and when you re-enter the hallways, you can climb to the rafters and lighting supports above and tail the politician from overhead.

Eventually the politician will lead you to a locked door in the very southeastern corner of the building. Our target is in here.

You can use the supports at the top of the hallways to move through the building silently (left). Approach the target door and give the password (right).

Clear the immediate area of Templars and allow the politician his chance to try to gain access to the room. He won’t be able to and will depart soon afterwards.

Once the politician is out of the picture, approach the glowing door and interact with it to give the password – just make absolutely sure not to hold down the interact button though, or Jacob will pick the lock instead of giving the password and this will fail the optional objective as the target will immediately detect you. Successfully giving the password will trigger a scene. During the scene, hit the ‘assassinate’ button (X/Square) when prompted for an easy kill of the target.

With the target dead we’ll need to escape the area. Fortunately, the door guarded by a Thug a little further along the wall will now be open, allowing us to exit. At this point, you can backtrack through the halls until you reach the entrance. Alternatively, if you have the pick lock skill, you can unlock numerous doors leading to the exterior of the building.

Once outside, simply exit the restricted area to complete the memory.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

All Is Fair in Politics

Complete Memory Sequence 7.

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