Optional Objective/s
1. Keep the carriage’s damage below 50%.
2. Hijack the carriage in less than 1 minute.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,000 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 450 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Capes: Goldred Cloak

Part 1: Infiltrate the Carriage

From the start of the memory, you’ll be able to make out a carriage on the street below. We want to get inside this undetected. The problem with that however is the large contingent of police standing guard around the area.

Use your Rope Launcher to zip line across to the roof of the building closest to the carriage – this will get you past the majority of the policemen, but not all unfortunately. From the roof, look down to the cart below. There is a pair of policemen that will walk from the carriage, down the street to the west and back again.

Wait for the policemen to patrol away (left) and drop down to interact with the carriage (right).

Wait for the patrol to walk away from the cart before dropping down and quickly running over to interact with it. This will trigger a cut-scene.

Part 2: Defend the Carriage

Following the scene, our objectives will be updated. At this point we are required to defend the carriage from several waves of Blighter attacks. A health bar will appear in the center of the screen and we’ll need to prevent that from depleting completely to progress.

The first wave of enemies consists of four snipers and they will appear on a pair of balconies high up on the building across the street. Use your Rope launcher to get up to the roof quickly before dropping down to the first ledge (you can double air assassinate them if you are lucky) and dispatching the enemies here. Quickly jump to the next ledge and deal with the remaining pair of snipers before they cause too much damage to the cart.

The first group of enemies will appear on balconies across the street (left). The third group of enemies will spawn down the street to the west (right).

The second wave of enemies will consist of three Thugs with guns that appear at ground level on the eastern side of the building we just killed the snipers on. Sprint over to their location (and air assassinate one of them if you like) and as you arrive, make sure to attack them ASAP to prevent them damaging the carriage too much with gunfire.

After knocking over the first two waves, a third wave of enemies will spawn at the western end of the street and advance on the carriage. Sprint over to meet them and engage them in melee combat before they can start shooting at the vehicle. Kill them all.

Once you have dispatched all three waves of enemies, another scene will play.

Part 3: Carriage Pursuit

As soon as the scene ends, a bad guy will have taken off with our target cart. Unfortunately, we’ll need to get that back under control in order to complete the memory. As such, grab the nearest cart and set out to give chase.

Once aboard a cart, use the boost ability as much as possible whilst avoiding other carts and obstacles on the road to make up ground. Unfortunately, there will be numerous hostile carriages around as well, however if you want to earn the objective, simply avoid them and focus on reaching the target. When you get into range, climb up onto the roof of the cart and leap across to the enemy vehicle to hijack it.

After gaining control of the target carriage, we’ll need to become anonymous to end the memory. As such, either try to lose the enemies by breaking line of sight behind buildings or defend the cart using your guns and shunts to knock out enemy carts until it is safe.

As soon as you become anonymous whilst driving the cart, the memory will draw to a close with one final cut-scene.

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