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Optional Objective/s
1. Kill a cultist with dynamite.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 700 £ Bonus: 100 £
XP: 600 XP Bonus: 125 XP
Gear: N/A.

Part 1: Locate the Victims

After starting the memory, exit the pub and make your way over to the green objective marker nearby. As you approach, it will transition into a search zone in which we’ll need to locate a potential victim who’ll be highlighted in gold.

You can find the victim in a small, walled storage area behind a building on the central, eastern section of the search zone. Speak with the woman to update your objectives.

The first victim can be found in a small, walled area (left). The second victim will need to be protected from an attacker (right).

We’ll need to do the same thing once again – head over to a new search area and locate a second victim. This time they can be found in an alleyway between a pair of buildings near the very center of the search area. This target however is found in a shroud of smoke and is being attacked. Fight off the attacker before he kills the victim.

The enemy will drop a smoke bomb, stunning you temporarily and he’ll escape.

Part 2: Locate the Target

When you are back in control, follow the alley in the direction that the attacker fled and climb the stairs at the end. At the top of the stairs, investigate the footprint on the ground. After inspecting the footprint, additional footprints will appear when using Eagle Vision, allowing you to retrace his footsteps.

Using Eagle Vision, move through the streets until they lead you to the wall of a building. Here you’ll be able to inspect some scratch marks on the wall. Yep, the bad guy can apparently climb as well! As such, climb to the roof to re-acquaint yourself with the footprints.

Follow the footprints along the street (left) and across the rooftops (right).

Drop down to the ground from the far side of the roof and look for another set of scratches on a building to the southeast. Kill the fellow on the roof of this building and again inspect the nearby footprints. Finally, climb to the roof of the building that this set of tracks leads to and investigate the footprint on the roof to update your objectives.

Part 3: Assassinate the Target

We now have a location! The target is hidden somewhere inside the restricted area here. It covers a central building and some rooftops surrounding it and contains numerous guards, most of whom are found at ground level and with a pair of Snipers on the roofs to the left (from our initial location).

Let’s get the optional objective out of the way first. Use the Rope Launcher to reach the rooftop area with the snipers. Conveniently, both of them are located to a couple of crates of dynamite. You can either shoot these with a pistol to kill the snipers, or assassinate the snipers and throw the dynamite crates down onto other cultists below. Either way, once you have killed an enemy using the dynamite, you’ll complete the objective.

Shoot the dynamite by the Snipers on the roof (left). Clear the secret passage of enemies (right).

To find the target, use your Eagle Vision within the restricted area. You’ll see those same footprints leading to a ladder (which will also glow golden) just on the eastern side of the central building. Clear out the remaining enemies, or sneak over and climb down the ladder here.

Once you reach the bottom we’ll be in a storage area of sorts. There are three enemy Cultists in here – dispatch them using a combination of your stealth abilities – as per usual the Throwing Knives and whistle/corner takedowns are most effective.

After killing the third enemy, the target will appear in the room in a cloud of smoke. He’s pretty tough, has some decent armour and has a propensity to block your attacks. Pay attention to his health bar and use your counter or guard break abilities when required and when successful in either, follow up with a melee attack or two to press the advantage (but don’t get greedy!).

Once you have killed the target, the mission will be completed.

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