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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
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First Published: 14-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 20-02-2020 / 22:41 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-02-2020 / 14:28 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Guide

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Sequence 07

Memory 03 - Driving Mrs. Disraeli

Optional Objective/s
1. Distract the reporters with the nearby paper girl.
2. Do not get detected by the Thugs in the slum..
Money: 1,000 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 450 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Schematics: Iron Death Gauntlet Schematic

Part 1: Escape the Journalists

To begin this mission, exit to the street. Note the crowd nearby – this group of people are reporters and we’ll need to move them on from hanging out in front of the house to progress with the mission. Whilst on the street, switch on your Eagle Vision to locate a green NPC across the street. This is a paper girl.

Note: We’ll complete the first optional objective by speaking to the paper girl.

Speak with the paer girl (left) to distract the reporters. Watch out for the reporters whilst driving the carriage as well (right).

Speaking with the girl will have the effect of turning the reporters onto Jacob. We’ll need to lose them and become anonymous in the same way we would any other alerted party. Using the Rope launcher is good, as is breaking line of sight and using hiding places.

Once you have lost the reporters, return to the start location and hop in the carriage here.

Drive the carriage along the GPS route towards the objective in the distance. En route you’ll be ambushed by reporters in carriages several times but as long as you maintain a decent speed and stick to the GPS route, you should lose them without much difficulty.

Part 2: Escort the Ally

Once you arrive at the destination, hop out of the cart and your ally will walk off down some nearby stairs into a restricted area.

Note: The second optional objective for this memory can be earned at this point. To earn it, we’ll need to escort our friend through the slum without being detected by any thugs.

We’ll need to escort our ally through the slums here by hitting the interact button near her to grab her arm and then lead her about. This restricted zone is quite large and there are a total of nine Thugs hanging out and patrolling about. As such, if we want to earn the optional objective to remain undetected, it’s a good idea to trigger your Eagle Vision as soon as possible to tag them as you find them - we’ll need to keep an eye out.

To complete the optional objective, it is important to note that it is entirely possible to detach yourself from your ally and she’ll stay where you leave her. This is good because, it will allow you to wander off a little and kill/incapacitate any enemies in the immediate area without having to worry about your escort. Note that we’ll still need to stay fairly close to her or we’ll desynchronise but the game will give you fair warning when that’s about to happen.

We'll need to escort the target through the slum (left). Use Eagle Vision to identify threats (right) and leave the escort alone to eliminate them effectively.

Essentially we need to lead our ally to a series of waypoint markers that appear throughout the restricted area. Follow the route the game wants you to take and detach when there is an enemy ahead to deal with the threat before returning to your ally and recommencing the escort.

Continue through the slum until you reach a pub. A scene will play here.

Part 3: Locate the Dog

Once you are back in control, activate Eagle Vision and locate the set of footprints leading out of the area. Continue to follow them for a short distance through the slum until you find your target. A short scene will play.

After another brief scene, it’s time to leave the slums. As you go to get into the cart a group of four thugs will show up. We’ll need to kill them before we can escape the area.

Once the enemies are all dead, hop in the cart and drive it to the objective marker to end the memory.

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