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Talk to Pea when you’re ready to depart with Tengri. The Ivory Tower is located on The Spring Realm, on the southwest of the world map. Tengri can only land at the drawing of a bird in the southeast corner of the island, so you’ll have to circle all the way around this isle to reach the actual tower. Right before entering you’ll notice a faded picture of another bird; use Rejuvenate to restore it, creating a second landing platform for Tengri. After creating a Bridge, enter Ara Memoriae.

Put the three flowers inside the pots and inspect the altar in the middle. Naturally, cut scenes will play. Speak with Kublai afterward and rest up. After this, speak with Marcassin (twice) to begin an assault on the Ivory Tower. Oliver and crew will enter the tower with Tengri, whom you can always speak to if you want to leave the place.

There are a lot of great items to be found here, so it’s well worth exploring the entire area, opening all chests. We’ll start exploring the west section first. From the waypoint at the end of the main hall, head west. At the north end of the first hall way is a purple chest that contains [GRIFFIN’S TALONS] , which are great claws.

Continue to the far southwest of the hallways to find a chest containing [CELESTIAL ARMOR] , which is a great piece of equipment.

he dead ends to the north and south don’t house any chests, but there’s a teleporter to the northwest that gives access to a balcony containing a chest with a [GREAT SAGE’S SECRET] inside. Return to the waystone in the main hall (as you’ve fully explored the western section of this floor).

From the main hall, head east, and at the intersection continue to the teleported in the far northeast of the area (the southeast teleporter leads to a vacant balcony, and there are no other items in that area either).

After using the northeast teleporter, head to the far south of this hall to find a regular chest with [SPRITE DEW] inside. Continue west and explore the far north of the walkway to find a chest with a [PHOENIX TEAR] .

Be sure to shimmy over the ledge to the left/west side of the northwest walkway; at the end is a small platform, and if you turn around you can spot a green chest that contains a [GLORIOUS LANCE] . Return to the walkway and shimmy over the ledge to the southwest, leading to a waystone. Be sure to save your game before you proceed.

Boss Fight: Gallus

After the battle you’re receive [ASTRA] , an immensely powerful wand, stronger even than the Mornstar.

In any case, save your game at the last waypoint and use the teleporter to the north to reach the tower’s next floor. First explore the eastern section; follow the first walkway to its southern end to find a [NOSTRUM] .

There’s a blue chest in the far northeast of the area that contains a [WYRMFANG RING] .

Head to the western section of this floor and continue to the second walkway towards the west. Explore the southern dead end of this walkway to find a [TONIC] , then head for the western hall and use the teleport at the southern end.

Continue east and loot the chest to the far south of the walkway for a [SORCERER’S SOUL] . Don’t miss the ledge to the northeast, which leads to a chest with the ultra-rare and unique [WIZARD KING’S SECRET] !

Use the teleport at the far north end to reach the final hallway of the tower. Save your game at the waypoint and prepare yourself for three consecutive battles that aren’t going to be easy.

Boss Fight: Cassiopeia The White Witch

Boss Fight: Cassiopeia Monster of Manna

Fortunately, you are fully healed after these two battles, although the next does immediately follow.

Boss Fight: Zodiarchy - The Council Corrupted

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Magic Master

Awarded for learning all of Oliver's spells.

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Council Trouncer

Awarded for freeing the other world from the clutches of the Zodiarchy.

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