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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Strategy Guide

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Guide

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Chapter 5 - Search for the Magicstones

World Map Exploration with Tengri

Items: Green Man’s Cloak, Thunderspark Gem, Poisoner’s Horn, Slow Poke Gem, Sturdy Shinbone x3, Phoenix Breath, Toadstool Sundae, Milk Chocolate x10, Firewall Gem, Noble Attire, Breeze Cake, Medal of Fortitude, Dragon Tusk, Woodsman’s Knife, Skullfang Ring, Bee Sting,Toadstool Sundae, Giant’s Fingernails

*Items: Jade Marble, Plainswort Flower or Angula or Gnomebeard or Rings-A-Bell (25% chance each), Wetstone, Sturdy Shinbone, Jade Marble, Fogdrop, Base Bell, Jade Marble, Jade Marble, Rumblenut, Plainswort Flower

Now that you have Tengri, almost all of Ni no Kuni’s world map has opened up for you. In addition, various new errands and bounties can now be completed, and it’s also that time of the year again as well: visit Old Father Oak to receive a [GREEN MAN’S CLOAK] from him. Furthermore, most hidden treasures can now be obtained (see below), and interesting ingredients can be gotten from previously inaccessible areas. Let’s start with the errands and bounties first.

Errands / Bounties

  • Errand #019 - With Friends Like These (complete later)
  • Errand #021 - A Tail of Woe
  • Errand #022 - Artist's Block
  • Errand #023 - Comedy Gold (complete later)
  • Errand #024 - A Crisis of Confidence
  • Errand #057 - The Mechanic's Lament
  • Errand #058 - The Sky Pirate's Charm
  • Bounty #103 - Bewitched by a Beast
  • Bounty #104 - Catch the Fleeing Fiend
  • Bounty #105 - An Island in Crisis

Errand #019 - With Friends Like These

Description: A Grimalkin girl from Ding Dong Dell is unable to show her friends the merest hint of kindness.

Goal: Restore her kindness and help her make up with her friend.

Unlock Requirement: Complete errand #015.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Cheeseburger x3, 1000 G

The Grimalkin/cat girl in the northeast part of northern Ding Dong Dell is missing a piece of heart again; this time it’s kindness. There aren’t any pieces of kindness to be found at this point in the game, so you’ll have to wait with completing this errand until you reach Yule later on.

Errand #021 - A Tail of Woe

Description: A Ding Dong Dell grimalkin has lost confidence in his tug-o’tail ability, and is going to pull out of the forthcoming tourney.

Goal: Restore his confidence so that he can retain his crown.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Breeze Cake x3, 1000 G

Formula: 044 (Jumbo Stardrop)

The Grimalkin/cat man in the northern part of Ding Dong Dell has lost his confidence. You can collect some from the fruit merchant lady in the southern part of town; perform the exchange and all that - you know how it goes.

Errand #022 - Artist’s Block

Description: An artist from Al Mamoon is suffering a crisis of confidence, and is seriously considering trading in his brushes.

Goal: Give him the confidence he needs to carry on painting.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Phoenix Tear, 1000 G

The artist in Al Mamoon’s Cat’s Cradle is lacking confidence. Fortunately, a merchant found in the main street of Al Mamoon has more than enough. Swap the pieces and claim the prize.

Errand #023 - Comedy Gold

Description: A Teeheeti comedian has lost confidence in his material, and is reluctant to take to the stage as a result.

Goal: Restore his confidence, and get him back onstage.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Game Pie x3, 1000 G

In the Fairyground, look for a fairy in one of the food shops (check your map for the exact location). He’s missing some confidence - unfortunately there aren’t any spare pieces (and the reward for #024 is a little better), so he’ll have to wait for now.

Errand #024 - A Crisis of Confidence

Description: A Hamelin researcher has lost faith in his abilities, and finds himself unable to proceed with his work.

Goal: Restore his confidence so that his research can continue.

Unlock Requirement: Complete errand #014

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Sage’s Secret, 1000 G

The researcher on the southeast balcony of Hamelin’s main street (northern part of town) has lost a piece of his heart again; this time it’s confidence he’s lacking. Visit Swift Solutions in Hamelin and steal some of the boy’s confidence to complete this errand.

Errand #057 - The Mechanic’s Lament

Description: A troublesome broken booster has a mechanic in Skull Mountain at his wits’ end.

Goal: Agree to help repair the broken booster.

Stamps: 4

Rewards: Stout Armor, 1500 G

Formula: 045 (Jumbo Moondrop)

At the pirate den in Skull Mountain, talk to the pirate mechanic in the northeast of the area who was watching over Tengri. He has some trouble fixing a [BROKEN BOOSTER] , but Oliver knows just the man for the job: Rusty back in Motorville. Cast Gateway and you’ll of course remember that Mr. Cartwright’s garage is located on the southwest part of town.

Rusty’ll fix the booster into a [BRAND-NEW BOOSTER] which you can then deliver back to the pirate to claim your reward.

Errand #058 - The Sky Pirate’s Charm

Description: A sky pirate in Skull Mountain is in a terrible state after losing his lucky charm.

Goal: Agree to help the sky pirate with his problem.

Stamps: 4

Rewards: Whirligig Gem, 1500 G

Talk to the sky pirate nearby the Waystone in Skull Mountain to find out that he’s lost his lucky charm, a Gustplume. Forget his worthless tip about Beachheads. Instead go outside and battle Major Byrdes, easily snatching a Gustplume from them with Swaine’s Mugshot.

Bounty #103 - Bewitched by a Beast

Description: A troublesome broken booster has a mechanic in Skull Mountain at his wits’ end.

Last Seen: In Northern Billy Goat’s Bluff (Autumnia)

Stamps: 4

Rewards: Mystic’s Robes, 1500 G

Enemies: Dualynx

You can find the Dualynx on the northwest side of the Autumnia continent; simply follow the mountain trail from the northwest beach to its end. It is accompanied by three lesser Auroralynxes, but since they have healing powers, its best to dispose of them first. Start off with several group attacks, then pick the lesser lynxes off one by one until only Dualynx is over, at which point the battle should be a breeze.

Bounty #104 - Catch the Fleeing Fiend

Description: A monster has flooded a local village, and is making its escape back to the sea. Catch up with it and teach it a lesson!

Last Seen: In the Barrens (Summerlands)

Stamps: 6

Rewards: Stout Armor, 2000 G

Enemies: Tempestus Majora (326)

You’ll find Tempestus Majora on the northwest/west side of the Summerlands continent, south of the Skull Mountain. It is located in an area only accessible with Tengri. The fight itself isn’t too hard; the creature is weak against fire so equipping your familiars with weapons capable of inflicting fire-based attacks works wonders, as do fire elemental tricks.

Bounty #105 - An Island in Crisis

Description: A nasty monster is destroying the natural beauty of Swan Island. This cannot be tolerated!

Last Seen: On Swan Island (North of the Summerlands)

Stamps: 6

Rewards: Medal of Dexterity, 2000 G

Enemies: Dusty Fug (310)

The Dusty Fug is found on a small isle west of Swan Island, which is on its whole located northwest of Autumnia and northeast of Ding Dong Dell. The fight shouldn’t be too hard, but if you have any difficulty with the creature, definitely consider using storm elemental tricks.

Hidden Treasures Exploration

There are many hidden treasures to be found now that you’ve claimed the sky as your own. Keep in mind that some areas are teeming with tough enemies.

Tip: You can now use the 'Seek Treasure' spell to reveal any nearby hidden treasures on your local map. Be sure to use it during what follows!

Northern Summerlands

  • Have Tengri land on the previously inaccessible flat stone hill to the southeast of Deep Dark Wood and search the forage point for a **[JADE MARBLE].**
  • There's also a forage point to the far north of the area, stashed away among some forests just south of the northermost mountains. It can give a variety of four ingredients, all with a 25% chance: **[PLAINSWORT FLOWER or ANGULA]** or **[GNOMEBEARD or RINGS-A-BELL]** .
  • Locate the large lake and waterfall just northwest of the Deep Dark Wood. The forage point directly to the west side of the waterfall (nearby a singular tree) contains a **[WETSTONE].**
  • You can find a fourth and final forage point on the eastern side of the northern plains. It's located between two single bones sticking out of the ground and aptly gives a **[STURDY SHINBONE].**

West Coast of the Summerlands (South of Skull Mountain)

This area is known as The Barrens and is only accessible with Tengri, since it is separated from other areas by mountains.

  • There's a little hill amongst forests on the west side of the Barrens. Search its top to find a **[THUNDERSPARK GEM].**
  • South of here, search the southernmost cliff (which sticks out a little bit more in the sea than the rest) to locate a forage point that gives a **[JADE MARBLE]**
  • There's another hill on the east side of The Barrens that gives **[FOGDROP].**
  • Directly south of this hill, search the corner of the lower cliffs to find a **[POISONER'S HORN].**

Russet Isle

This is the stretched island west of The Barrens (and the Summerlands continent). If you haven’t been leveling up lately, the enemies can be fairly tough, so you might want to save your game beforehand to see if you can tackle them. A level 40 party can surely handle them, though.

Have Tengri drop you off on the beach on the eastern part of the island. The northeastern tip of the island has a [SLOW POKE GEM].

Just to the west close to the center of the island is another offshoot; search the edge of its north end to find [STURDY SHINBONE x3].

The hidden forest glade is located in the large forest on the island’s west side (it’s partly surrounded by a raised edge). Inside are three chests (although you can’t collect the contents of the purple one yet). The green chest is well hidden; it’s located far above the tunnel entrance. To find the vantage point, stand on the left/west side of the area, standing with roughly equal distance from the small grass circles to the north and south. It contains a [PHOENIX BREATH]. Up north, the regular red chest contains a [TOADSTOOL SUNDAE].

The Shimmering Sands Plateaus

The northern plateaus were all previously inaccessible, and one part of the southern plateaus with a treasure was also impossible to reach until now. We’ll cover the northern plateaus first.

This one’s easy to locate. Have Tengri drop you off at the westernmost tip of the plateaus and search the west edge to find [MILK CHOCOLATE x10].

If you look at your world map (or local map) you’ll notice that the plateaus stretch out a little to the south. There are two such plateaus surrounding the Temple of Trials and there’s a third one to the left/west of those. This forage point can be found at the southern tip of this third/western plateau and it contains a [BASS BELL].

This forage point is located on the plateau that stretches and surrounds the Temple of Trials on its east side. Its exact location is on the left/west side of this eastern plateau; it holds a [JADE MARBLE].

There’s a large oval plateau north of the Temple of Trials, with some lower plains directly below it. Land on the western lower plains and curve around the southwest of the large plateau until you reach a dead end (very close to the actual temple). Search the ground here to find a [FIREWALL GEM].

Land on the north-easternmost plateau and curve around the edge to the west to find a [NOBLE ATTIRE].

As for the southern plateau, simply land on the easternmost tip of the western plateau (this part was previously inaccessible). Search this tip - which is adjacent to the passageway towards Castaway Cove - to find a [BREEZE CAKE].

The Alchemist’s Cave

This cave is located on the southernmost section of the plateaus southeast of the Summerlands. Inside you’ll find a blue chest with a [MEDAL OF FORTITUDE] inside. There’s also a purple chest that you can’t open yet, and the man will offer to learn you new formula after you’ve beaten the game and come back during post-gameplay.

No Longer Mine Island

Since you’ve already gotten the Thunderstone Gem from Solitary Isle (as described in the walkthrough above; the island where you landed Tengri to learn about the three magic stones), all that’s left to do around this part of the world is to land on the small, heavily forested island directly south of No Longer Mine Island (which is, you’ll remember, south of Autumnia).

There is, of course, a hidden forest glade here with a green and purple chest, along with a hilarious dialogue. The green chest is located in the northeast part of the forest glade, but the vantage point for claiming its contents is directly to the north of the man, while facing east/northeast. Opening it grants you a [DRAGON TUSK].

The Spindle & Broken Crown Isles (East of Autumnia)

The island directly east of Autumnia - The Spindle as you’ll recall - has a clearly visible forage point on its northeastern erected tip. No, we did not mean anything by that. It contains a [JADE MARBLE].

You can find a [WOODSMAN’S KNIFE] by searching the far northeastern edge of The Spindle.

Visiting the Broken Crown Isle, note the forage point north of the forests; it contains a [RUMBLENUT].

From the inscribed stone in the center of the island, move straight south and search the mountain walls for a [SKULLFANG RING].

Head up the northeastern mountain trail and search the dead end up north to find a [BEE STING], an excellent spear for your familiars at this point of the game.

Hidden Mine (Far East of Hamelin)

If you follow the eastern mountains of Autumnia, you’ll soon enough reach a trail with a mine, some minor tracks, and a forage point at the end that contains a [PLAINSWORT FLOWER].

The cave contains a regular chest with a [TOADSTOOL SUNDAE], but its real prize is an extremely well hidden green chest at the other end, where the skeleton hermit is located. Since it’s so dark, use your Magic Lamp spell and …

Oh, wait. How silly of me; that was - naturally - not meant to be used in dark places like this. Instead, have Swaine stand on the elevated ground between the two barrels and have him shoot slightly above looking distance; the cross-hair will light up when your aim’s correct. Inside the chest is a [GIANT’S FINGERNAILS], which is only decent because of its big accuracy boost.

Leveling Up with Tokotokos

Northeast of Hamelin and the Ghostly Gorge lies a green valley with to its far east a city called Perdida. You can visit the place but you’ll be halted by a guard at the entrance for now. The good part is that this valley is home to the Tokotoko creatures - the evolved version of the Toko that you may have battled at Ugly Duckling Island - and they give a whopping 8000 EXP a piece (and sometimes even appear twice in a single enemy group)!

The other foes in this area are rather strong, so you might want to level up at Ugly Duckling Island first, but if you want to risk it, here’s an excellent way to almost guarantee a fight with a Tokotoko.

Have Tengri drop you off at the city of Perdida and save your game. Scan the nearby path to see if the first enemy is a Tokotoko (green creature with a small staff). If not, enter the city and return to the world map until it is. Now be very careful with approaching it; if it sees you it’ll definitely run away. Stand at a reasonable distance so that it cannot spot you, but also not not too far away so you can quickly catch it. When it starts walking towards you, prepare yourself to sprint towards it as soon as it turns its back. If you’re quick, you should be able to catch it off guard.

In the battle, focus solely on the Tokotoko before doing anything else, and start with an All-Out Attack. Quickly switch to Swaine - more specifically his Hurly - and perform a Sling Stone trick on the Tokotoko (while your tactics should be set so that the others 'Give their all' and attack the leader’s target). A flurry of attack should do the trick, but there’s always a chance that they’ll escape nonetheless, since they’re incredibly chicken.

Note that later on (when you progress the story enough to reach Perdida), you’ll get the 'Veil' spell that allows you to sneak up on enemies, making leveling here somewhat easier.

Those were almost all optional errands, bounties and treasures at this points. Should you be ready to continue, you’ll have to choose between three different locations. You can do these in any order you want, but in terms of difficulty (easier to harder) you might want to follow the order of this walkthrough.

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