As soon as you arrive in the other world, you’ll have to take on a Ruff! Don’t worry, Drippy will make sure you don’t become puppy chow; follow the tutorial, and you’ll do fine.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Out of this World

Awarded for casting Gateway and traveling to another world.

Trophy icon

When you regain control, you’ll be given [WHITE BREAD x3] by Drippy.

Now, there are quite a few items that can be had here on the World Map… However, let us make a quick stop at our destination first… after grabbing a couple of quick treasures!

***** Just to the west on the hill you are on has some twinkling stars; check them out for a bunch of [BOOSTER SHOTS] .

ï On the northwestern side of this hill is a skeleton and a set of three large bones sticking out of the ground; examine the area around the middle bone to find some [SUPPLE LEATHER] .

Once you have those, proceed northeast to the entrance of Ding Dong Dell . After a quick tutorial on changing your viewpoint, enter the castle. Your visit inside is extremely short; after just one scene, head back out on the World Map. Your new destination is now the Deep Dark Wood to the far north.

Now it’s time to gather the rest of the treasure!

***** Directly southeast of Ding Dong Dell, along the eastern mountains, is another set of twinkling stars; examine these to get a [PLAINSWORT FLOWER] .

ï Just to the south-southwest of those stars is a hill in the shape of an ‘S’, with a small forest in the top hook (on the lower plains); search this forest for [PIE x2] .

***** Just to the northeast of Ding Dong Dell is a very small pond with a waterfall letting out to the south. On the eastern side of it are some twinkling stars; examine them to receive some [SPRINGWATER].

ï On the western side of that small pond check the waterfall to find a [SOUR SUNDAE].

ï Just northeast of the small pond is a chasm with a body of water at the bottom, and there are two sets of woods just to the east of them, but up on a higher level. Examine the lone tree on the southwest part of the northern woods to find [CHOCOLATE x2].

ï On the western side of the lake surrounding the city is a small peninsula; search nearby the waterfall to find a [WOODEN SWORD].

***** To the far west of Ding Dong Dell, tucked away in the southwestern corner below a body of water, is a small set of trees with some twinkling stars; examine the stars to receive another bunch of [BOOSTER SHOTS].

ï Just to the northeast of those stars is a skeleton beside a hill; search the nearby (eastern) edge on the top of this hill to find [WHITE BREAD x3] .

ï Look at your local map; to the northwest of Ding Dong Dell is a set of two bones sticking out of the ground just to the right of a hill. (It’s just south of what looks like a giant rib cage near a river.) Make your way to those bones, and you’ll see that there are actually three of them; check the ground there to find [CAKE x2 ].

***** Directly east/northeast from these bones, alongside the eastern mountains, you’ll see some more twinkling stars; examine these, and you’ll receive another [PLAINSWORT FLOWER] .

ï To the far north from here, you’ll see the river dumping into a lake; if you check the very topmost southeastern side of it beside the trees, you’ll find a [GIANT’S TOOTH] accessory.

***** Head south and follow the river stream west. When it ends in a large pond with high mountains nearby, check the northern side of the river to spot twinkling stars. These ones will give you a [SPRINGWATER] .

ï From the southern side of the river, go west, then north past the pond/lake onto the northern side of it to get under a rock formation, high above the water; check the eastern side of the trees - between the pillar and rock wall - to find a [WELL-WORN SWORD] .

ï To the west is a bridge; cross it, then check where the brook meets the edge of the trees near the waterfall to find some [SUPPLE LEATHER] .

ï Northwest of here, look for a set of three large singular bones sticking out of the ground. Check the ground to find a bottle of [ICED COFFEE] .

Once you have all of these treasures, feel free to battle monsters for a while if you please. Otherwise, you’re ready to enter the Deep Dark Wood !

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