Bounty #113 - King of the Deep

Description: The legendary “King of the Deep” has made an appearance! This beast has caused enough suffering - it must be defeated!

Last Seen: In the Hermit’s Shell Lagoon (Southwestern Spring Isles)

Stamps: 10

Rewards: Dragon King’s Claws, 4000 G

Enemies: #307 - Prince of Whales

Your target is hanging out in the water by Hermit’s Shell. However, it must be reached by boat, so board the Sea Cow from Castaway Cove and travel far west to encounter the Prince of Whales! Have your Bluster Blades and other storm-inflicting weapons equipped, and have your Drongo-based familiar blast away with its strongest storm tricks to dispose of this one quickly.

Bounty #114 - Shellshocked!

Description: The legendary shellshocker has appeared, and Autumnia is under threat! Time to deal with this torrid turtle once and for all!

Last Seen: Clifftop East of the Pig Iron Plain (Autumnia)

Stamps: 10

Rewards: Light Relief Gem, 4000 G

Enemies: #331 - Shellshocker

Your target is east of Hamelin, so Travel there, then hop on Tengri. Fly over the mountains to the east and drop your party off on the path leading up to the mine near the edge of the ocean; the Shellshocker will be walking up and down the path here. He’s not weak to anything, so buff up your strongest familiars is you can, then let loose. If by chance he decides to boost his Magic Defense with Bracer, then switch to your stronger magical familiars or Oliver himself and barrage him with spells.

Bounty #115 - A Legend Appears

Description: A mysterious and malevolent creature has appeared on Solitary Isle. Besting it will not be easy, but it must be done!

Last Seen: On Solitary Isle (Southwest of Teeheeti)

Stamps: 10

Rewards: Celestial Sword, 4000 G

Enemies: #319 - Ionic Collum

Your target is on Solitary Isle, so Travel to The Fairyground, then fly just to your southwest, having him drop you off to take on the Ionic Collum. As with the fight against the Prince of Whales, get your Bluster Blades and Storm-inflicting equipment out while having your Drongo-based familiar blast away. He has pretty high defenses, so it may take a while to take him down. Just be sure to stay healed as the battle goes on.

Bounty #133 - Scorching Songstress

Description: Some people have reported hearing some unsettling singing in the foothills of Old Smoky… Go and investigate!

Last Seen: In the Smoky Mountains (Summerlands)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Glowstone x3, 5000 G

Enemies: #304 - Magmadiva

Your target is just south of Old Smoky, so Travel there, then walk down the path a bit to find the Magmadiva. As with the other singing lava lady hunts, this one is weak to water, and isn’t very strong. Stay healed and blast her with your water tricks.

Bounty #135 - Grave of the Sailors

Description: A sea monster known for its voracious appetite has made an appearance… You must restore peace to the oceans!

Last Seen: Near the Spindle (Eastern Autumnia)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Evil Eye x3, 5000 G

Enemies: #308 - Lone Shark

Your target is swimming around the Spindle, so since it’s in the water, you will need the Sea Cow once again. Depart from the south beach of Hamelin, then head east and north around Autumnia until you spot the Lone Shark. Strangely enough, he’s weak to Fire, so equip those Blazing Blades you got in Yule and light him up, using your familiars’ fire tricks as well. He’s quite a bit more dangerous than the last few bounties, so keep an eye on your HP throughout the battle, as it’ll go from full to empty in a matter of seconds.

Bounty #137 - Incredible Ulk

Description: Ulk are usually docile creatures, but one of them has started attacking people. Someone must put a stop to this!

Last Seen: On the Giant’s Tabletops (Summerlands)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Troll’s Tears x3, 5000 G

Enemies: #333 - Ulk

Your target is northwest of The Deep Dark Wood, so Travel there (save and recover at the Waystone inside to be safe), then have Tengri drop you off on the northern or western side of the lake there to find the Ulk. The big moosey doesn’t have any weaknesses, so buff yourself up and sick your strong familiars onto him. He hits hard, so be sure to keep an eye on your party’s health, as Esther can’t always keep up with it.

Bounty #138 - Warbird of Prey

Description: Merchants are complaining of having their goods stolen by a giant crow. Someone needs to teach it a lesson!

Last Seen: On Swan Island (North of the Summerlands)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Angel’s Wings x3, 5000 G

Enemies: #334 - Warbird

Your target is northeast of The Deep Dark Wood on Swan Island, so fly on over to the beach of the largest island there and have Tengri drop you off to meet the Warbird! As with the Ulk, he has no weaknesses, so buff up your party and go at him. This time though, you may want to take control of Esther and focus on healing yourself and let the AI do the damage. The Warbird also loves to use Amnesia to Nix your party, so controlling Esther and using her Chant song to keep your party Nix-less. Oh, and yes, it likes to steal your guilders, so end the bird’s life quickly before you’re broke.

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