**Peddler** . . .
100 G Sandwich 9000 G Dusk Mantle
500 G Cheeseburger 9500 G Avenger’s Shield
800 G Pixie Dew
800 G Strong Coffee 2400 G Shining Scales
2000 G Cappucino
500 G Phoenix Feather 20 G Chocolate
20 G Poison-Be-Gone 20 G Flan
40 G Blindness-Be-Gone 20 G Cake
40 G Sleep-Be-Gone 20 G Sundae
40 G Curse-Be-Gone 20 G Pie
40 G Confusion-Be-Gone 20 G Ice Cream
60 G Nix-Be-Gone
100 G Stone-Be-Gone 50 G Dumpty Egg
50 G Crispy Lettuce
10000 G Greatsword 50 G Crunchy Carrot
11000 G Deadeye Spear 60 G Tender Beef
14500 G Grand Ax 50 G Yogurt
13000 G Lazy Bone 150 G Fluffy Rice
200 G Green Grapes
10000 G Enchanted Armor 200 G Caramels
10000 G Magic Cloak

After the scene at the entrance, start making your rounds in the town to collect treasures. Just to the right of the entrance to the city is an urn containing a [ FAIRY CHOCOLATE or BABANA FLAN or CARNATION CAKE ], and on the opposite side near the familiar retreat is another urn; this one has a [ BREEZE CAKE ].

There is also a green chest to be had; stand in front of the peddler (who is beside the Cat’s Cradle on the right), then take a couple of steps back, while staying in the grass. Face the east, and you should see the chest on top of the building; use the vantage point to retrieve a [ HOT-BLOODED BADGE ].

Stop inside the Cat’s Cradle and open the chest to the left for a [ PATTY CAKE ]. Talk to the purrprietor in here to rest up, making sure that your HP and MP are maxed for the upcoming boss battle, obtaining the page for [ XANADU ] while you’re at it.

Back outside, go up a set of stairs to be at the center area of town. Look to the upper right for an urn that has a [ GAME PIE ] inside, then go to the left. Just to the north of the entrance of the western building is a somewhat hidden urn, so plunder the [ 100 G or 150 G or 200 G ] out of it, then open the chest to the south for some [ SNOWDROP BONBONS ].

Stop in at Swift Solutions on the right side of town, and you’ll find Horace on the right side once again! Cast ‘Spirit Medium’, and he’ll want to know what character of the Nazca‰n alphabet only appears in one location in your Wizard’s Companion. This one’s kind of a pain, but luckily, we’re here to help, so just answer to him “Old Smoky” for the correct answer. He’ll reward you with the [VEIL] spell, which will allow you to travel past monsters unnoticed.

Two more treasures await on the north side of town, so climb the next set of stairs, then turn left and check the corner here to find a chest containing a [FRUIT FLAN] . From there, check the northwestern corner for a blue chest with a [PIXIE DEW] inside.

That’s it for treasures, so go back to the center area of town, then enter the building to the west. Talk to the elderly lady, Anciana, for a scene. Save your game, then leave the building and proceed to the top of the area for another battle with a Nightmare.

Boss Fight: Khulan's Nightmare

When you regain control, head back outside and talk to Khulan to the north to begin the ritual! With it, you now have the new and improved [MORNSTAR] , along with several new spells: [HEALING HAND] , [FORTUNE’S FOOL] , and [UNLEASH] .

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Wonder Wand

Awarded for restoring the legendary wand Mornstar to its former glory.

Trophy icon

Unleash is extremely useful; it allows you to summon the Guardians that you have defeated in the past to help you in battle, dealing major damage to all enemies! Sweet!

We’re now almost ready to take on Shadar. However, we must first clear the miasma, so to do that, we must make the Clarion. The supplies are in each of the three major kingdoms, so our first stop will be Al Mamoon. Before getting too pumped up to go find them, there are a couple more things to grab here. First, know that with the new and improved Mornstar, you can now open the purple chests that we’ve been teased with throughout the game! Start by going to the elder’s house (to the west, in the center part of town) and use ‘Spring Lock’ on the one inside to gain a bottle of [NOSTRUM] .

Now that the people of the town are back to normal, they are more willing to help you out. Just outside of the elder’s house is a boy to the north; talk to him, and he’ll give you quite a few formulas: 004, 012, 048, 049, 055, 062, 066, 075, 092, 102, 117, 119, 120, and 123. After that, head to the entrance of town, where the guard here will have one more formula for you: 126, the Herald’s Harp for Esther! You need a Cherub’s Wing (just won from the boss), a Powerstone (obtained from the forage point outside of town), and 2 Gustplumes (dropped or stolen from the Prohawks around Perdida.) Once you have these, upgrade her weapon! With new story objectives unlocked comes more Errands and Bounties! And don’t forget, you can now unlock Purple Chests, so we’ll get those as well!

Errands / Bounties

Errand #025 - Big Babana Love

Errand 026 - Unrequited Love

Errand #027 - A Woman's Best Friend

Errand #028 - Cold as Ice

Errand #038 - A Down-Hearted Wife

Errand #039 - A Cold-Hearted Hubby

Errand #062 - Out of This World

Errand #063 - Beating a Bad Back

Errand #064 - The Hungry Llapaca

Errand #074 - More Creatures

Bounty #107 - Icy Giant

Bounty #108 - A Kingdom on the Brink

Bounty #109 - Magmadeddon

After you’re finished with all of these errands and hunts, it’s time to get a start on making that Clarion!

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