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As usual, with a new area comes plenty of new hidden treasure to discover!

***** As soon as you disembark on the beach, you should see a forage point on the top of the left hill; it contains [SLUMBERNOT LEAVES] .

ï Head up the hill east of the beach and go inside the ruins. You can find a cup of [STRONG COFFEE] at the southeastern end of the ruins, more precisely on the lower level where the walled path forms a dead-end.

Continue north until you reach a series of long tracks. From here, head directly west, all the way to the edge of the island. At the furthest western tip, move slightly south and search the cliff to find [GAUDY CLAWS] , an excellent familiar weapon.

Head back to the large tracks and spot the ruined factory on the west side of it. Search the middle wall to find [400 G].

There’s a forage point directly east of the ruined factory (and the large track) that gives [RAW STEEL].

Follow the southern edge of the western ravine to its far end to find a [SOFT SCOOP ICE CREAM].

Cross the ravine by walking over the long train tracks and follow the eastern tracks at the split. Search the spot where they hit the mountains to find a [DRILL SCREW].

Look for a factory ruin south of the previous treasure and search just south of the enormous chimney to find a [GAME PIE].

Head back to the large tracks, this time following the west split to its far northwest end; the mine entrance contains a [STONE-BE-GONE].

From here, head west-southwest to the far west side of the continent to find a forage point next to the ruins of an outpost; it contains a [RUMBLE NUT].

Just north of the former forage point is a hidden forest glade. The red chest contains a [LIGHTNING BOLT] , an excellent spear. There’s also a green chest to the south of the area. Finding Swaine’s vantage point might be tricky; it’s near the wall just south of the boy. Once you do find it, you’ll receive a [PURIFYING PULSE GEM].

Move northwest past Hamelin to enter what is known as the Ghostly Gorge. Stay on the east side of the valley, but don’t follow the mountain trail all the way to its end. Instead, look for a small cemetery and a tree just to the left side of the start of this narrowing path, near the ledge that would drop down further into the valley. Search the graves to find [600 G].

There’s a forage point near a cemetery that is further to the west on the other side of the valley; it contains a [STURDY SHINBONE].

The cemetery directly west of the previous forage point (on the next level up, near the mountainside) contains a [BASS BELL].

The forage point further north in Ghostly Gorge cannot be accessed yet. It contains [RAW STEEL], so you’re not missing out on anything essential.

The last forage point is easy to spot and can be found at the extraction device just northeast of Hamelin. It holds a [SHADOWSTONE].

Once you have all that, it’s time to visit the home of the next Great Sage: Hamelin!

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