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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Strategy Guide

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First Published: 22-01-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 3 - The Sparkling Seas

Teeheeti - Bounties, Errands, And Risky Exploration

Items: Medal of Dexterity, See-Through Pie x5, Ruby Ripple Ice Cream x5, Carnation Cake x6, Babana Flan x5, Fairy Chocolate x5, Wildflower Sundae x5, 555 G

Errands / Bounties

  • Errand #008 - Service Without a Smile (complete later)
  • Errand #009 - Tactless Timing
  • Errand #035 - A Weak-Hearted Hubby
  • Errand #051 - A Comedy of Errors
  • Errand #052 - A Big Splash
  • Errand #053 - Boars in the Bushes (at Golden Grove)
  • Errand #081 - Notes from an Island

Tip: Now’s also an excellent time to complete errand #076, which required an Emberstone (gotten from Mohawks) and a Flint Dagger (bought in Al Mamoon). Return to the girl in Castaway Cove after crafting her item.

Errand #008 - Service without a Smile

Description: A shopkeeper in the Fairyground is entirely incapable of being nice to his customers.

Goal: Restore the fairy’s kindness and do his customers a favor.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Ruby Ripple Ice Cream X2, 300 G

The shopkeeper east of the Cawtermaster is in dire need of kindness. There’s none available in the town of fairies - odd - so you’ll have to wait until you progress further in the story and return it whenever possible.

Errand #009 - Tactless Timing

Description: A Fairground dweller finds himself unable to stop cracking jokes at inopportune moments.

Goal: Stop the Fairground dweller from cracking inopportune jokes.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Faiy Chocolate x3, 300 G

It looks like the pink fairy near the Cavity Club to the south is missing some restraint since he’s on an infinite jest spree. The restraint you’re looking for, if you hadn’t already gotten it, is located in the southeast corner of town. The customer here has plenty of it. Manage the exchange and get rewarded, simple as that.

Errand #035 - A Weak-Hearted Hubby

Description: While in Teeheeti, one of the traveling merchants has developed a fear of traveling. His wife is at her wits’ end.

Goal: Restore his courage and allow their journey to continue.

Unlock Requirement: Complete errand #034.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Cheeseburger x2, 300 G

Near the start of the path leading to the Fairy Godmother is the merchant couple you first met in Castaway Cove. Looks like the fellow is lacking some courage. Best to give him some then, eh? You’re in luck, since one of the customers of the octopus diner to the south has more than enough to spare. You know the drill, exchange that bravery to reap the fruits of this errand, or at least some cheeseburgers anyway.

Errand #051 - A Comedy of Errors

Description: A fairy in Teeheeti is panicking after misplacing some slap-sticks he borrowed from a friend.

Goal: Find the three slap-sticks the fairy has lost.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Dryad’s Spear, 700 G

The fairy in the southeast corner of town has had his slap-sticks stolen by Wishing Whambats. In order to get them back you must blind these critters before defeating them; this can be done, for example, with Mite’s Sand Blast trick, or by Sprout Sprite’s or Sunshine’s Razzle Dazzle trick.

Head to the world map and look for the bats near the beach area, and defeat them in the aforementioned fashion. They won’t always drop the slap-sticks even then, but a few battles ought to be enough to collect all three of 'em. Hand the over to the fairy to claim your reward.

Errand #052 - A Big Splash

Description: A fairy in Teeheeti caught a cold after jumping into the river.

Goal: Agree to help the fairy who’s caught a cold.

Stamps: 4

Rewards: Chocolate Bonbons x2, Babana Flans x2, 700 G

Talk to the fairy just south of Swift Solutions and agree to find the items he requires for his medication: Booster Shoots x1, Slumbernot Leaves x1, and Springwater x1 . It’s very likely that you have all these items already if you’ve been raiding forage points on the world map, but if you don’t, you’ll want to go back to some of them.

Booster Shoots can be found near Ding Dong Dell, as can Springwater, and Slumbernot Leaves are found at a forage point near Castaway Cove. Return the items to claim your reward.

Errand #081 - Notes from an Island

Description: A man visiting the Fairyground is rather flustered after misplacing his diary once again.

Goal: Agree to look for the missing diary.

Unlock Requirement: Complete errands #079 & #080.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Fine Frock, 700 G

Items: Traveler’s Diary

The traveling man from before has apparently reached the Fairyground and has naturally lost his diary again. Head to the Crab Cave on the northwest side of the island, and once you’re inside, inspect the wooden trunk on the east side of the room to retrieve the [TRAVELER’S DIARY] once again. Bring it back to the man and be rewarded.

Those are all errands on Teeheeti island, but there’s one other errand you can do, it just requires you to backtrack to the Golden Grove forest. The best way to do this is by sailing around the east side of the Summerlands continent and disembark at the beach of the Ding Dong Dell area.

This also provides you with an excellent opportunity to give Old Father Oak a visit, who’s glad to hear of your progress and rewards you with a [MEDAL OF DEXTERITY] . You’ll want to travel to Golden Grove afterwards.

Errand #053 - Boards in the Bushes

Description: Some Hyperboars have moved in to Golden Grove, making life very difficult for the fairy’s who live there.

Goal: Agree to help the troubled fairy.

Unlock Requirement: Progress story beyond Teeheeti Island.

Stamps: 6

Rewards: Pointu Hat, 700 G

Enemies: Crashing Boar (38), Hyperboar (39), Full Boar (40)

The fairy at the far south area of Golden Grove asks you to deal with the horrible Hyperboars who have been troubling the forest, eating its mushrooms. All Hyperboars are marked on your map, making them easy to find. The first two Hyperboars are accompanied by two Crashing Boars - lesser versions which you should eliminate first - while the third Hyperboar is accompanied by three of those, so you might want to touch the nearby Waystone first.

The battles themselves aren’t too tough if you bring familiars who can dish out fire-elemental attacks - equip your Burning Blades for sure - and group hitting attacks such as Mite’s Cut Loose work rather well. It’s certainly good to know that all the boars can be blinded (by skills such as Mite’s Sand Blast), so it’s generally a good idea to blind the strongest boar at the start of the battle and then to follow up with an all-out attack while using group hitting skills manually. Do stay healthy and use healing spells or items should anyone fall below 40% of their max HP.

Once they’ve fallen, return to the Waystone to heal and save. Return to the fairy, only to find that it’s being attacked by an even stronger Full Bore (along with three Crashing Boars). Your strategy from before works equally well in this battle, except it’s going to be a little longer and tougher, and you’ll want to watch your health a little more closely. After defeating the boars, you’re finally given a reward for all your hard labor.

Tip: Out of the newly available Merit Awards, Crackerjack is probably the best since it increases the amount of experience you receive after battles by 10%. Second best is Jack-o’-Lantern, which increases normal drops by 5%.

You’re all set to sail to Hamelin, although there is one more stop you could make; the optional No Longer Mine isle, which is just to the north-northeast of Teeheeti / southeast of your destination. There are several treasures to be found here, but the enemies, you’ve guessed it, will skin your hide before you can say Wrath of the White Witch. Only the first treasure is easy to get (it’s on the beach), but the rest will definitely require you to be at full HP, MP, guts, and have a stock of save files.

Tip: Remember that enemies on the world map can be briefly stunned by grabbing any item. Don’t remove the item box but quickly run away to safety, giving you a small lead that might just save your life.

No Longer Mine Island

  • The first hidden treasure is easy (and safe) to find: inspect the lone rock on the beach to grab **[SEE-THROUGH PIE x5]** .
  • The train tracks on the southwest part if the island run into a cliff. Inspect this location to find **[RUBY RIPPLE ICE CREAM x5].**
  • Follow these train track a little to the north until they fade out. Search the edge of the rocky cliff to find **[CARNATION CAKE x5].**
  • Keep following the tracks and curve around the rocks to the west. Search the inlet to find **[BABANA FLAN x5];** this is all south of the ruined factory.
  • Head to the far west side of the island and move to the southwest corner; search here to find **[FAIRY CHOCOLATE x5].**
  • Check the (local) map of the island and head to the easternmost forest on the map, or better yet, slightly north-northwest of it, and search the soil here to find **[WILDFLOWER SUNDAE x5].**
  • The forage point on the north side of the island contains a nice **[555 G].**
When you're all done, set sail for Hamelin.

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