To continue on, we will now need to go through the Trials of the sages at the Temple of Trials. Rashaad will accompany you to the Temple, and you will regain control. Before we go, there is plenty to do, and we need to prepare ourselves as well!

Start off by visiting the Cawtermaster’s Store. You should have accumulated quite a few Guilders by now for some shopping, so let’s get some equipment. Don’t worry about getting a Bone Sword or Leather Shield for your Mite, nor a Robe for Esther’s Drongo; we’ll be getting better equipment through Errands and Bounties for those. For everyone/everything else though, go ahead and go all out, upgrading them to the best available equipment right now. A Flint Spear is a good investment for Esther’s familiar, and the accessories give minor stat boosts, although they’re not quite necessary either.

Our next stop will keep us quite busy for a while; Swift Solutions. There is a TON to do before moving on! Check the Errand Board to learn of the tasks there, and talk to the Taskmaster to discover new Bounty Hunts.

Errands / Bounties

There are other Errands available, but you will need to wait until after completing the Temple of Trials before being able to completely finish all of them.

Errand #004 - An Overdue Loan

Description: A Mamooni boy is unkindly refusing to return a book he borrowed from his friend.

Goal: Restore his kindness and make sure he returns the book.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Strong Coffee X2, 100G

Errand #005 - Ice Cream Dreams

Description: A Mamooni ice cream merchant is suddenly too scared to leave the city on his long-planned journey of discovery.

Goal: Restore his courage so that he can go on his journey.

Rewards: Carrot Cake X3, 100 G

Errand #033 - A Half Hearted Hubby

Description: A traveling merchant appears to have lost his appetite for the trade while in Al Mamoon, causing his wife no end of worry.

Goal: Restore his enthusiasm and bring him to his senses.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Blindness-Be-Gone X3, 100 G

Errand #045 - A Lover's Lunch Basket

Description: A Mamooni woman’s husband left his lunch behind when he went out to forage for mushrooms.

Goal: Agree to deliver her husband’s lunch basket to him.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Glowcap X3, 200G

Items: Lover’s Lunch Basket

Errand #046 - Bothersome Boneheads

Description: An elderly merchant from Al Mamoon is worried because her supply lines are coming under attack.

Goal: Agree to help solve the merchant’s problem.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Bone Sword, 200 G

Items: Bonehead

Errand #048 - The King of Curries

Description: A curry stall holder in Al Mamoon lacks the ingredients required to make the famous Tikka Mahala curry.

Goal: Agree to gather ingredients for the curry stall owner.

Stamps: 4

Rewards: Tikka Mahala X5, 200G

Items: Spicy Seeds, Spicy Seeds, Spicy Seeds, Sheikh’s Special Spices

To begin this errand, you need to talk to the guy manning the curry stall just to the right of the eastern milk fountain. He needs some ingredients for his ultimate dish, so you’ll need to find them for him. Required are: Fluffy Rice, some Tender Beef, and a pinch of the Sheikh’s special spices! Make sure to have some extra time allotted for this one, because it’ll take a while (and it spans three actual tasks).

First, stop at Rashaad’s stand and talk to the woman just below it; she has some extra enthusiasm, so be sure to grab it with ‘Take Heart’. [Or, if you had already gotten her enthusiasm for a previous errand, you’ll have to backtrack to Ding Dong Dell for it.]

Next, check your inventory; if you already have a Tender Beef and Fluffy Rice, then you’re fine. If not, then stop in at the Hootique and buy one of each.

Now head over to Swift Solutions, where a new blue dot has appeared on your map. This is the Sheikh you heard of, but he’s broken-hearted and needs help. Go ahead and accept Errand #003, then turn right around and hand over the enthusiasm with ‘Give Heart’ to return him to normal. As a thank you, you’ll receive [SANDWICH x2] and [100 G] , effectively ending Errand #003.

Now that he’s back to normal, he will agree to give you some of his spices, but only if you bring him what he needs, which is a turmeric root and three generous pinches of spicy seeds. Off to find those as well!

Unfortunately, none of what he wants is actually in the city, so we need to find a way to get them. Stop in at Swift Solutions first and talk to the Taskmaster. A new Bounty Hunt has opened up, so go ahead and accept the job to start Bounty #088!

To get our turmeric root, we must defeat the lumber wood as shown in the Bounty, and he hangs out around Golden Grove, so leave the city and make your way northwest, taking on the beast once he’s in your sight. The battle itself is a cinch; just cast Pulse with Oliver 2-3 times and he’s toast! Upon his defeat, he’ll relinquish the [TURMERIC ROOT] that you need, as well as 62 EXP and 47 G.

Now, the last ingredient that you need is the spicy seed, and you need three of them. The only place to find them (and this is a one-time deal) is to the west-southwest of Al Mamoon in the Smoky Mountains.

Climb the path toward the volcano, and along the way, you’ll come across three sets twinkling stars as you get closer to the mountain itself. The first pinch of [SPICY SEEDS] will be at the corner where the path turns west.

The second pinch of [SPICY SEEDS] will be to the west near the river of lava, and the third pinch of [SPICY SEEDS] will be all the way to the west near a stream of lava. To get the third one you’ll need the Bridge spell, which you acquire at the Temple of Trials.

Once you have those, return to Al Mamoon. Stop in at Swift Solutions first and claim your prize, [MILK CHOCOLATE x5] and [200G] , ending Bounty #088. Afterwards, head back outside and talk to the Sheikh, giving him his ingredients. With them, he makes the spices you need, and you’ll receive a bowl of [SHEIKH’S SPECIAL SPICES] .

Errand #003 - The Shiekh of Spice

Description: Al Mamoon’s Sheikh of Spice is suffering from a severe lack of enthusiasm.

Goal: Restore his enthusiasm, then listen to what he has to say.

Unlock Requirement: Proceed in Errand #048.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Sandwich X2, 100 G

Bounty #088 - A Precious Root

Description: A lumberwood has appeared to the south of Golden Grove. These creatures’ roots always fetch a decent price…

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #003.

Last Seen: In the Highlands South of Golden Grove (Summerlands)

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Milk Chocolate X5, 200 G

Enemies: Lumberwood

Spoils: 62 EXP, 47 G, Tumeric Root

Bounty #089 - A Duel in the Desert

Description: A bony beast keeps challenging travelers to duels in the desert. It looks like a fierce opponent, but it must be dealt with!

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #046

Last Seen: In the Northern Shimmering Sands (Summerlands).

Stamps: 2

Rewards: Shinbone Shield, 200 G

Enemies: Bone Brigadier, Bonehead

Spoils: 90 EXP, 80 G

Bounty #090 - Babana Thief

Description: Finally, we have found the fiend who has been stealing our babanas! It is most frightfully fleet of foot, so do not let it escape!

Last Seen: In the Eastern Shimmering Sands (Summerlands)

Stamps: 3

Rewards: Flame Robes, 300 G

Enemies: Adamantiger

Spoils: 58 EXP, 125 G

With all of the tasks taken care of, prepare for your next destination at the shops if you need to. Otherwise, head out onto the World Map and proceed to the far northeast of the Shimmering Sands to the Temple of Trials!

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