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Make your way to the palace and talk to Marcassin for a scene. He’ll direct you to someone else who may be able to help, so use the nearby magic circle to teleport to the entrance, where you’ll have another scene, but this time with a spirit. Use ‘Spirit Medium’ to talk to her, and you’ll learn of your next destination. She’ll also give you the [WINGS OF XANADU] .

Other than that, there’s only one quick item to be had here in Hamelin. Make your way to the black market and talk to William Abel, the guy who helped you out earlier with the armor. He’s grateful that you helped restore everything to normal, and will give you [THE TENTH TALE] of Wonder for your Wizard’s Companion!

World Map

Summon Tengri, then make your way north of Hamelin to a new section of Autumnia that we haven’t visited yet! It’s marked on your map, so just have Tengri drop you off in front of the city.

Before entering the actual city, as with the rest of the regions we’ve come across so far, there are just a few treasures that we need to grab.

***** Just to the south of Perdida, you’ll see a forage point. Check it for a [POWERSTONE].

***** Continue down the path down the mountain here, then once the path turns west, look for another forage point to your north. This one has [SOUR GRAPES] .

***** Even further west is another treasure; when the path turns north, then west, check the woods to the west before it turns north again to find a [BEETLE HORN] . (Use the ‘Seek Fortune’ spell if you can’t pinpoint it.)

***** Hop on Tengri, then go northwest of Perdida. You should see a small plateau with a few forests. (If you look closely at your map, you’ll see that a small path goes east from the western beach on the island, then turns south and follows the spiraling path up the mountainside.) Check along the cliff behind the stone to the north here to find a pouch of [PHOENIX BREATH].

***** South of the stone is a forage point; check it for one of the following treasures: [SUN CRYSTAL or STAR CRYSTAL or MOON CRYSTAL or PLANET CRYSTAL].

Once you have all of those, hop back on Tengri or Travel back to Perdida and head inside.

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