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When you get close to your destination, Shadar suddenly appears..

Boss Fight: Shadar

You’ll find yourself washed ashore Teeheeti Island afterward. You’ll now have access to the All-Out Defense and Attack commands with square and triangle respectively. You’ll also unlock [THE FIFTH TALE] of Wonder for your Wizard’s Companion. Let’s search the island for a few treasures now, shall we?

  • Head east and follow the beach to the north side, cross the creek and inspect the cliffs at the far end (at the spot where they intersect with the beach and the sea) to find [SPROCKET x2].
  • There’s a forage point just northwest of the beach you start at, right before the forest starts. It contains a [GNOMEBEARD].
  • Head to the southernmost part of the beach and search the northern tip of the sandbank lying between two creeks to find [CARNATION CAKE x2].
  • There’s a forage point to the northwest; it’s located at the spot where the two creeks merge and it contains a [WETSTONE].
  • On the western beach of the island is an arch with a forage point that contains a [RINGS-A-BELL]. You’ll have to go under the arch to the north, then up a hill to the east to get on that level.
  • Search at the base of the pillar (in the water on the western side) that supports the arch to find a [SORETOOTH RING].
  • If you follow the western beach to the north, you’ll reach a cave, hidden by a waterfall running over it. Inside are many crabs that give gameplay tips, but there’s also a chest with a [FISHBURGER] inside, and a hidden green chest on the far west side; position yourself next to the pillar, near the moss- covered rocks and look north to collect its [WATER BOMB GEM].
  • Approaching the town in the middle of the island, first travel slightly east/northeast from the center and search the grassy part without trees (nearby the river) to find a [DRYAD’S SPEAR] , an excellent weapon that drains 10% of the enemy’s health with every hit.

When you’re done talking to crustaceans and collecting treasures, return to your ship, then proceed directly northwest and into the forest to find out what Drippy was so worried about. You’ll then find out your next destination, so continue just a bit more north to enter the Fairyground!

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