Bounty #129 - Reckless Soldier

Description: The path across the Miasma Marshes to Nevermore seems to be clear… Find out what’s going on!

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #’s 121-128, then return to The Conductor to have him give you this one.

Last Seen: In Nevermore (Autumnia)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Celestial Sword, 6000 G

Enemies: #372 - Knight Terror

This is a rehash of the Eternal Knight fight, so travel to Perdida once again, then go into the town and exit to the north to be back at the Miasma Marshes, levitating all the way through the entire marshes past where you just fought. You’ll eventually wind up at Nevermore; from there, make your way to the boss area at the end to find another black orb, and thus, the next boss: Knight Terror!

This will be your toughest boss yet; if you have them, bring your familiars that have high defenses so you can try for a direct assault. Each of his attacks are pretty powerful, and even though he moves pretty slow, standing idly by and casting spells isn’t ideal, especially when you see his Onslaught coming. DEFEND and use All-Out Defense at all costs then!

As for the rest of the battle, keep a close eye on your HP while keeping your HP near max, and work on interchanging your strongest physical-based tricks and regular attacks until you can finally wake up from this… Knight Terror… (groan)

Bounty #130 - Loyal Queen

Description: A new black orb has materialized, and it looks more ominous than any before it… It must be investigated, and soon.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #129, then return to The Conductor to have him give you the last one.

Last Seen: On the Ara Memoriae (Nazcaä)

Stamps: 0

Rewards: Star Eater’s Fang, 7000 G

Enemies: #383 - Zodiarchangel, #384 - Dominion

This is a rehash of the final boss fight, and it will be just as tough as it was before. Travel to Ara Memoriae, then approach the black orb near the center to take on the Zodiarchangel!

Start off by getting rid of the four Dominions floating around by using spells like Astra and tricks like Earsplitter. Once they’re out of the way, just focus on buffing your party and using strong tricks to take out large chunks of HP at once from the big baddie.

Chaos is just as nasty as you remember it, so use Defend and All-Out Defense when you see it coming. It hits hard all around, so plan on spending every other turn using a Sprite Dew to keep your party’s HP up, since there’s no way that Esther will be able to keep up.

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