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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Challenge Cubes: Locations and Feature Overview

Craig Robinson

Challenge Cubes are an optional piece of side content in One Piece Odyssey that take you back to campaign bosses. However, these bosses are slightly tougher and come with more mechanics than your campaign counterparts. If you’re a platinum trophy hunter, completionist or just want some challenging fights, we are here to direct you towards the Challenge Cube locations in One Piece Odyssey.

Here is a look at everything you need to know about Challenge Cubes in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey Challenge Cube Locations

In total, there are 11 Challenge Cube locations in One Piece Odyssey. You can do 10 of them in any order, but the first one you need to visit is the Smoker boss in the !Desert Near Alubarna.

Boss Location Comments
Akainu Marineford: Ox Plaza Bell South of Marineford in the rubble area
Aokiji Marineford: Ox Plaza Bell South of Marineford in the rubble area.
Bon Clay Alubarna City North of the city near the Mausoleum.
Burgess Dressrosa City: Coliseum Path Northwest corner of the city area.
Crocodile Alubarna Royal Mausoleum Near the Glyph area on the fourth basement floor.
Doflamingo New Royal Plateau -3rd Level: Sunflowers Fast travel to the N.R.P Sunflower Field, and the cube is near the castle grounds.
Hakuba New Royal Plateau - 2nd Level: Fast travel to the N.R.P 2F Entrance and the cube is directly ahead of the fast travel sign on a building.
Kaku Tower of Law Follow the staircases all the way down until you get to the Underground Passage, where you thought him in the main story.
Kizaru Marineford: Ox Plaza Bell South of Marineford in the rubble area
"Rob Lucci" iconRob Lucci Water Seven City Sewers Head toward Franky’s hideout through the Sewers.
Smoker !Desert Near Alubarna: Alubarna Ravine Near the border that leads to Alubarna.

Once you beat any of the 11 of the Cubes, you can then face off against them once again. Albeit, this time, the fights will be stronger than the last. You will likely need to be level 70 with your characters, as the boss’s attacks are much stronger, and they have much higher defense to negate your attacks, or only take 1 damage to the average level 50 character. For these reasons, we recommend you take a look at our experience farming guide. Once you defeat each challenge cube twice, you can get awarded the trophy and achievement for doing so.

There are rewards for fighting each boss and getting introduced to the feature. Completing the introduction quest awards the Odyssey Power, a 3000 HP accessory, while each boss drops a very strong accessory for a niche, such as 75 poison resistance and other niche items. You’ll want to collect these items and slot them into character builds whenever required to prepare certain characters to carry different fights better. While doing so, make sure to level up, and find cubes for most of the the characters to prepare yourself the best you can, and abuse those accessory fusings for your preferred builds.

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