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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Plasma Frigate (via PWT)

Vincent Lau

You’ll follow Hugh and Cheren onto the ship. The three of you will converse before you’re approached by a Grunt. He will raise the alarm and an entire group of Grunts will appear from the north, followed by a group to the south. You’ll be completely surrounded and the epic fighting will ensue!

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Koffing 30 Poison

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Trubbish 30 Poison

If you need to, you can leave and do what you want at this point, including healing, but you need to come back and fight the other battles before the plot can advance. Talk with Cheren to begin the next battle, a double battle where you’ll team up with him.

Double Battle: Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

Team Plasma Grunts double battle.

Pokemon Level Type
Grimer 29 Poison
Krokorok 29 Ground/Dark
Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 29 Poison/Flying
Liepard 29 Dark

Cheren’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Stoutland 33 Normal
Watchog 31 Normal
Cinccino 31 Normal

Talk to your rival to intitiate the final Double Battle. This time you’re teaming up with Hugh!

Double Battle: Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Grimer 29 Poison
Raticate 29 Normal
Pokemon Level Type
Koffing 29 Poison
Watchog 29 Normal

Rival’s party if you picked Snivy as starter

Pokemon Level Type
Pignite 33 Fire/Fighting
Simipour 31 Water
Tranquill 31 Normal/Flying

Rival’s party if you picked Tepig as starter

Pokemon Level Type
Dewott 33 Water
Simisage 31 Grass
Tranquill 31 Normal/Flying

Rival’s party, if you picked Oshawott as starter

Pokemon Level Type
Servine 33 Grass
Simisear 31 Fire
Tranquill 31 Normal/Flying

Once the battle’s over, the Grunts won’t know what to do. Hugh and Cheren will say a few words, then a man known as Zinzolin will appear. You’ll speak with him, then some Pokemon will appear out of nowhere. Next thing you know, you’re back on the docks and the ship’s gone!

Hugh freaks and runs off. Cheren will reminiscently look out to see and say a few things before leaving. Now you’ll be on your way too!

If you haven’t entered the Relic Passage (via PWT) yet, you may want to do so now. If you already have, skip ahead to Chargestone Cave Part 2 . If you haven’t yet traversed Route 6 and Chargestone Cave the first time, check them out first.


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