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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Battle Company

Vincent Lau

From Castelia’s Pokemon Centre, continue left and enter the building just to the left of the next street. This is the Battle Company building. Inside, you’ll find a number of trainers itching for battle, so it’s a good place to train. Not to mention there are some decent item rewards, so it’s definitely worth a look.

1st Floor

Exp. Share is great for training weaker Pokemon. Just slap it on your novice Pokemon while you battle with your veterans to feed them exp.

As soon as you move forward in the 1st floor you’ll be stopped by a person who’ll give you an Exp. Share before taking the elevator to one of the upper floors. Talk to the blue-haired girl sitting at a table to your right. She will give you an item depending on which dialogue option that you choose.

Available Items
Miracle Seed, Mystic Water, Charcoal

If you pick the last option, you can come back later and still claim an item. Choose whichever item suits you best. You can actually obtain all three items for free within Castelia’s general vicinity, so no need to stress your decision too much. Once you have your fancy new item, enter the elevator and go to the 47th floor first.

47th Floor

The 47th floor features a decent array of trainers. If you simply want to skip the trainers and collect the only item reward that you can without fighting, sneak past the trainer to the right of the room by staying as far left as possibly without moving into sight of the man in the top-left corner.

From there, simply move past the man in the centre of the room on his left side, then move around and speak to the person in the bottom-right corner who will award you with a Scope Lens . Move back to the elevator the same way.

If you do plan to battle the trainers though, the information is found below.

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male (Top-Left Corner)

Pokemon Level Type
Growlithe 16 Fire

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male (Center-Right of Room)

Pokemon Level Type
Pidove 17 Normal/Flying

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male (Center of the Room)

Pokemon Level Type
Marill 16 Water

Trainer Battle: Clerk Female (Bottom-Left Corner)

Pokemon Level Type
Budew 16 Grass/Poison

Freebies are always nice. Just dont forget to actually check them out–items, even free ones, are useless unless used!

Once all trainers have been defeated, don’t forget to talk to the man in the bottom-right corner of the room to receive the Scope Lens , then leave the floor.

55th Floor

You may want to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon first. Once you have, come back and take the elevator up to the 55th floor. There’s an Ether on the ground in the top-left corner of this room. Grab it then move to the top-right area of the room.

You’ll be stopped once again by the man that gave you the Exp. Share earlier. He’ll reveal himself as the grandfather of the CEO of the company, who happens to be a School Kid. As soon as you’re stopped by the man, you’ll be forced to battle the School Kid, so make sure you’re ready beforehand.

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Eevee 17 Normal
Herdier 17 Normal

After you’ve taught the kid a lesson, you’re done with the Battle Company. Return to the elevator and let it take you back to the 1st floor and then exit the building like a pro.


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