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Pokémon: Black & White 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers, Vincent Lau
First Published: 06-10-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 06-07-2020 / 12:04 GMT

Route 20

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Sunkern Grass Grass/Dark Grass 5%, 25% (Summer)
Patrat Normal Grass/Dark Grass 20%
Purrloin Dark Grass/Dark Grass 15%
Pidove Normal/Flying Grass/Dark Grass 25%, 5% (Summer)
Sewaddle Bug/Grass Grass/Dark Grass 35%, 15% (Dark Grass)
Venipede Bug/Poison Dark Grass 20%
Dunsparce Normal Shaking Grass 10%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 90%
Mr Mime Psychic/Fairy Swarm 40%
Sudowoodo Rock Swarm 40%

Note : Sunkern are more common during Summer, while Pidove are more common during the other three seasons.

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Azurill Normal Surf 30%
Red Basculin Water Surf/Fishing 70% (Surf), 65% (Surf Rippling Water), 40% (Fishing), 30% (Fishing Rippling Water)
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Fishing 70% (Surf), 65% (Surf Rippling Water), 40% (Fishing), 30% (Fishing Rippling Water)
Marill Water Surf - Rippling Water 30%
Azumarill Water Surf - Rippling Water 5%
Poliwag Water Super Rod 60%
Poliwhirl Water Super Rod - Rippling Water 65%
Politoed Water Super Rod - Rippling Water 5%

There are a number of trainer battles here. The Lass facing left before the bridge isn't up for one, but the Youngster nearby is. Move up to him and commence the battle.

If a Pokemon trainer spots you, there's no running away. Let the battle commence!

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Patrat 4 Normal

Once you're done, continue on past the bridge until you reach a Lass facing west. She's looking for a battle too.

Trainer Battle: Lass

Pokemon Level Type
Purrloin 4 Dark

Once she's defeated, follow the path north into the grass. Collect the Parlyz Heal here and battle the next Youngster. If you want to avoid the battle, you can move past him on his left side. It's recommended that you partake in the battle for experience however. It's quite easy so there shouldn't be any problems.

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Patrat 4 Normal

Once you've defeated Petey, continue north until you're out of the grass. There is a Hiker to your right. He isn't willing to fight at the moment, but he's refusing to let you past him. Continue left instead. Before the bridge, you'll see a short path leading north with a few rocks blocking the way early on.

The left of the bottom two rocks contains a Poke Ball. If you interact with it by pressing 'A' when you face it, you'll collect the Poke Ball . Once you have it, continue west over the bridge.

You'll find handy items littered all across Unova, both in plain sight (left) and out of sight (right).

If it's currently Autumn, there will be leaves covering the ditch to your south, allowing you to move across it and grab the Poke Ball. If it's not currently Autumn, feel free to set it to an Autumn month (March, July or November) on your DS or 3DS then exit and re-enter the area to allow the game to switch to Autumn.

Come back here and move across the leaves and grab the Poke Ball . Now you can head along the new path opened up by the leaves to the north-west of the patch you're in at the moment. Follow this path west, then south until you reach the end.

At the last tile before the end is a hidden Potion . Attempt to interact with the tile to receive it. Now backtrack until you're back on the main path. From there, you can head north along the path to Floccesy Ranch. Before you leave the area, it's recommended that you catch a Sunkern, Sewaddle and Pidove if you can.

This will bring your party count up to six, meaning that you will then have a full party. Training them up to around Level 4 or 5 each would also be a good idea as you have a decently difficult Rival Battle up ahead. The wild Pokemon in Floccesy Ranch are also of a noticeably higher level, providing more incentive to train first.

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