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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 5

Vincent Lau

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Liepard Dark Grass/Dark Grass 20%
Trubbish Poison Grass/Dark Grass 20%
Minccino Normal Grass/Dark Grass 30%
Gothita (B2) Psychic Grass/Dark Grass 30%
Solosis (W2) Psychic Grass/Dark Grass 30%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 85%
Cinccino Normal Shaking Grass 5%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking Grass 10%
Natu Psychic/Flying Swarm 40%

Head out from the gate into Route 5 and you’ll be immediately stopped by Bianca. She’ll call out to you, come over and just thrust HM02 - Fly into your face. Rude, but generous. From now on you can teach the move to a Pokemon and have them fly you to any city or town that you’ve already visited. How very amazing!

Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to her question. Either way, she’ll drag you into the tall grass and eventually before some trees. She’ll discover an entrance to a Hidden Grotto between the trees. Asking whether you want to enter or not, you’ll be given two choices: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Whichever you choose, she forces you inside. Typical Bianca.

Anyway, you’ll move into the Grotto and come upon a Minccino! How cool! She’ll leave you with the Pokemon. Move up to it and attempt to talk to it to initiate a battle.

Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Level Type
Minccino 20 Normal

Feel free to try and catch the little critter. What makes this Minccino different, is that it doesn’t have its normal ability, but instead its Hidden Ability , Skill Link. If you want to catch it, either save the game before you enter the battle and retry until you’ve caught it.

Or if you didn’t save and didn’t manage to catch it, you will need to walk around a lot and return to the Grotto; there’s a chance of it reappearing.

Once you’re done, exit the Grotto. You can return to this Hidden Grotto in the future. If you walk around a lot and return to it, there’s a chance that something will have appeared there. This can be an item (sometimes quite rare and valuable ones) or a Pokemon (which will always have its hidden ability).

Take note of what the Grotto looks like because you’ll be able to find these in future areas, if you remember to look. Now that you’re back in the main area, it’s time to do some exploring! Move west, following the path of tall grass. You’ll come upon a man. Talk to him or move into his vision to initiate a battle!

Trainer Battle: Artist

Pokemon Level Type
Sigilyph 25 Psychic/Flying

Once the Artist is defeated, continue west. You’ll come upon some Dark Grass, as well as an item. Pick the item up to find that it’s a Super Repel . Move into the Dark Grass and follow it to the Pokemon Ranger. Battle her.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Bedew 25 Grass/Poison
Roselia 25 Grass/Poison

From there, move back out of the Dark Grass and jump down the ledge. There’s a crowd here and a whole bunch of battles too. The hardest of all is Motorcyclist Charles, but he’s not willing to battle just yet, not until you’ve beaten Elesa. There are a pair of Backers standing to his south though…

Double Battle: Backers

Pokemon Level Type
Minccino 25 Normal
Minccino 25 Normal

That’s over half of the battles done. Once the cheerleaders have been thoroughly owned, move east, over to the dancing man.

Trainer Battle: Dancer

Pokemon Level Type
Scraggy 25 Dark/Fighting

Turn on your Dowsing MCHN if you haven’t already. It will pick up a hidden item. Follow its directions and pick up the Hyper Potion that you find. Continue east. Move in front of the Baker standing next to the trailer door. She’ll challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Baker

Pokemon Level Type
Sunkern 24 Grass
Combee 24 Bug/Flying

Enter the trailer. Inside is a maid looking for food. You can sell her food items for a better-than-usual price, so take advantage of this if there are any food items that you don’t need. The woman just above the entrance is selling a total of five Pomeg Berries for $200.

You can’t buy them separately, and she only sells the five. Buy them if you want. That’s everything in Route 5 that you can do before defeating Elesa. Leave the area and head back into Nimbasa City. Heal your Pokemon, then head into Route 16.


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