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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 8

Vincent Lau

Any season except Winter

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Croagunk Poison/Fighting Puddle 15%
Palpitoad Water/Ground Puddle/Surf 40% (Puddle), 30% (Surf)
Karrablast Bug Puddle 5%
Shelmet Bug Puddle 20%
Stunfisk Ground/Electric Puddle/Surf/Fishing 20% (Puddle), 70% (Surf), 65% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Seismitoad Water/Ground Surf 5%
Barboach Water/Ground Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling)
Whiscash Water/Ground Super Rod 10% (Rippling)
Quagsire Water/Ground Puddle Swarm 40%

Something to note about Route 8 is that it snows when it’s Winter in-game (April, August and December). When this happens, all of the puddles that would normally be accessible in the area is frozen over, leaving only water to fish and Surf on to encounter wild Pokemon.

During the other months, moving through puddles is like moving through Tall Grass; Pokemon will appear at random. During Winter, many areas are also slippery, so you’ll slide along in a single direction until you hit an obstruction, at which point you can slide in another direction.

You’ll need to do this to navigate these areas. It’s not all that hard, so you shouldn’t need us to hold your hand and guide you through. Anyway, let’s get onto the walkthrough itself!

First, talk to the Parasol Lady to the north of the entrance. If you do, she’ll hand you a weather-related rock, such as the Heat Rock . If you speak to her on another day, you can receive another rock–a different too if you come back at a different time of day.

From there, head south into the puddles and move over to the deep water. Use Surf on it and move to the south edge. Move back onto the puddle there and grab the Big Pearl . Move back onto the water and back onto the land, this time on the western side.

Move over to the nearby Parasol Lady and start the battle! This one’s a Rotation Battle, against three Castforms, no less!

Rotation Battle: Parasol Lady

Pokemon Level Type
Castform 60 Normal
Castform 60 Normal
Castform 60 Normal

Once the Lady is defeated, trek north-west to the next puddle. From here, if you head west, then south, then south-east under the bridge, you’ll reach Icirrus City . You can skip ahead to that section if you so wish to, but this walkthrough will explore the rest of Route 8 first.

Anyway, from the puddle head north-east and you’ll be stopped by a Lass standing in front of some trees to your south. Guess what? Hint: It involves Pokemon and a lot of ass-kicking.

Trainer Battle: Lass

Pokemon Level Type
Shelmet 60 Bug
Slugma 60 Fire
Gastrodon 60 Water/Ground

To the Lass’s north is a Fisherman also looking to give his Pokemon some experience.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman

Pokemon Level Type
Barboach 60 Water/Ground
Stunfisk 60 Ground/Electric
Whiscash 60 Water/Ground

Navigation through Route 8 will vary according to the season. Although you can always Surf to avoid the ice in Winter.

Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and head east. Use it to find the Max Repel then continue east until you hit the Parasol Lady. Err, ‘bump into’ might be a better way to phrase that. Anyway, she’ll challenge you as retribution! Triple Battle by the way.

Triple Battle: Parasol Lady

Pokemon Level Type
Castform 60 Normal
Jolteon 60 Electric
Ludicolo 60 Water/Ground

To the Parasol Lady’s north-east is the entrance to the Moor of Icirrus . Feel free to head in and explore. Once you’re done, head back out and we’ll explore the rest of Route 8. When you finish, head back west to the Fisherman.

From there, head west around the body of water and continue until you reach the Youngster moving up and down. Speak with him to challenge him to the final battle of the Route.

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Palpitoad 60 Water/Ground
Vaporeon 60 Water
Croagunk 60 Poison/Fighting

Grab TM36 - Sludge Bomb to the Youngster’s north, then head back to him. Now head north-east between the water and the trees. At the end of the path you’ll find a Nest Ball . Once more backtrack to the Youngster. This time turn your Dowsing MCHN on and head south.

Use it to find the Rare Candy there. Now head east, following the path south under the bridge when it turns that way. You’ll be in Icirrus City! Skip ahead to that section to find information on it.


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