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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Striaton City

Vincent Lau

Striaton City

It’s Striation City! Let’s head south to the fountain, then east into the main part of town and through until you reach the Pokemon Center. Head in and heal your Pokes! If you want, stock up on any items you may need also. Once you’re ready, go back outside. Put your explorer’s cap on, because we’re going exploring!

First let’s head back west, over the bridge to the fountain. Take the bridge south of the fountain and move down into the south-east corner of the area. There you’ll find a Yellow Shard . Now head to the west side of this area and use your Dowsing MCHN to find the hidden Full Restore .

Move back over the bridge to the fountain. This time take the western bridge. Grab the Max Elixir here then move onto the water just north of the bridge. Surf north then move onto the area with the Hiker standing around on it. Talk to him and you’ll get a Big Pearl .

Move back onto the water and Surf back to the main area. Return to the fountain and move back over to the eastern bridge. Now stand on it and head onto the water to its north. Surf up onto the little gap between two hedges on the north-east edge of the water.

Use the Dowsing MCHN to find the PP Up hidden here. Now Surf back to the bridge and head back into the main part of town. The building to the left of the Pokemon Center is the Trainers’ School. Head there if you want to know the basics…not that you should need to.

You can also enter the building south of the Trainers’ School and talk to the little girl inside. If you win a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, you’ll be able to begin Fun Fest Mission. Give it a go! Head back out and head back to the Pokemon Center.

To the right of the Pokemon Center is the old Gym, with Clyde standing in front of it. Talk to Clyde and he’ll head inside. Follow him in. You’ll see that the old Gym is now a fully-fledged restaurant. The three old Gym Leaders, Cilan, Chili and Cress are running the restaurant.

Each day, you can have Double Battles with the three former Gym Leaders. You get to team up with one against the other two. Choose whoever you want to team up with and talk to them. Answer ‘Yes’ to their question and the battle will promptly start. The parties of the three guys are as follows:

Cilan’s party

Pokemon Level Type Held Item
Maractus 65 Grass Muscle Band
Ferrothorn 65 Grass/Steel Leftovers
Simisage 67 Grass Life Orb

Chili’s party

Pokemon Level Type Held Item
Heatmor 65 Fire Muscle Band
Darmanitan 65 Fire Leftovers
Simisear 67 Fire Life Orb

Cress’s party

Pokemon Level Type Held Item
Basculin 65 Water Muscle Band
Slowking 65 Water/Psychic Leftovers
Simipour 67 Water Life Orb

You can team up with one of the Gym Leaders against the other two every day.

Here’s a tip for you: try to field Pokemon weak against the trainer you’re teaming up with. For example, if you pair with the Grass-type expert, Cilan, you’ll face the Water- and Fire-type experts. Cilan’s Pokemon can handle the Water-types, while your Pokemon should focus on the Fire-types.

Thus you should pick Water-types for this battle. Rock- and Ground-types would be okay here, but you may get attacked by the opponent’s Water-types. Anyway, you’ill receive a $16,080 for winning. As stated, these battles can be performed once per day, so feel free to come back at any time and take part again.

Besides these battles, you can talk to the woman standing on the platform at the north end of the room. If you answer ‘Yes’ to her question, three of her Pansages will jump out and you will play a game of guess the Pansage. You will be told to follow one of them. Try to do so as they move around.

When they finally stop, you’re given a chance to guess the correct one. If you do, you’ll receive a Big Mushroom . Other than that, there’s nothing else you can really do in the restaurant, so feel free to leave.

Move over to the building south of the restaurant and enter it. Move up to the top floor. In the west part of the room is an Up-Grade . Feel free to grab it, then leave the building. Head into the building just below it. Talk to the guy with the orange shirt here to receive a Great Ball . Exit the building.

To your south is Route 2 . Feel free to head there now if you want, but there’s still a little more to do in Striaton. Before we keep exploring though, head out past the fence to your south, then move between the trees and the left fence along the thin path. At the end is a Timer Ball .

Pick it up then backtrack until you’re out of the path. Head back north to where the restaurant is. Now head east, then south so that you’re behind the buildings. There will be a shady man here. If you speak with him, he’ll give you five Dusk Balls for no apparent reason. That’s all there is to do in this city.

You can head north from the shady man to find a path leading east. If you follow it you’ll reach the Dreamyard . This is nice extra area that you can explore! Head through if you want to. If you want to go straight to Route 2 instead, feel free to skip ahead to that section.


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