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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Nature Preserve

Vincent Lau

The Nature Preserve has lots of new Pokémon to find and catch.

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Nuzleaf Grass/Dark Any Grass 30%
Altaria Dragon/Flying Any Grass 20%
Girafarig Normal/Fire Any Grass 15%
Noctowl Normal/Flying Any Grass 10%
Golduck Water Any Grass 10%
Fraxure Dragon Any Grass 10%
Kecleon Normal Any Grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 85%
Dunsparce Normal Shaking Grass 10%
Shiftry Grass/Dark Shaking Grass 5%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Red Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70% (Surf), 35% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70% (Surf), 35% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Buizel Water Surf 30%, 60% (Rippling)
Floatzel Water Surf 5% (Rippling)
Magikarp Water Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling)
Gyarados Water/Flying Super Rod 10% (Rippling)

The Nature Preserve is a small area located faraway from Unova. To get there, you must first see all 297 Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex with the exception of event Pokemon such as Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect.

Once you have, speak to Professor Juniper in Nuvema Tower and she’ll give you the Permit to access the Nature Preserve. At this point, you may be wondering how to get to the preserve itself, since it’s not in Unova. Well, that’s where Mistralton City’ s airport comes in.

Head to the Mistralton Cargo Service and speak to the reception lady and she’ll put you on a plane to the Nature Preserve. Awesome! Once you land, first head north and Surf into the river when you reach it. From there, head towards the north-west corner and grab the Max Potion just lying around.

Then hop back into the water and head due east. Eventually you should spot a small waterfall by the north-east corner. You’ve climbed up larger waterfalls than this, but this one can be climbed too. At the top, there’s a cool Rare Candy waiting for you.

Now backtrack all the way back to the airplane and head south this time, then east when you reach the corner. Navigate around the trees, in a northerly direction and you should come across a clearing, where a rather intimidating Pokemon awaits in the centre.

This is your reward for seeing all of Unova’s Pokemon: a Shiny Haxorus ! Save your game before doing anything else, then go ahead and approach it…

Wild Pokemon Battle

A battle against Haxorus ensues here.

Pokemon Level Type
Haxorus 60 Dragon

Once you’ve caught the Haxorus or otherwise, there’s one last thing to do. Head north through the gaps in the tree and there’s a little pond just beyond. Surf across the pond and towards the dark grass to the north-west. Sitting conspicuously in the grass is a Big Nugget .

…And that’s it! Head back to the airplane and speak to Skyla to return to Unova.


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