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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Castelia City Gym

Vincent Lau

Castelia City Gym

Gym Information

Back out on the dock, Iris will talk to you once again. From here, leave the dock and go and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. When you’re ready to, head over to the Gym.

Inside the Gym, speak to Clyde to receive your Fresh Water . Burgh’s Gym is absolutely filled with silk, which is actually used to transport players to different locations. Entering a silk cocoon, you’ll be transported along the length of silk that connects to the cocoon in the direction that you were facing.

For example, if you are facing north when you enter the cocoon, you’ll move along the silk extending north from the cocoon. With that in mind, you should be able to tackle this gym with little to no problem. Trainer’s will be spread throughout the gym as normal, so be prepared for a few battles.

Burgh’s Gym is based around Bug-Type Pokemon, if you haven’t already guessed. The trainers here also have some quite high-level Pokemon, substantially higher than what you’ve been facing thus far. If you feel that you need to train some more, do some more training in the Castelia Sewers or at Route 4.

Enter the first cocoon from the south entrance. You’ll move up to the centre of the second floor. Now move right. Your first battle is against the Harlequin here.

Once you realize some the cocoons have multiple entrances, it should be smooth sailing.

Gym Member Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Sewaddle 20 Bug/Grass
Sewaddle 20 Bug/Grass

Once he’s defeated, continue right and enter the cocoon at the end. You’ll warp to the third floor. It may seem like you can’t do anything here, but try and move in front of the cocoon to your south-east. A second Harlequin will jump out and challenge you.

Gym Member Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Combee 20 Bug/Flying
Swadloon 20 Bug/Grass

The Harlequin created an entrance to the cocoon when he broke out, so you can now enter it. Do so and you’ll warp back down to the bottom floor. Yet another Harlequin is guarding the side entrance for this one, so you have to take him on.

Gym Member Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Sewaddle 19 Bug/Grass
Dwebble 19 Bug/Rock
Combee 19 Bug/Flying

Enter the entrance to the cocoon on the right side. You’ll warp up to the third floor. If you wish to, you can skip the next Harlequin battle by entering the right entrance to the cocoon that you just came out of. If not, run over to the Harlequin and prepare to fight!

Always treat the gym members as a preview of the gym leader. If you can adeptly handle the members, their leader shouldnt be much harder.

Gym Member Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Dweeble 20 Bug/Rock
Swadloon 20 Bug/Grass

Once he’s defeated, move over to the next cocoon. This time, enter the entrance on the left side. You’ll now be in Burgh’s personal cocoon! The situations that you get into in Pokemon games shakes head. Anyway, you may want to rest and restock your items at the Pokemon Center first.

Luckily, if you drop into the hole in the floor located on the west side of Burgh’s cocoon, you will skip straight back to the start of the gym . You can now use the cocoon that you just came out of at any time to easily warp back to Burgh’s cocoon.

When you’re ready, talk to Burgh. After a few words are exchanged the battle against the third Gym Leader begins!

Gym Leader Battle - Burgh

Gym Leader Burgh uses Bug-type Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
Swadloon 22 Bug/Grass
Dweblle 22 Bug/Rock
Leavanny 24 Bug/Grass

The most recommended Pokemon for your battle against Gym Leader Burgh are your Fire-Types and your Flying-Types .

Moves of these types are effective against both Bug and Grass-Types and as two of Burgh’s Pokemon are Bug/Grass Dual Types, any Fire or Flying moves will deal four times the damage they normal would! How awesomesauce!

It’s recommended that your party averages about Lv.17 or higher. It’s also recommended that your Fire and Flying-types are a couple to a few levels higher, but isn’t necessary. Begin the battle with one of your Fire or Flying-types and use moves of those types against Swadloon .

Persist until it’s defeated (it shouldn’t be too hard). If it reaches a point where it’s low on HP, Burgh will use a Hyper Potion on it to heal it. If this happens, simply keep attacking. If it doesn’t use it on his Swadloon, he’ll likely use it on one of his other Pokemon.

When Burgh sends out Dwebble , switch to one of your less valuable Pokemon. Obviously almost all of your types, including Fire and Flying-types, will only deal neutral damage against Burgh’s Dwebble, so it can be a hard slog to take it out.

A good choice would be to use your Magnemite as his Steel-type moves deal double damage. If you if you picked the Water-Type Oshawott as your starter you can also use it to deal double damage. Use these Pokemon first, followed by all but your valuable Fire and Flying-types until it’s eventually defeated.

Last up is Burgh’s Leavanny . Switch back to one of your Flying or Fire-Types as he switches his Pokemon in. Although it’s a couple of levels higher than the Swadloon and a deal more powerful, use the same tactics as before and you should still defeat it with relatively little trouble.

When Leavanny’s HP drops below half in this battle, it will use the Sitrus Berry that it holds to heal some of its health. This should pose minimal hindrance though. As you can see, this battle’s fairly straight forward. Abuse type match-ups, win.

Once you’ve defeated Gym Leader Burgh, he will reward you with your third badge, the Insect Badge! Fist pump to celebrate! As a secondary reward, he will also give you TM76, which happens to teach Struggle Bug . Finish speaking with him, then use the hole on the left side of the room to warp back to the beginning of the Gym.

Fist bump Clyde as you walk past him and leave the Gym. Go heal your Pokemon then get ready to head north. Head to Castelia City’s north exit. As you’re about to move up the straight past the fountain, someone will stop you. They’ll ask you a couple of questions.

Respond with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to either question, then continue on towards the exit. When you reach the exit, move through out into Route 4 !


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