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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Aspertia City

Vincent Lau

Aspertia City

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Red Basculin (B2) Water Surf/Super Rod (After Gym 5) 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Blue Basculin (W2) Water Surf/Super Rod (After Gym 5) 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Goldeen Water Super Rod (Post game only) 70%, 60% (RIppling water)
Seaking Water Super Rod (Post game only) 10% (Rippling water)

The game starts with your mother receiving a call just outside her house. After she takes the phone call, she’ll go inside and call you over. You’re now given control of your character. Walk over to her and she’ll begin speaking to you. Once the conversation is over, it’s time to leave your house.

You can ignore the building to your left, as it contains nothing of note. Instead, begin moving up the street to your left. You’ll be stopped by your rival and his little sister. After some talking, your rival’s sister will go home and your rival will tag along behind you.

Now you’re free to explore the Aspertia City, although there’s not a lot to check out at the moment. Your rival won’t let you visit the Pokémon Center, Trainers’ School or leave town. The only useful thing you really can do, is walk up the steps leading up to the lookout.

The steps to the lookout can be found on the street leading north to the right of the Pokémon Center. When you reach the lookout, Hugh will stop you and begin talking to you. Once he’s finished move over to Bianca.

Pick Your Starting Pokémon

Talk to Bianca at the end and answer “yes” to both of her questions. Once the dialogue ends, talk to her once more and you’ll be given the chance to choose one of three starter Pokémon!

Note: All starters begin on Level 5 with no held items.

Snivy (Grass-type)

Snivy Starter Pokemon


Snivy, the Grass-type, is recommended for expert players because it performs poorly against four of the eight gyms–and two of these gyms are found near the beginning. It’s also largely confined to Grass-type moves, so don’t expect much in the way of diversity.

If choosing Snivy, you’ll definitely want a gang of solid Pokemon to support it. However, when not facing foes it’s weak against, Snivy (and its evolutions) excels with its high Speed, allowing it to outspeed most opponents, and generally well-balanced stats, with a slight preference towards defence.

Tepig (Fire-type)

Tepig Starter Pokemon


Tepig, the Fire-type Pokemon, is well suited for most players. In terms of typing, it faces less trouble compared to Snivy and also gains a new type–Fighting–upon evolution to further broaden its options. Of course, an extra type means more to look out for as well.

Including its evolutions, Tepig boasts monstrously high Attack and pretty impressive HP and Special Attack. Sadly its defences and Speed are lacking, so it’s great at doing damage, but not great at receiving it. But if you’re smart with your moves, you can easily send foes flying.

Oshawott (Water-type)

Oshawott Starter Pokemon


Oshawott, the Water-type Pokemon, is recommended for beginners. Like Snivy, it doesn’t gain a new type when it evolves, so it’s not quite as versatile as Tepig. However, unlike Snivy, Oshawott is only weak to one gym (although it’s not very useful against another two).

Plus Water-type Pokemon are already quite nice and you don’t have to worry about additional weaknesses as a result of your new type. Stat-wise, Oshawott (and its evolutions) are fairly well-balanced, with good offence, but slightly lacklustre Speed. Overall, Oshawott is a very reliable bet.

Pokemon Rivalry!

Once you’ve picked your starter, you’ll be asked if you wish to give a nickname to your newly acquired Pokémon; do so if you want to. From there, Bianca will give you a Pokedex ! You can use this to record information on every Pokémon that exists when you encounter each one within the game.

After you’ve obtained your fancy new Pokémon and ‘dex, exit the lookout via the steps below. Your rival will stop you and ask Bianca for his own Pokedex and starter Pokémon, which he will be given. When you begin to move down the steps again, you’ll be stopped by your rival once more.

This time he wishes to test out his newly acquired Pokémon against yours. Cue your first Pokémon battle of this game!

Whichever Pokémon you’ve chosen as your starter, it’s best to simply use Tackle until your opponent has been defeated. More than likely your opponent will use their passive move at least once, which will let you get ahead and allow you to defeat them before they defeat you.

If you win, your Pokémon will receive enough EXP to allow it to reach Level 6 and even almost Level 7. If you lose, no sweat; at this very early stage, it’s not your fault if you lose due to the lack of options available. Besides, you can always gain more EXP later and win next time.

Once the battle is over, you’ll again begin talking to your rival. Eventually he’ll leave and Bianca will take you to the Pokémon Center. Inside, you’ll heal your Pokémon and Bianca will give you a tour, providing explanations of healing Pokémon, the PC and the Pokemart. Once she’s done, she’ll give you ten Poke Balls !

Whether youre a novice or an expert, youll find yourself constantly returning to the Pokémon Center to heal your mons and stock up on items.

She’ll then leave. Once you’re done, go back outside. You’ll once again be stopped–or ambushed rather(?)–by Bianca. Your mother and your rival’s little sister will then approach you. Your mother will give you the Running Shoes and your rival’s sister will give you the Town Map .

Soon after, Bianca will leave. You can now explore the area outside of Aspertia City! Unfortunately the Trainers’ School is blocked, so we can’t take on the first Gym Leader just yet, but we’ll be back later.

Go north up the street to the right of the Pokémon Center until you reach the gate at the end. Enter it. Once inside, move forward and you’ll be stopped by the person in charge of the gate. She’ll give you a Potion . Check out the Electronic Bulletin Board if you want, but otherwise exit the gate at the north end.


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