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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Legendary Pokemon

Vincent Lau

This is a section to centralise all of the Legendary Pokemon walkthroughs in a single place, allowing you to easily find the areas for each one. And here we are:

Musketeer Trio

  • Cobalion: see Route 13
  • Virizion: see Route 11
  • Terrakion: see Route 22

**Legendary Dragons**

  • Zekrom: see Dragonspiral Tower (Black 2 Only)
  • Reshiram: see Dragonspiral Tower (White 2 Only)
  • Kyurem: see Giant Chasm - Kyurem

**Lake Trio**

  • Mesprit: see Cave of Being (Celestial Tower)
  • Azelf: see Cave of Being (Route 23)
  • Uxie: see Cave of Being (Nacrene City)

**Regi Trio + King**

  • Regirock: see Underground Ruins
  • Registeel: see Underground Ruins (Black 2 Only, without using Unova Link)
  • Regice: see Underground Ruins (White 2 Only, without using Unova Link)
  • Regigigas: see Twist Mountain

**Gen III + IV Extras**

  • Latios: see Dreamyard (Black 2 Only)
  • Latias: see Dreamyard (White 2 Only)
  • Cresselia: see Marvelous Bridge
  • Heatran: see Reversal Mountain - Heatran

Check out the relevent sections of our guide on how to encounter them. You may need to backtrack a few sections to work out how to get there, or what you may need to collect or do so that it will appear. You get the idea. Enjoy!

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    6 October 2012
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    19 December 2020
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    Daniel Chaviers, Vincent Lau

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