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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Desert Resort

Vincent Lau

Desert Resort

Desert Resort Entrance

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Sandshrew Ground Deep Sand 10%
Sandile Ground/Dark Deep Sand 30%
Darumaka Fire Deep Sand 30%
Maractus Grass Deep Sand 10%
Dwebble Bug/Rock Deep Sand 10%
Scraggy Dark/Fighting Deep Sand 10%

After moving under the highway north of the shack of the lady that heals your Pokemon, the landscape will change rapidly, leaving you in what feels like a vast desert. This place is quite ironically known as Desert Resort . Follow the path, past the two people until you reach the gate.

Enter it and continue through to the other side. The Deep Sand before the gate contains slightly different Pokemon than within the Desert itself, so be aware of this.

Desert Resort Proper

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Sandshrew Ground Deep Sand 15%
Trapinch Ground Deep Sand Both
Sandile Ground/Dark Deep Sand 30%
Darumaka Fire Deep Sand 20%
Maractus Grass Deep Sand 10%
Dwebble Bug/Rock Deep Sand 10%
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying Deep Sand 10%
Hippowdon Ground Swarm 40%

So many trainers! The information for each is listed below.

Trainer Battle: Nurse (North of the Entrance)

Pokemon Level Type
Cleffa 22 Normal

The Black Belt to the west of the gate isn’t looking to fight, but if you go further west…

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger (West of the Black Belt)

Pokemon Level Type
Darumaka 23 Fire

To the west of the Pokemon Ranger in a valley is an item, Stardust . Grab it, then move south to find a Green Shard . Grab that to then backtrack to the trainer. then move back to the trainer. There’s also a Star Piece hidden in the deep sand north of her, so move north and use your Dowsing MCHN to find it.

Once you find it, you’ll be directed north-west by your Dowsing MCHN. Follow it and grab it to find that it’s a Blue Shard . There’s a Backpacker stumbling around in the sand here who you may wish to battle. Move into her line of sight to do so.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Sandshrew 22 Ground

To her west is another item, another Blue Shard ! Continue further west to meet yet another Backpacker, this time a male one.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Dwebble 22 Bug/Rock

First collect the Red Shard near the Backpacker, then move through the thin path south of the Backpacker leading west. You’ll come upon a female Backpacker this time.

Your reward for braving the harsh desert sands is a load of rare items, some of which you can sell for a good amount of Poke dollars.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 22 Ground

Move south and a hidden item will show up on your Dowsing MCHN. It will point south-east. Follow it to the Fire Stone and collect it. Now move west and grab the Max Ether . Backtrack to the male Backpacker.

Move north to the next male Backpacker. Don’t worry, this guy doesn’t want to battle. When you near him, your Dowsing MCHN should give a reading that there’s a hidden item to your north-east. Follow it to the top of a dune to find a Red Shard . The Backpacker circling you here is more than willing for a fight!

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Sandile 22 Ground/Dark

From the dune, the Dowsing MCHN will give a reading saying that there’s an item to the east. First though, you may want to move north-west first and battle the female Psychic near the Pokemon Ranger.

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
Munna 23 Psychic

To the north-west is a Nugget . Grab it then head back to the dune with the Backpacker on it. You should get a reading on your Dowsing MCHN again. Follow it to find a Ground Gem ! On this dune also resides the entrance to Relic Castle .

If you’re interested in exploring two of the three floors of the castle, you will want to enter it at some stage. Also on the dune is a Psychic. Let’s kick his supernatural butt!

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
Woobat 22 Psychic/Flying
Yamask 22 Ghost

Now move north past the entrance to Relic Castle. You’ll find an item, a Heart Scale . Move east and your Dowsing MCHN will pick up another hidden item on its radar. Follow it into the deep sand and grab the Super Repel once you find it.

From there, move south along the eastern edge of the area. You’ll come upon a man dressed in black with sexy shades on. Talk to him to receive Soft Sand . Continue following along the eastern edge of the map and you’ll find a Yellow Shard .

Pick it up then follow the thin path between the deep sand down to the Pokemon Ranger. Move close enough and she’ll viciously attack you! How rude!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Magby 23 Fire

Continue past her and back to the entrance to Desert Resort. It’s time to leave and head through to Route 4 and then to Nimbasa City !


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