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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Opelucid City Gym

Vincent Lau

Opelucid City Gym is a Dragon-type gym.

Gym Information

The dragon at the bottom of the Gym will act as an elevator, allowing you to control it to move up and down levels, as well as side to side. By winning a battle on a particular level, you’re allowed to move to the next level, meaning that you only have to defeat one of the two on a particular level, if there are two on that level.

This continues until you reach the top of the opposing dragon, where Drayden resides. To actually move the dragon, you must stand on its head. When you do, a number of panels with arrows on them light up. Standing on a panel that’s lit will move you in the corresponding direction. Use this to navigate the Gym.

The Gym Members are as follows:

Gym Member Battle: Veteran (Bottom Level)

Pokemon Level Type
Fraxure 46 Dragon

Gym Member Battle: Veteran (2nd Level, West Paw)

Pokemon Level Type
Fraxure 45 Dragon
Druddigon 45 Dragon

Gym Member Battle: Veteran (2nd Level, East Paw)

Pokemon Level Type
Fraxure 45 Dragon
Druddigon 45 Dragon

Gym Member Rotation Battle: Veteran (3rd Level, West Paw)

Pokemon Level Type
Druddigon 44 Dragon
Fraxure 44 Dragon
Axew 44 Dragon

Gym Member Triple Battle: Veteran (3rd Level East Paw)

Pokemon Level Type
Druddigon 44 Dragon
Fraxure 44 Dragon
Axew 44 Dragon

Gym Leader Battle - Drayden (Fourth Level)

Gym Leader Drayden uses strong Dragon Pokémon so come prepared!

Pokemon Level Type
Druddigon 46 Dragon
Flygon 46 Ground/Dragon
Haxorus 48 Dragon

Okay, so most types are okay here! Although watch out as a lot of the other types don’t do very well. Only Ice- and Steel-types actually receive some form of advantage against Dragon-types (although they need to watch out for Fighting-, Rock- and Ground-type moves).

While your own Dragon-types are super-effective, they also take super-effective damage themselves, so should be avoided. Unless you’re confident or don’t mind them fainting. Unfortunately, this battle is a major pain in the ass, especially against Flygon where it can be difficult to find a good type to use against it.

All three of Drayden’s Pokemon have Dragon Tail a move that strikes last but will switch your current Pokemon with a random one from your party. They don’t tend to use it too often, but it can be a real pain when they do, especially if you’re forced to send a Pokemon susceptible to Flygon’s Rock or Ground-type moves.

First up is Druddigon , easily the easiest of Drayden’s three Pokemon, but still not a push over. It’s best to use a type neutral to Dragon-types, unless you think your Ice- or Steel-type can hack the damage from the Fighting-type move Revenge .

You really just need to outperform this Pokemon with brute strength. Druddigon would also be the best Pokemon to force Drayden to use his Hyper Potion on so try and get its health low enough with out defeating it so that he’ll use the item. Continue until the Druddigon’s out.

Okay, so Flygon ‘s next. This thing’s extremely annoying. The combination of Earth Power and Rock Slide rules out a large number of types that you could have otherwise used. Ice-types do four times damage, but Flygon is fast so you likely won’t suvive to use your move.

Grass-types are your best bet here, by far. If necessary, use your weaker Pokemon as fodder to Revive and heal your stronger Pokemon for Flygon. You really just need to keep at it and use status ailments and Battle Items extremely well! If you can’t handle Flygon, you might want to return later after you’re a little stronger.

Last up we have Haxorus , which isn’t quite as hard as Flygon, but can do a lot of damage if you don’t defeat it quickly. If you allow it to use Dragon Dance a few times, it will become much more powerful very quickly, so you need to take it out before this happens.

Luckily, using Ice- and Steel-type moves here have absolutely no drawbacks, so make good use of that! Haxorus has a Sitrus Berry , so it’ll automatically heal itself when its HP is low. Again, this is a mindless battle of power, but feel free to try to put it to sleep to stop it using Dragon Dance or something similar.

Continue until the last of Drayden’s Pokemon are defeated. As always, Hyper Potions and Revives will be the way to go if you find yourself in trouble.

As you may have experienced in the previous battle, Dragon Tail is useful for switching the opponents Pokemon to a different one. It can also be used to end wild battles.

After winning you’ll be presented with the Legend Badge. All traded Pokemon up to the level of 80 will now obey you and you’ll be given TM82 - Dragon Tail . Drayden will then say a few last words and will allow you to leave.

Once you head back outside Drayden will appear at the door and stop you (Gym Leaders should really learn to say everything before you leave, sheesh). He’ll say something and head south.


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