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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 23

Vincent Lau

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Golduck Water Any Grass 10%
Gligar Ground/Flying Any Grass 10%
Sawk (B2) Fighting Any Grass/Shaking Grass 25%, 5% (Shaking)
Throh (W2) Fighting Any Grass/Shaking Grass 25%, 5% (Shaking)
Amoongus Grass/Poison Any Grass 10%
Mienfoo Fighting Grass 15%
Bouffalant Normal Any Grass 25%
Vullaby (B2) Dark/Flying Any Grass 5%
Rufflet (W2) Normal/Flying Any Grass 5%
Mienshao Fighting Dark Grass 15%
Gliscor Ground/Flying Shaking Grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 80%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking Grass 10%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Buizel Water Surf 30%, 60% (Rippling)
Red Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling, Fishing)
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling, Fishing)
Floatzel Water Surf 10% (Rippling)
Poliwag Water Super Rod 70%
Poliwhirl Water Super Rod 65% (Rippling)
Poliwrath Water/Fighting Super Rod 5% (Rippling)

Last Route before the Pokemon League! Whoa! Move up the stairs to your north and enter the shack. The woman inside will heal your Pokemon when you talk to her. Feel free to come back to here anytime during this Route to have your Pokemon healed.

Head back outside, then west to the bridge. When you reach it, head south along the stream. You’ll reach a small tree that can be Cut down to get to a Heart Scale . Alternatively, you can Surf around to it and grab it. Use one of these methods to retrieve it, then head back to the bridge.

Head over the bridge and follow the stream north. You’ll be stopped by a Battle Girl who’ll challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Throh 53 Fighting

Move around the Battle Girl and continue north, following the stream along. Keep going until you reach the Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle : Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Emolga 53 Electric/Flying
Jellicent 53 Water/Ghost

Once he’s defeated, head east through the small gap between the cliff face and a rock, then head north. Continue to follow the stream along. You’ll reach a Hiker, who you can battle.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Piloswine 51 Ice/Ground
Probopass 51 Rock/Steel

Once the battle’s over, continue east under the bridge, over to the stairs. Continue east past the stairs over to the stream. You’ll see a shack on the other side of it. Surf across and enter the shack. Talk to the man inside and he’ll give you TM35 - Flamethrower . Exit and Surf back to the stairs.

Flamethrower is one of the best Fire-type moves. It does a lot of damage, has good accuracy and may also inflict Burn.

Head up them to the Ace Trainer above. If you head up the left side of the stairs, you won’t be challenged by the trainer at the top. If you wish to, you can head straight to Victory Road now. Head west from the top of the steps along the dirt path. Continue under the bridge and you’ll reach some stairs leading north.

Move around the Pokemon Ranger to avoide the battle and head up them. If you do, you’ll be in Victory Road! Feel free to skip ahead to that section. If you want to explore the rest of Route 23 though, read on! First, let’s battle the Ace Trainer at the top of the steps.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Swanna 53 Water/Flying
Galvantula 51 Bug/Electric

Head over the bridge east of the Ace Trainer and turn on your Dowsing MCHN. Use it to find the Rare Candy in the south-west corner of the area on the other side. Head back to the Ace Trainer. Head over the bridge just west and south of the trainer. The ‘item’ in the Tall Grass here is actually an Amoonguss .

Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Level Type
Amoonguss 52 Grass/Poison

Now let’s head over the next bridge leading south. Move over to the big, totally inconspicuous leaf and a Pokemon Ranger will jump out and valiantly challenge you to a battle of Pokemon.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Stunfisk 52 Ground/Electric
Amoonguss 52 Grass/Poison

Grab the TM05 behind the Ranger, which contains Roar . Now head back over the bridge and battle the Black Belt to your east.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Sawk 53 Fighting

Continue along the path (head through the Tall Grass around the Black Belt if he’s blocked you from moving through normally) and continue along the path south. When you reach the bridge taking you east, stop and turn on your Dowsing MCHN. Use it to check the rock south-east of the bridge to find a Star Piece .

Now continue south to the end of the path. You’ll find some Iron at the end. Now head back to the bridge and head over it. Once you’re over the bridge, head south through the Tall Grass. When you reach the small tree, use Cut on it and head through the gap.

Head back north and grab the item near the ledge, which happens to be another Star Piece . Drop down the ledge and head back over the bridge. If you don’t have Cut, you can take the long way to the very southern end of the path and then move north up the western path to the Star Piece.

Once you’re back over the bridge, head north, past the Black Belt. Head over the bridge past him taking you back north. Now let’s head north along the dirt path. You’ll reach a Pokemon Ranger near some stairs. Interact with her if you wish to partake in a battle.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Floatzel 53 Water
Lucario 53 Fighting/Steel

Eh, the Elite Four can wait. Lets take a quick detour and grab some extra items. Ooh, a Full Heal!

Continue west past the Ranger until you reach the small tree. Cut it and move through the first patch of Tall Grass. From there, head south-west over to the stairs. Move up them and grab the Full Heal . Move back down the steps and use Strength on the boulder at the foot of them and push it south into the hole.

Go back north-east over to where the small tree is. Now move west into the gap in the trees. When the gap splits in two, take the bottom of the two paths. Follow it along until you come upon a Hiker who’s looking for someone to battle.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Boldore 53 Rock
Aggron 53 Steel/Rock

Cut the tree near him. Move south through the gap you just created. To your south-west is another boulder which can be pushed. Push it south two tiles, then head west along the thin path. You’ll eventually reach an Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Scolipede 54 Bug/Poison
Arcanine 54 Fire

Move back to where the Hiker is. There’s an Amoonguss in the patch of Tall Grass to your west, which you can battle if you wish to. Once you’re done, continue following the path west, which will double back on itself and head east before turning north.

At the end is a Black Belt. Move up behind him and talk to him to begin the battle.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Gurdurr 53 Fighting
Scrafty 53 Dark/Fighting

Move all the way back to the Hiker and continue back east over to the small tree. Use Cut on it and move through the gap. Follow the path taking you east until you reach the end. When you do, turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the Ultra Ball .

Head back west and when the two paths split, take the northern of the two. Head west and an Ace Trainer will stop and challenge you/

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Magmar 54 Fire
Mamoswine 54 Ice/Ground

Head back around and take the southern of the two split paths. Now head west all the way past the Ace Trainer to the Black Belt. Just before the Black Belt is a hidden little path, just north of the path of Tall Grass. Move up into it then head west up the stairs.

Move over until you reach the stairs leading back down and find the HP Up at the end. Now backtrack to the main path and continue onto the Black Belt. Continue until you reach the small tree. When you do, use Cut on it, move through the gap and head south through the Tall Grass.

Continue all the way through it to the other side and grab the Calcium at the end of the path here. Move north back through the Tall Grass until you see the ledge to your east. Move through the gap and jump over the ledge. Move east and head down the steps to the pond below.

Use Surf and head across it to the eastern side. Now head east, not taking the stairs. You’ll see a boulder than can be pushed into a hole. Do so, then head up the stairs past them. There’s a boulder to your west which you should push one tile west.

Yikes, so many boulders to push! Just push them systematically (while following our guide) and you should be fine.

Now head back down the steps that you just came up and head back to the water. Move up the stairs near the water and jump over the ledge at the top. Now push the boulder two tiles north. Move around back to the water and Surf back to the north-western shore.

Move back up the steps and head east and push the boulder one tile east. Now push it one tile north, into the hole. There’s a boulder just east of the boulder that you pushed into the hole. If you pushed it a little way south before, you’ll be able to push it east now. Push it east into the hole there.

There’s another boulder to the south-east of the hole that you just pushed the last one into. Push this one one tile east. Now, assuming you pushed the boulder to its north into the hole before, move around and over it so that you can push the boulder south.

Push it south all the way into the hole, then move over it and push the final boulder east. That’s that puzzle done! First, let’s head back west. When you’re near the steps, turn your Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the Yellow Shard hidden in the rock near the edge of a small cliff.

Head back to where you pushed the last boulder into the hole. Head over it and up the stairs. You’ll find a Battle Girl running around some trees here. Challenge her to a duel!

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Gurdurr 53 Fighting
Mienshao 53 Fighting

Once she’s defeated, you’ll have defeated every trainer in Route 23! There’s not much left to do now. First grab the item sitting to the left of the rock to the Battle Girl’s east. It’s obscured by a tree and will turn out to be a Max Potion . Now, continue east until you reach the bridge and head north over it.

On the other side is an item hidden between the Tall Grass. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find it. It turns out to be a PP Up ! Now head west over the next bridge. Head through the Dark Grass on the other side to find TM12 - Taunt . Now head back over both bridge, back past the Battle Girl and down the stairs.

Move through the Tall Grass just left of the stairs, leading north. The item near the start of the patch of Tall Grass is actually another Amoonguss . Continue through the patch. Towards the end you’ll see another item (which is actually an item) sitting snugly in the Tall Grass.

Move over and grab it. You’ll find that it’s a Green Shard . Now head east and jump over the ledge. You’re back relatively close to the entrance to Victory Road. Move back east and you’ll see the female Pokemon Ranger near the stairs. Head up the stairs to enter the final area before the Pokemon League.


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