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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Driftveil City Gym

Vincent Lau

Driftveil City Gym

Gym Information

Hugh will be chilling out the front of the Gym. Talk to him if you want, then head inside. Talk to the receptionist if you want, then move onto the industrial elevator and use its control panel to move it down a floor. Once the elevator stops, move north up the steps and talk to Clyde.

He’ll give you your customary Fresh Water , as well as some tips. Once you’re down, move down the steps to your west and head north. Continue until you reach the first conveyer belt. From here on the Gym is an utter maze.

Move onto the conveyer belt and you’ll transported to a platform to your north. A Worker looking for a PokeBrawl is here.

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Baltoy 31 Groun/Psychic

Move over the conveyer belt to your east. From there, take the conveyer belt south. If you use the yellow control panel here, you’ll be able to see eight of the platforms to your west, east and north. Check if you want, then take the next conveyer belt east. Ooh another Worker!

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 29 Ground
Baltoy 29 Ground/Psychic
Sandile 29 Ground/Dark

From here things begin to get a little confusing as you now suddenly have more than one option. The direct route, which doesn’t include any of the last five Gym Members is as follows:

From here, take the extended pink conveyer belt north. Move to normal conveyer belts north, one east, then take an extended one south. Take a normal one east, then finally take the last extended belt north and you’re at Clay! If you want to take this route, do so then skip ahead to Clay’s battle information.

If you instead want to challenge all of the other trainers here first, here’s the quickest way to do so. From the conveyer belt with Worker Takuo on it, head one platform east, one north, then one west. It’s a trainer!

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Baltoy 30 Ground/Psychic
Sandile 30 Ground/Dark

Head three platforms east, then three platforms north.

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 30 Ground
Sandile 30 Ground/Dark

Move one platform south, three west and two north.

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 31 Ground

Move one platform south, two west and two south.

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 30 Ground
Baltoy 30 Ground/Psychic

For the last Gym Member, move north three platforms and east four platforms (including one extended one). You’ll reach the seventh trainer.

Gym Member Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Sandile 31 Ground/Dark

Now it’s onto Clay! Head west two platforms, south two, east one and finally north one. You should now be on an orange platform with Clay. Walk up and talk to him to initiate the Gym Leader battle! Don’t forget to heal first if you need to!

Gym Leader Battle - Clay

Clay uses Ground-type Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
Krokorok 31 Ground/Dark
Sandslash 31 Ground
Excadrill 33 Ground/Steel

Yay, an easy type to deal with! You should have a variety of nice types to use: Water, Grass, Flying or Bug in order from best to worst, as well as Fighting and Ground solely to combat Excadrill’s Steel-type (Fighting is also helpful for Krokorok’s Dark-type).

Obviously, stay away from using Electric-types, and it’s recommended that you don’t use Poison or Rock types either. Most other types are fair game though!

Krokorok is Clay’s opener, but isn’t his strongest Pokemon. We recommend using one of your stronger Pokemon, but keeping your strongest for a later time. Using any of the recommended types here works pretty well, but we definitely recommend keeping a Water-type aside to use against Excadrill.

It’s honestly a pretty simple fight; just use your strongest moves to cause the Krokorok to faint. Once Clay’s first Pokemon is gone, he will opt to choose either Sandslash or Excadrill as his next one. Depending on which he chooses will determine how the rest of the match plays out.

If he chooses Excadrill before Sandslash you should switch out a Water-type. Water-type moves are effective against Ground-types and aren’t resisted by Steel-types, so you’re going to do a good amount of damage using these moves.

You really just need to pummel him with this Pokemon as it can be hard to land any real damage on him with a lot of other types. If you do lose your Water-type, switch your strongest Pokemon out and finish him off. Don’t use a Flying-type here though as its Rock Slide will rip you apart.

Once the Sandslash comes out it’s really just about going all out in a short period of time. Be on the lookout for its Rollout especially as this move is painful in its later stages. Abuse type match-ups to finish it off and you’ll have won!

If Clay actually chooses Sandslash first, it’s basically using the same strategies against both the Sandslash and Excadrill when you defeat him, but compensating and holding back enough of your strongest Pokemon to be able to fully defeat the Excadrill.

Make sure the Sandslash is defeated as soon as possible, but keep a Water-type aside, then go nuts against the Excadrill. Using Revives and healing your Water-type is the way to go here if you need that extra edge against Excadrill to get you through.

Putting him to sleep or hitting him with another status ailment might also be a nice idea too. The other two you shouldn’t really have all that much trouble with, as long as you’re using the recommended types.

Once Clay’s been defeated he’ll give you the Quake Badge! You’ll place it in your case with the rest of them. Now Pokemon up to Level 60 that you’ve received in a trade that weren’t originally yours will obey you! Clay will also hand you TM78 - Bulldoze .

Finish talking with Clay and he’ll take you back to the entrance of the Gym. Move south and exit. Outside, Clay and Hugh are talking. They’ll notice you and Hugh will come over. After lengthy dialogue, Clay will leave, quickly followed by Hugh. Head over to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon before going on.

The only thing that’s opened up is the Pokemon World Tournament , how sad! Run through that south gate leading out of Driftveil City, now!


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