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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Virbank City

Vincent Lau

Virbank City

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Frillish Water/Ghost Surf 50%
Jellicent Water/Ghost Surf (Rippling Water) 2.5%
Alomomola Water Surf (Rippling Water) 95%
Krabby Water Super Rod 30/5
Qwilfish Water/Poison Super Rod 5%
Finneon Water Super Rod 65%
Kingler Water Super Rod (Rippling Water) 10%
Lumineon Water Super Rod (Rippling Water) 30%

As soon as you enter, you’ll receive a call from your mother. Once the call’s over head right, over to where Roxie, Virbank’s white-haired Gym Leader, is standing. She will exchange words with the captain of a ship before they both leave in opposite directions.

When you’re back in control, enter the Pokemon Center just ahead. Heal and restock if you need, then leave. It’s time to explore Virbank! First go right, past the blocked path leading north, to the first house you come upon. Enter and collect the Poke Toy inside.

Exit and head left, back to the Pokemon Center. From the Center, take the path south. At the intersection go left and enter the house there. Talk to the woman in the top-left corner of the house to receive a Burn Heal . Outside, you’ll find a trashcan along the left side of the house - inspect it for a hidden Antidote .

Every now, the friendly NPC characters will give you useful adventure hints, so dont go out of your way to avoid them!

Return to the intersection and this time take the right path. You’ll notice the gym (it has a purple neon sign and looks extremely small). In front of the gym stands a bald man who will give you five Poke Balls if you talk to him. From there, continue east until you reach the path leading north. Take this path north.

Just after you move past the blue-roofed building to your left, you should be able to see some obscured stairs directly behind it. Move down these stairs to the water. Head west as far as you can, then head south. At the very end of this path is a hidden Pearl . Try to interact with the final tile to grab it.

Head back up to the street above. That’s all of the free items this city has to offer! If you wish to, you can immediately enter the Virbank City Gym and challenge Roxie, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be strong enough just yet.

For now it may be a good idea to explore the Virbank Complex to your south. It’s a great place to train and even contains a few cool Pokemon!


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