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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Team Plasma's Gone Too Far

Vincent Lau

After what was likely a difficult Gym battle, head back to Opelucid City’s Pokemon Center and heal yourself. Once your Pokemon look healthy again, head back outside. You’ll see Drayden on the path to your left heading north. Go and talk to him and he’ll go to his house. Follow him and he’ll head inside.

Inside, talk with Drayden. Next thing you know, the ground will shake slightly for a while. Wondering what’s happened, the two of you will head outside. The Team Plasma frigate is flying over the city. A cannon will appear from it and start firing out projectiles that will freeze the city. Soon the entire city will be frozen solid.

Drayden will release one of his Pokemon, but its attacks don’t even scratch the ice… Zinzolin, along with two Team Plasma Grunts will appear, speak with the two of you and leave again. Drayden will chase after them and you should too! Head south and you’ll notice that there’s ice over the path.

Brrr… Where theres ice, you wont be able to stop sliding until you crash into something.

You can slide along the ice. Whenever you do, you slide as far as you can in the direction you moved before you hit an obstacle and stop. You’ll then be able to slide in a different direction. Slide south off the ice onto the ground near the Pokemon Center.

There’s a few Team Plasma Grunts that you can battle, but the two in front of the Pokemon Center and the one to the south-east near the Vending Machines aren’t any of them. The one to the north-east is one of them though! Move over to him and challenge him.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Watchog 44 Normal
Muk 44 Poison

From there, slide across the ice north. You should land on a small patch of non-icy ground. Slide north again to the next patch then move up to the north tip of the patch and slide west. You’ll slide onto some non-icy ground with a female Team Plasma Grunt on it. Talk to her to break into battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 44 Flying/Poison
Garbodor 44 Poison

Now slide west until you’re in front of the Gym. Move through the gap between the ice crystal and the building on the east side of the path leading south and slide south. You’ll slide past the last Grunt. Move onto the west side of the non-icy patch you’re on at the moment and slide north onto the non-icy patch with the final Grunt on it.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Seviper 44 Poison
Weezing 44 Poison

Once all three Grunts have been taken down, head north back to the Opelucid City Gym. As a warning, you might want to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon first. When you reach the Gym you’ll notice Zinzolin standing in front of it. Talk to him and the battle will begin.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Zinzolin

Pokemon Level Type
Cryogonal 46 Ice
Cryogonal 46 Ice
Weavile 48 Dark/Ice

After Zinzolin’s defeated, he’ll speak a few words then disappear. Drayden will appear at the entrance to his Gym and speak with you. He’ll then head inside, promptly reappearing, excited. He’ll hand you a valuable key item. A member of the Shadow Triad, a sub-faction of Team Plasma, will then appear.

The three of you will speak before two more Shadow Triad members appear, then all three will disappear with the key item Drayden just gave you! Alarmed, Drayden will once again run off. Follow after him. He’ll have stopped partway back to the Pokemon Center, confused as to where they went.

Continue back to the Pokemon Center, heal your Pokemon then head east towards the gate back to Route 11 . Just before the gate a member of the Shadow Triad is waiting. Move up to him and begin the battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Pokemon Level Type
Pawniard 46 Dark/Steel
Absol 46 Dark
Pawniard 48 Dark/Steel

Drayden will catch up once the battle ends, but the Shadow Triad member will teleport away just as he does. You’ll receive a call and talk with Hugh and Cheren. Soon afterwards, Cheren will appear in person and rush over. You’ll talk and Cheren will run off again.

After talking with Drayden a little longer, you’ll be free to go. Fly back to Undella Town. Heal your Pokemon here, then head west over to the Marine Tube entrance. Just before you reach it, you’ll receive a call from Hugh. Speak with him then enter the Tube.


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