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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Plasma Frigate (White 2)

Vincent Lau

After teleporting, you’ll be immediately stopped by another Grunt, but he’ll just talk to you and won’t challenge you to a battle. Let’s head south-west and take the Grunt there on.

Another thing: once youve stepped on a switch on a pipe, it will remain depressed until you press another switch. So if switch A is depressed, pressing switch B will make switch A pop out again.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Skorupi 45 Poison/Bug
Foongus 45 Grass/Poison
Golbat 45 Poison/Flying

From the Grunt continue south and step onto the walkway below. You’ll step on a button and the walkways will move. Now head west, then north. Grab the Zinc there, then head south all the way to the platform on the other side. Head east along this platform. Take on the Grunt here.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Deino 45 Dark/Dragon
Deino 45 Dark/Dragon
Sneasel 45 Dark/Ice

Move over and talk to the Doctor to take him on.

Trainer Battle: Doctor

Pokemon Level Type
Leavanny 49 Bug/Grass

After defeating the Doctor, he’ll heal your Pokemon . Awesome! Come back any time for healing! From here, head east along the platform to where the other Grunt is.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Scolipede 47 Bug/Poison

Grab the Max Revive and the Max Elixir to her south-west. Move north and head down the stairs to the lower level. You should notice some glowing yellow square tiles on the floor–these are teleportation pads. Ignore the first one you encounter and head north instead.

You’ll find another teleportation pad and a female Grunt standing to its north-west. Hop into the pad and you’ll emerge next to a button. May as well step on it. There are three more buttons like this and once you’ve pressed all the buttons, the way north will become clear.

Step onto the pad to return to where you were before. If you want, you can battle the Grunt standing near the teleportation pad you used.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Trubbish 46 Poison
Zangoose 46 Normal

This action might seem a bit useless right now, but it creates a nice little shortcut later on.

Once she’s beat, go backwards up the stairs to the higher level. As you reach the top of the stairs, immediately head north onto the walkway and step on the button ahead. This will shift the walkway and you’ll only be able to go west. Go west, then south back to the platform.

You might think you just wasted your time by going in a circle, but this will be save you time later on! This is because only one button can remain pressed. So after pressing the last button, the button near the top-left corner that you pressed before that will become unpressed.

Anyway, enough about the future, let’s return to the present. Make your way back to the Grunt and Doctor pair in the south-west corner. From here, go down the stairs ahead to the lower level. Like before ignore the first teleportation pad you encounter and jump into the second one.

On the other side, there’s another button for you to press. That makes two! When you return, you can entertain the Grunt watching guard over the pad. Or maybe he surprised you before you managed to reach the pad. Either way, brawl time!

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Grimer 46 Poison
Seviper 46 Poison

Okay, those were harsh words. Anyway… If you look to your left, there should be a gap in the walkway. Sneakily move left and nab the Power Belt on the floor. Then head south and throw yourself into the teleportation pad. You’ll materialise in the top-left corner of the lower level.

Head left from here to find another teleportation pad and a Grunt scouting the area. Hop into this new teleportation pad to find the third button. Just one more to go! Once it’s pressed, hop back into the pad to return to where you were. You may wish to challenge the Grunt too.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Scrafty 47 Dark/Fighting

There are a few ways to advance from here. The easiest is to head up the stairs leading south to the west of the Grunt you just owned. Then head east and step on the button, which will move the walkways. However you’ll only be able to press this button if you pressed a different button prior.

If you followed our guide to a tee, this should be possible. But if not, feel free to backtrack using the teleportation pads. Assuming you pressed the button, you can now return north to where you started. Go in a clockwise direction past the initial Grunt you fought and the Grunt that gave you an earache.

After turning a corner, you’ll bump into another Grunt patrolling. Let’s leave no stone unturned!

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Krookodile 47 Ground/Dark

Once you’ve ground him to dust, continue south from his position and step onto the walkway below. You’ll step on another button, which shifts the walkway somewhat. Now you can head to your east, where there are stairs leading to the lower floor. Oh and another Grunt intent on getting in your way.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Koffing 46 Poison
Amoonguss 46 Grass/Poison

With the barrier out of commission, you can return to the start of this area and head north from where the barrier used to be.

Now that it’s safe, leap into the teleportation pad next to the Grunt. Unsurprisingly, you’ll be right next to the fourth and final button. After this has been pressed, the barrier leading north will vanish and you’ll be free to pass. Neato! Of course, you need to find your way back first…

Head into the pad to return where you were. If you step back onto the walkway above, you can navigate your way west and south and return to the Doctor to heal your battle-weary Pokemon. To return north, first press the button north of the south-east or south-west corner to shift the walkways.

Then head for the centre of the southern platform and, from there, make your way north and east back towards the north-east corner. Having pressed the other buttons, you can now press the button in this corner and the walkway will change to allow you to move north. Ace!


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