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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Pokemon League

Vincent Lau

At last your hard work has paid off. Welcome to the Pokémon League!

Soak in the glory! Enter the large building to your north-west. Inside is another makeshift Pokemon Center . Heal your Pokemon and most definitely stock up on those items! To make the Elite Four a little easier, you can use items in between each battle.

We recommend using Revives and Hyper Potions on all of your hurt or fainted Pokemon after each battle with a member of the Elite Four. You may also want to use some items in-battle. Use Hyper Potions for damaged Pokemon without a status ailment and Revives for fainted Pokemon.

Meanwhile Full Heals are ideal for when your Pokemon suffers an ailment, especially one that cripples them. And when the going gets tough, break out the Full Restores for Pokemon with status ailments and some substantial damage.

Once you’re ready to, head outside and move over to the Veteran standing in front of the stairs to the Elite Four themselves. Head up to him and answer ‘Yes’ to his question to have him allow you to pass. Head on through!

Elite Four

So here we are. The Elite Four, quite obviously, consists of four elite, very powerful trainers. These four trainers can be defeated in any order that tickles your fancy and you’re able to prepare between battles for the next battle. After the Elite Four are defeated, there will be one last battle, against the Champion .

This will be the culmination of the entire main game and once this battle has been won, you’ll be progressing into post-game stuff! How cool!

Anyway, once you’ve gone up the steps into the Elite Four area, you’ll find four sets of stairs, each leading into a different building. Within each building is a member of the Elite Four. They will be listed from left to right within this walkthrough, but feel more than free to challenge them in whatever order you prefer.

Okay, so here goes!

Elite Four Shauntal

Shauntal is a Ghost-type trainer.

Pokemon Level Type
Cofagrigus 56 Ghost
Drifblim 56 Ghost/Flying
Golurk 56 Ground/Ghost
Chandelure 58 Ghost/Fire

In general, you should have at least one Dark-type for this battle. Definitely no Psychic-, Fighting- or Grass-types. Normal-types will be good if they have strong moves of a good type against Ghost-types, but otherwise are useless as they can’t actually hit them. Golurk will make short work of them too.

Surprisingly you should steer away from Water-types, unless you think you can outpower Shauntal’s Pokemon, as all but Golurk have moves that are effective against Water-types. Against Golurk they work very well however.

Steel-types may seem nice at first, but all but Drifblim have moves that are effective against that type. Most other types are pretty neutral, so feel free to use them here too.

First up we have Cofagrigus . You really only need to watch out for its Shadow Ball, which benefits from STAB, but other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward battle. As long as you use a Pokemon that’s either neutral or strong against it which is at a decent level, you should do fine. There’s not a lot else to say.

When Drifblim decides to join the party, you should greet him with a Dark- or Electric-type. If you choose the Dark-type, its Psychic won’t work on you and Shadow Ball, one of its stronger attacks, will be much less effective.

If you go for an Electric-type, your Electric-type moves will be Super Effective and its Acrobatics and Thunderbolt moves will be less effective. Either is a nice idea, but moreso Electric- because you’ll find more use for Dark-Types later on.

For Drifblim, you should be looking out for Shadow Ball especially, being its most powerful move. Acrobatics can do a scary amount of damage too, but if you’re using a type that Flying-types are weak against, you should have no real problem. Just make use of type match-ups and take it out as soon as you can.

When Golurk gets sent out, we’d recommend putting a Water-type out, or possibly even a Flying-type. Dark-types will work nicely too, but they’d be better saved for another Pokemon. You want to nail Golurk before he uses Heavy Slam, which does more damage the heavier the user is in comparison to the target.

Because Golurk is insanely heavy, he will do some serious damage to all but very heavy targets. Earthquake is the other move to watch out for. With a base damage of 150 when STAB is taken into account, this can pack some serious punch.

For this reason, a Flying-type would work wonders, simply because Earthquake would have no effect. Because this Pokemon can deal seem serious damage, you want him out as quick as possible.

You should be up against Chandelure last. This Pokemon can be a pain in the ass. If you haven’t used your Dark-type yet, you should definitely use it here. Other than that, you might want to even look at using a Fire-Type with strong moves of types that are strong or neutral towards Ghost/Fire-types.

If you do that, you’ll make it difficult for Chandelure to do much damage except with Shadow Ball, which will more than likely do large damage anyway. Other than that, just use neutral types and hope that you can overpower it.

Chandelure’s Fire Blast does crazy damage (ie. 180 base damage including STAB), so seriously watch out for it. Shadow Ball will do some good damage too, unless you’re using a Dark-type. Overall, it only has damage-based moves, so it’s once more just a matter of getting your insane on and going all out.

Enjoy taking it on! Just use moves that are strong against the Ghost/Fire-type and continue until its done. If you can’t hack Chandelure’s Fire Blast, you can take advantage of its low PP and simply Revive a Pokemon, then let the Pokemon that’s currently out faint from Chendelure’s Fire Blast.

Next, you can field the recently revived Pokemon and use your turn to Revive the Pokemon that just fainted and then allow your new current Pokemon to faint once more from Fire Blast. Switch between the two until all five Fire Blasts have been used.

Then take him on with a Dark- or Normal-type (with moves strong against Ghost/Fire-types). Make sure to use Pokemon that Fire-type moves are strong against to coax Chandelure into using the move. You’ll have used more resources, but you’ll be able to take him down with greater ease once Fire Blast is out.

Once all four of Shauntal’s Pokemon have been taken out, you’ll be able to proceed onto the next Elite Four, or the Champion if you’ve defeated all of the other Elite Four members. Leave the room by entering the teleportation pad near Shauntal. Don’t forget to Revive and heal your Pokemon between fights!

Elite Four Grimsley

Grimsley is a Dark-type trainer.

Pokemon Level Type
Liepard 56 Dark
Scrafty 56 Dark/Fighting
Krookodile 56 Ground/Dark
Bisharp 58 Dark/Steel

For this battle Fighting-types are your friend! With them, you’ll do wonderfully. Other decent types include Dark-types (with strong moves of types that are neutral or strong towards Dark-types); Steel-types also work well against Liepard and Bisharp but not against the other Pokemon.

Absolutely no Psychic-types. No Ghost-types either. Although Bug-types are good against Dark-types, Rock- and Flying-type moves, which all of Grimsley’s Pokemon have at least one of, are strong against them. Having a non-Bug-type using Bug-type moves will work well though.

Finally, Water-types are actually quite useful here. Your opponent doesn’t have any moves that are effective towards them and they don’t suffer penalties when against Steel-types like most types do. Most other types are fairly neutral towards Grimsley’s Pokemon. Onwards to specific Pokemon information!

Firstly, Liepard . Honestly, it’s dodgy as, like all Liepards are. Look out for Attract. You might want to use female Pokemon to combat this, or switch your Pokemon out if it becomes infatuated. Its actual damage-based moves are all pretty weak, so you shouldn’t need to worry about them.

Just finish it off at your leisure. At some point, Grimsley will be using a Full Restore . It’s better to force him to use it early on. Liepard is an outstanding choice to use for this job, as it’s terrible, so he’ll be wasting it.

Next up on the stage is Scrafty . You don’t want to use Flying-, Normal- or Steel- types here. Consider a Fighting-type, as Rock Tomb and Crunch won’t do much damage against it. Water-types’ neutrality will work nicely here if you need another Pokemon to use.

Other than that, most types should do alright. Scrafty’s scariest move is Brick Break, being able to dish out a lot of damage. Besides Rock Tomb, the other moves aren’t really anything to be afraid of. If you can take this one out quickly, you shouldn’t have a whole lot of trouble.

Krookodile ’s weak against Water-types, so using one is a wonderful decision for this guy. Fighting-types work wonders too. Nothing else is really worth considering, but a lot of types are neutral, so you can use one of those if you must.

Although it might seem like a nice idea to use a Flying-type here, don’t because Krookodile’s Rock Tomb will quickly and easily take it out. Truthfully, it’s once again not all that hard and with good match-ups, you should do pretty well.

Fire-types all the way for Bisharp ! Fighting-types aren’t as good here as Bisharp’s Aerial Ace will deal a lot of damage, but if you can get even one Fighting-type move in, you may very well defeat it, considering that moves of that type are good against both of Bisharp’s.

We’d recommend a Ground-type too. They’re good against Steel- and decent against Dark-. With Bisharp having no moves that are strong against Ground-types, it’s a nice idea. The only other ones to really consider are Water-types and Steel-types.

Using Steel-types is going to make for a freaking slow battle though. All other types are weak against Steel-, so you’re going to be in for a tough fight if you use one of them. Luckily Bisharp’s not all that quick, so with a decently fast Pokemon at a decent level, you should be able to get in first.

As long as you have a good match-up, you should find Bisharp pretty easy (yes, Grimsley’s entire party is pretty pants). None of his attacks are actually freakishly strong, so it’s not really that hard. Honestly, if you struggle against Grimsley, you’re probably not going to be able to beat the others.

Once he’s defeated, enter the nearby Teleportation Pad, then head to the next Elite Four member, or the Champion if you’ve defeated all of the Elite Four members!

Elite Four Caitlin

Caitlin is a Psychic-type trainer.

Pokemon Level Type
Musharna 56 Psychic
Sigilyph 56 Psychic/Flying
Reuniclus 56 Psychic
Gothitelle 58 Psychic

Dark-types are your friend here. Bug-, Ghost- and Steel-types are nice too, along with Psychic-types that have strong non-Psychic-type moves that are decent against Psychic-types. Other than that, stay away from Fighting- and Poison-types and you should be alright. Flying-types aren’t great except for Reuniclus.

For Musharna , you want to be using a Ghost-, Bug- or of course Dark-type (although it’d be better to save that for later). Steel- will do quite well too, as would Psychic- if it has strong moves of a type that’s neutral or good against Psychic-types

Definitely no Fighting-, Poison-, Flying- or Water-types here. The main thing to watch out for is Musharna’s Yawn . If it uses it, either switch your Pokemon out before they fall asleep or make sure it’s defeated before then. If your Pokemon falls asleep, switch them out or wake them immediately.

Otherwise Musharna’s Dream Eater is going to have a field day. Besides this combo, Reflect can be a pain for trying to hurt it, but that’s the only thing to worry about really. If you can finish it off before your Pokemon passes out, you’re fine. Unfortunately it’s fairly sturdy, so you must be patient to outlast it.

Once you’re put up against Sigilyph , you should have an Electric-, Ice-, Rock- or Steel-type Pokemon. Dark-types work wonderfully too, but they’re better spent later on. Don’t use Bug-, Flying-, Grass-, Psychic-, Ghost-, Fighting-, Ground- or Poison-types.

It rules out a lot, but you should have a few types that are at least neutral towards Sigilyph. As for its moves, you obviously need to watch out for Psychic which can do some serious damage as usual. The other moves are also fairly damaging, but none so much as that move.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this Pokemon, other than to obviously take it out using a good match-up. It’s pretty powerful, so taking it out earlier is obviously better.

For Reuniclus , you shouldn’t be using Steel-, Fighting-, Poison- or Water-types. That said, Dark-, Flying- and Bug-types work wonderfully here! Bug- most of all, with every single one of Reuniclus’ damage-based moves being weak against it, as well as Bug- being strong against the Pokemon.

The biggest pains here are Psychic and of course Recover . You just need to persevere and hope that it won’t use Recover once, allowing you to completely take it out. First-striking moves, like Extreme Speed are nice here. Psychic is really only a pain because of how powerful it is.

Last up will be Gothitelle . You should be saving up your Dark-type for this one. Steel- and Bug-types are the only other types really worth mentioning. If you don’t use one of these three, just make sure you’re using a type that isn’t vulnerable to Psychic-, Ghost- or Electric- moves and you’ll be right.

Once again, Psychic is the scary move here, although having Gothitelle using Calm Mind is going to make your job so much harder, so that move is no fun at all either. Oh, and its Sitrus Berry is a pain in the ass. You really just need to try and hold out so that you can get this Pokemon down.

It’s not nearly as bad as some of the other Elite Four Pokemon though! At some point in the battle, Caitlin has a Full Restore she can use. It’s probably best to try and force her to use it on Musharna as it’s the Pokemon least likely to do huge damage to you if you play your cards right.

Because Reuniclus has Recover, it will use that to heal HP instead of the Full Restore. Having her using it on her other two Pokemon is not at all fun, so Musharna for sure.

Once all of Caitlin’s Pokemon are done for, collect your reward and exit her area by the teleportation pad next to her. Heal up, then head to the next Elite Four member, or Champion if you’ve already defeated them all.

Elite Four Marshal

Marshal is a Fighting-type trainer.

Pokemon Level Type
Throh 56 Fighting
Swak 56 Fighting
Mienshao 56 Fighting
Conkeldurr 58 Fighting

Although you may have thought Flying-types would be a clear winner here, it’s not so. All but Mienshao have strong counters to Flying-types, so you really don’t want to use them except against that one. As well as that, all have good counters against Psychic-types too, except for Conkeldurr.

Truthfully, this battle’s tricky for match-ups. Match-ups tend to be too situational to give general ones, so simply read the information for each opponent Pokemon below to find out what you should use against it.

Throh is first up! You literally have four types that you can use; every other one is weak against at least one of the opponent’s moves. Grass- and Ground-types are slightly above neutral, while Water- and Dragon-types are totally neutral. Use one of these four types.

The only other ones to consider are Psychic- or Flying-types, but only if you think you can quickly take Throh out before he can use moves strong against these types to deal serious damage. As for what Throh can do, luckily it’s not a whole lot.

It has two moves (Rock Tomb and Bulldoze) which can both lower Speed, but none of its moves are extremely strong, so with a decent Pokemon of one of the four types above, you should do fine and be able to take it out.

Sawk is the same as Throh, match-up-wise, but you have one more type that you can use due to its lack of a Ground-type move. That’s an Electric-type! Honestly, this is basically the same battle as against Throh, but it has no Speed-slowing moves and a stronger main attack (Brick Break).

Flying- or Poison- are definitely the types of choice against Mienshao . As well as this, Grass-, Ground-, Water-, Dragon-, Electric-, Ghost- and Fire-types work decently well too. Use one of these types against it and you should do fairly well. Hi Jump Kick is definitely the move to watch out for here.

Using Fly before it is used so that it misses and damages Mienshao instead is a smart idea and will quickly take the Pokemon out. Honestly with this, you can quickly win. If it does land a hit though, it can do some serious damage to your Pokemon.

The other moves don’t tend to do nearly as much damage and generally don’t really need to be worried about too much. Thankfully, this Pokemon’s not very sturdy, so can be taken out without too much trouble, especially if you use its Hi Jump Kick against it.

Last up we have the brute, Conkeldurr . Ironically, Fighting-types work well, although Psychic-types work a little better. Poison-, Ground- and Ghost-types also work decently. Grass-, Water-, Electric- and Dragon-types are neutral and all other types have some weakness against Conkeldurr, so shouldn’t be used.

Obviously use one of the types mentioned to work well. Conkeldurr is quite slow and less sturdy then he may seem from his appearance. Make sure to use both of these things to your advantage. You want to be using non-Physical damage-based moves primarily.

Your other moves will become weaker as Conkeldurr uses Bulk Up more and more (which you should be scared of, because his attacks become insanely strong). You need to take this Pokemon out as soon as you can; go all out! If he uses Hammer Arm it’s basically game over for you Pokemon.

Once you’re done, teleport back to the main area by using the pad, then head to the next Elite Four, or the Champion if you’ve defeated all four of them.

Once all four members of the Elite Four have been defeated, head back to the main area connecting the four members. You’ll see a statue. Move up to the statue and press the orange buttton on its front side. You, along with the statue, will move underground.

Once you stop, you’ll find yourself in a massive room. Head north up the three lots of steps to the building back above ground. Enter the building and move up one last lot of steps to the Champion. Wut? It’s Iris?! The room will light up.

Move up to her when you’re ready to and talk to begin the battle. Be sure to fully Revive and heal your Pokemon first. Also, if any needed moves are dangerously low on PP, use an Ether or the like to restore its PP. When you’re ready, talk to Iris and the final battle will begin.

Champion Iris

Champion Iris is a Dragon Master.

Pokemon Level Type
Hydreigon 57 Dark/Dragon
Druddigon 57 Dragon
Aggron 57 Steel/Rock
Archeops 57 Rock/Flying
Lapras 57 Water/Ice
Haxorus 59 Dragon

Okay, this is the final battle! Opponent types tend to vary a bit in this battle, so there’s no good or bad type to use overall. Instead, each one’s specific for each Pokemon. Let’s get onto the information on each Pokemon then!

First up you’re going to be up against a Hydreigon . Fighting-types are easily your best bet here. Normal- and Poison-types are totally neutral. Unfortunately, Ice-, Bug-, Ground-, Rock- and Dragon-types would work decently, but one of Hydreigon’s moves is strong against each of these types.

You can risk using one of these types (except Dragon-) as Hydreigon just tends to spam Dragon Pulse anyway. We generaly wouldn’t go using any other type besides these though. Unforunately, you aren’t left with a huge range of types, but you should be able to make do.

Of all the moves, Dragon Pulse is by far Hydreigon’s scariest. It does huge damage compared to the others and can mean serious trouble for your Pokemon if he uses it. Other than that, it’s all about power against this one. You just need to out-muscle this Pokemon, so to speak. Keep going until it’s down and out.

Ahh, Druddigon . In this battle you should be using, in order from awesome to good, Ghost-, Ground-, Poison-, Fighting- or Psychic-types. Other options include Water- and Electric-type Pokemon, although moves of those types are weak against Dragon-types, so you’ll need to use other moves.

All others have some sort of vulnerability to at least one of Druddigon’s moves. Now, as for the battling. Druddigon’s slow, so you should be able to strike first with most Pokemon. Obviously, take advantage of this to slowly whittle down its health.

Other than this, its attacks aren’t as powerful as you’d expect, so your Pokemon can probably survive a few hits and return some too before it goes down. Focus Blast has low Accuracy, so it’s fairly likely to miss. Keep this in mind and hope that it misses so you get a free hit. As usual, it’s all about overpowering it.

Aggron , a Steel/Rock-type, can be a real pain to take down. Your best bets are most definitely Fighting- and Ground-types. These two types can completely own. Water-types are above average, Grass-types are slightly neutral and all others are below average or worse.

Definitely steer away from Flying-, Poison- and Normal-types although you could possible get away with Psychic-, Dark-, Dragon-, Electric-, Steel- or Fire-types, although it wouldn’t be easy. As for the actual moves, with Autotomize , Aggron is basically always going to naturally strike first.

Luckily, his moves aren’t all that powerful if they’re against a neutral or bad match-up, so you have a chance to take him out with a decent type. Simply go immediately all out and don’t let up until it’s not getting up.

Archeops is a Rock/Flying-type. Steel-types are the best to use here, but Electric-, Rock- and Water-types are also great! Psychic-, Dark- and Ghost-types are neutral and the others are below average. Using one of the types just mentioned will make the battle much easier and actually quite simple.

When it comes to moves, none of Archeops stand out. Acrobatics is probably the scariest and will do the most damage. The others are just generic damage-doing moves, except for Endeavor . This move lowers your HP so that it’s the same as Archeops.

If Archeops has more HP than your Pokemon does, the move fails. It sounds cool and good in theory, but (in this case anyway), it completely fails in practise. This Pokemon is quite fast, but isn’t excessively sturdy and doesn’t have a huge damage output. You shouldn’t have all that much trouble with it.

When Lapras gets put out, you should throw out a Fighting- or Electric-type yourself. If not one of those types, a Normal-, Psychic-, Bug-, Poison-, Dark-, Steel- or Ghost-type will do fine as it’s totally neutral to the Pokemon. Rock-, Ice- and Grass-types you’ll be taking a chance with.

Absolutely don’t use Flying-, Fire-, Water-, Ground- or Dragon-types at all. Throw out as good a type as possible and get ready to battle! Luckily Lapras isn’t too quick or sturdy and its attacks aren’t that powerful. It’s not too hard a battle, except for Sing ’s presence, which can cause problems.

Luckily, because you should be striking first, if you wake your Pokemon up immediately after them falling asleep, you shouldn’t lose any turns as Lapras lost one to use Sing in the first place. And if it misses, it’s a free turn to you! It shouldn’t be hugely troublesome and you should win fairly easily.

Volcarona can solo Iris if youre smart and have a varied movepool. Hydreigons Surf shouldnt KO Volcarona, so you can Quiver Dance like crazy to up its stats.

Haxorus , the highest level Pokemon of Iris’ party. Flying- and Ice-types are the most promising, followed by Fighting-, Bug- and Ghost-types. Normal-, Ground- and Rock- are all neutral types, as are Water-types that use strong moves that are of a different, neutral or better type.

All other types are vulnerable to at least one of Haxorus’ attacks. The actual battle itself is less difficult than you may think. None of his attacks, unless bosltered by Dragon Dance , do that much damage. If you have a fairly high level Pokemon (Level 58 or higher), it should be able to stand a few hits.

If so, simply spam it with a decent attack and heal with Hyper Potions when needed. Continue this until it’s down. You only have a problem if it begins using Dragon Dance , raising its Attack and Speed. The Speed doesn’t matter as it will probably be faster than your Pokemon already.

However a higher Attack means it’s more likely to completely destroy your party. It doesn’t seem to use it often though. If it does, go all out and take it down as quickly as possible. Once all six of Iris’ Pokemon have fainted, you’ll have won. Awesomesauce!

Walk up the steps when they appear, into the Hall of Fame room. The Pokemon you used against the Elite Four will be placed on a machine and registered, so that you’ll have a record of the Pokemon that made it into the Hall of Fame and their level when they did so.

After they’ve been registered, you will be. Your name, ID No. and time spent playing so far will all be recorded. After all the celebration and showing off of your clearly overpowered Pokemon, you will be able to press ‘A’ and the game will continue through the screens. Keep going until it fades to black and the game is saved.

Watch the rest of the celebrating and fame, then the credits will finally roll. Enjoy the cool art! It will show what ensues between the time that you beat the Pokemon League and regain control of your character, including some important stuff like the rebuilding of Opelucid City .

Once the credits have finished, you’ll see your character heading back to their house and speaking with their mother. There it ends and you’ll wind up back at the main menu. You’re far from done yet, though! There’s still a ton of post-game content , with the rest of the Unova region finally open.

This includes south-east Unova, everything between Twist Mountain and Tubeline Bridge and everything between Marvelous Bridge and Black City/White Forest . Small bits of post-game content are also unlocked in various locations that you’ve already explored, too! Let’s get going!


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