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Pokémon: Black & White 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers, Vincent Lau
First Published: 06-10-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 06-07-2020 / 11:02 GMT

Castelia Park

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Rattata Normal Any Grass 30%
Eevee Normal Any Grass 5%
Skitty (W2) Normal Any Grass 15%
Buneary (B2) Normal Any Grass 15%
Pidove Normal/Flying Any Grass 15%
Cottonee (B2) Grass Any Grass 35%
Petilil (W2) Grass Any Grass 35%
Delcatty (W2) Normal Shaking Grass 5%
Lopunny (B2) Normal Shaking Grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 90%
Whimsicott (B2) Grass Shaking Grass 5%
Lilligant (W2) Grass Shaking Grass 5%

This is a very small area, but very easy to miss if you're not paying attention. After thrashing the Team Plasma Grunts inside Castelia Sewers, you can access a hidden area in Castelia City.

From the sewer entrance, head due west and just before the area where you fought the grunts (and the entrance to Relic Passage), you'll find stairs leading up a few paces south. Originally a man was blocking the way, but now you can use the stairs. So what are you waiting for?

On the other side, you'll emerge in an enclosed area of Castelia City. At first glance, there isn't much here. There's some tall grass, dark grass and a tree in the shape of a Poke Ball and a Miracle Seed item on the floor. However, if you rummage around in the grass you can find some interesting Pokemon.

Minccino can learn Sing, which causes Sleep, increasing your catch rate.

In particular, Pokemon fans may be interested in getting their hands on the elusive Eevee . This rare Pokemon can evolve into seven different type of Pokemon--each with their own type (such as the Psychic-type Espeon)--and you're sure to find an evolution that fits your team.

If you're intent on catching Eevee, there's a trick you can use to find it more easily. First, field a Level 18 or 19 Pokemon in your first slot and spray Repel on yourself. Since Eevee is the highest Level Pokemon in the park, Repel guarantees you won't encounter a Pokemon other than Eevee.

Next, simply run around the tall grass if you have a Level 18 Pokemon or dark grass if you have a Level 19 Pokemon. We recommend the dark grass, as the tall grass can shake and you can still encounter lower Level Pokemon in those grass.

Even when you've found Eevee, it's not an easy Pokemon to catch. Try to weaken it down until it's at low (red) HP and then inflict a status condition like Paralyse or Sleep to make it easier to catch.

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