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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Reversal Mountain (White 2)

Vincent Lau

1F - Area One

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Numel Fire/Ground Cave 20% (Entrance), 5% (Main)
Camerupt Fire/Ground Cave 5% (Entrance), 20% (Main)
Skorupi Poison/Bug Cave 15%
Boldore Rock Cave 25%
Woobat Psychic/Flying Cave 35%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 100%

Head north, up the steps. When you reach the path veering off to the west, head down it and grab the Max Repel at the end. Move back to the main path and continue on. Head through the doorway when you reach it.

1F - Area Two

You’ll run into Bianca. She’ll decide that it’s best if the two of you team up, so you will. This works in much the same way as when you teamed up with Hugh in the Castelia City Sewers. Single battles you’ll still fight yourself, while for double battles you’ll each control one Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon battles are all double battles whilst you’re travelling with Bianca. Additionally, and awesomely, both your Pokemon and Bianca’s Pokemon will automatically heal back to full health and lose any status ailments after each and every battle, including single trainer battles. Yay!

Unlike tag-alongs in some other games, the ones in Black 2/White 2 are quite useful. They help you fight in battles AND heal you after each battle.

Bianca’s party is as follows:

Pokemon Level Type
Musharna 40 Psychic
Stoutland 38 Normal
Mienfoo 38 Fighting

This area’s big! Let’s quickly head east first. At the end you’ll find a Hyper Potion ripe for the taking. Now you can return to where you met Bianca and head south until you find an area with steps going south and east. From here, you can go east to challenge the Battle Girl circling around to a Triple Battle.

Triple Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Riolu 37 Fighting
Gurdurr 37 Fighting
Riolu 37 Fighting

Once she’s dust, head north-west until you reach another dead end. Here, pull out your Dowsing MCHN to find a hidden Elixir . Return to the Battle Girl and take the steps leading down to her left. Soon you’ll reach a Backpacker and Hiker that will team up against you when you move in between them.

These battles can be conducted separately by going clockwise around the cavern wall, then speaking to each individually. Or you can use this route to avoid them altogether.

Double Battle: Hiker and Backpacker

Hiker’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Boldore 37 Rock
Excadrill 37 Ground/Steel

Backpacker’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 37 Poison/Flying
Darmanitan 37 Fire

Either way, take the path leading east south of the Backpacker and Hiker. Sitting comfortably in the dead end is TM69 - Rock Polish . Head back to where the duo are and continue south. When you reach the corner, head south into the rather obscured tunnel.

In the next area, continue south to exit the cavern. Grab the Escape Rope and Smoke Ball then return to the corner. This time head east, further into the cavern. You’ll reach a Pokemon Ranger wandering around. Move into his vision to make him challenge you.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Watchog 38 Normal
Camerupt 38 Fire/Ground

Continue east. Bianca will stop you and say something, then you’ll be able to continue on. Continue onto the Doctor. Defeat him and you’ll be able to get him to heal your Pokemon any time you talk to him. A bit useless while Bianca is here, but great when she’s not.

Trainer Battle: Doctor

Pokemon Level Type
Swoobat 38 Psychic/Flying

Heading past the Doctor, down the steps and through the doorway won’t lead anywhere right now. Later, after you’ve beaten the Champion, you can find the legendary Heatran beyond. For now, continue east. When you reach a path shooting off from the main path, carry on east until you can’t go any more east.

Bring out your Dowsing MCHN and uncover the hidden Red Shard , then head west and stop before the two tunnels leading north. Take the left one and head north until you encounter a Black Belt.

After youve thrashed the Elite Four and obtained the Magma Stone, you can return here to encounter Heatran.

Rotation Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Gurdurr 37 Fighting
Scraggy 37 Dark/Fighting
Scraggy 37 Dark/Fighting

Once he’s done for, use your Dowsing MCHN to locate a hidden Star Piece left of the nearby stairs. Then go down the stairs themselves.


Grab the nearby Flame Orb , then head north and west. A Pokemon Ranger is waiting for you!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Swoobat 38 Psychic/Flying

You’re not done yet. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find a Fire Gem in the top-left corner. Now you can go back upstairs.

From the Black Belt continue north, then go west. There’s a PP Up here you can pocket. Next, make your way east, past the tunnel with the Black Belt and head south when you reach the corner. Halfway down you’ll encounter a Hiker and Backpacker who are all too keen to gang up on you.

Or you can speak with either one to battle them separately. Don’t forget to grab the Revive on the floor!

Double Battle: Hiker and Backpacker

Hiker’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Gurdurr 37 Fighting
Crustle 37 Bug/Rock

Backpacker’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 37 Poison/Flying
Swanna 37 Water/Flying

Once you’ve showed off your skills, return north and take the tunnel leading further north, where a pair of Ace Trainers are ready to pounce.

Double Battle: Ace Trainer (Male) and Ace Trainer (Female)

Male trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Vibrava 39 Ground/Dragon
Camerupt 39 Fire/Ground

Female trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Grumpig 39 Psychic
Drifblim 39 Ghost/Flying

After that tough encounter, head west, then north. Again, it’s time to consult your Dowsing MCHN to find a hidden Calcium . You’ll need it again to find a hidden Yellow Shard a few paces south. Move back to where the Ace Trainers are and continue east, down the stairs.

You’ll come upon a Scientist. If you’ve filled in the Habitat List for Reversal Mountain, she’ll give you the ever-useful TM54 - False Swipe . Next, take the path south from the Scientist. At the end you’ll find a delectable Nugget . Backtrack to the Scientist and head east through the doorway into 1F - Area Three.

To fill in Reversal Mountains Habitat List youll need to search for Pokemon both inside and outside.

1F - Area Three

Head south to the end of the area and move out the door into the air outside. Bianca will stop and talk with you before you do and will tell you that once you leave, you’ll no longer be able to team up with her throughout the dungeon.

You’ll be asked if you really want to leave, if you choose ‘Yes’ she’ll leave and you’ll be free to head out. You can’t leave unless you choose ‘Yes’.


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