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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Mistralton City Gym

Vincent Lau

Mistralton City Gym

Gym Information

Once you’re inside, move forward. A sudden gust of wind will pick up and Clyde will fly towards you from off-screen, bumping into you. He’ll then procede to hand you a Fresh Water and provide you with some tips.

He’ll step aside and explain that there are wind turbines at the back of the Gym which periodically blow stronger and weaker. When they’re blowing strongly, you’ll be blown back toward the beginning of the Gym unless you’re stopped by a wall.

If you’re standing in the green area behind a wall, this means you’re safe from the wind and won’t be pushed back. The idea is to run from safe zone to safe zone when the wind is weak, then wait it out when it’s strong. If you need to heal yourself at any time, simply use the wind to blow you back to the start of the Gym, then exit.

Move down the ramp and walk along the green safe zone. Wait until after the wind kicks up then, when it dies down, run north-east and have the Pilot there challenge you before the wind blows strongly.

Gym Member Battle: Pilot

Pokemon Level Type
Swoobat 37 Psychic/Flying

Immediately after the Pilot’s defeated, move around him and stand in front of the wall. Even when the wind blows it won’t be able to push you any further back. Once it dies down, sprint north and wait in the safe zone there. Once it dies down again, sprint south, then west into the next safe zone. Wait.

Continue south-west when you can. Wait at the next safe zone, or let yourself be blown to the back left wall of the gym where the Pilot is to initiate a battle.

Gym Member Battle: Pilot

Pokemon Level Type
Sigilyph 37 Psychic/Flying

From there, head north back up to the safe zone. Wait for the wind to die down, the move around and run north up to the next safe zone. Run east and move into the zone before the wind picks up. After it dies down again, move west then north. You’ll reach another safe zone.

You can stand on the very edge of it without having to battle the Pilot, but feel free to move further in to challenge him.

Gym Member Battle: Pilot

Pokemon Level Type
Archen 36 Rock/Flying
Unfezant 36 Normal/Flying

Follow the snaking path east until you reach the Pilot in front of the wall to your south. Move in front of him to make him challenge you.

Gym Member Battle: Pilot

Pokemon Level Type
Unfezant 37 Normal/Flying

Continue east, then north to the next safe zone. Wait, then run north, then west as soon as you can. Continue until you see the safe zone to your north, then run over and hide there. From there, take the thin path third from the top (second from the bottom) leading east.

Run as far along it as you can before you’re blown back against the wall to your south. You should get far enough that you move into the wall with the Pilot standing facing east along it. Battle time!

Gym Member Battle: Pilot

Pokemon Level Type
Ducklett 36 Water/Flying
Swoobat 36 Psychic/Flying

That was the last Gym Member before Skyla. Now head north along the thin path until you reach the red floor. This is safe from the wind. Follow it around to Skyla. Talk to her to begin the battle for your 6th Gym Badge!

Gym Leader Battle - Skyla

Skyla uses Flying-type Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
Swoobat 37 Psychic/Flying
Skarmory 37 Steel/Flying
Swanna 38 Water/Flying

This bout is pretty straightforward if you have good Electric-type Pokemon. All of Skyla’s Pokemon are weak to Electric moves and Swanna in particular is double-weak being a Water-type too. Rock and Ice-type moves don’t perform quite as well, but are strong against at least one Pokemon.

Skyla will begin with Swoobat . Use an Ice-, Rock- or Electric-type if you have them, unless you feel that you’ll need to save them for later on. Neutral types (Normal-type for example) are fine too, as Swoobat isn’t all that hard. Seriously, just keep damaging it. If you can force Skyla to use her Hyper Potion , it’ll help you.

If Swanna is used second, pull out that Electric-type and own it! Electric-type moves, especially from an Electric-type Pokemon will do huge damage! Plaster the Pokemon then get ready for Skarmory. The Swanna does have a Sitrus Berry , so if its health gets low, it’ll heal itself.

If Skarmory is used before Swanna, use your Fire- and Water-types and damage it as quickly as possible. Keep your Electric-type for Swanna, unless you’re confident it can survive. If you have trouble, just make do using neutral types or use one of them as a meatshield while you Revive and heal your Water- and Fire-types

Whoever’s last, go all out with the types advised above, depending on the Pokemon. Use your other Pokemon as meatshields to heal those Pokemon you need and just keep chipping away until they’re done for. As usual, status ailments will help you reach this point.

Once Skyla’s beaten, you’ll receive the Jet Badge! She’ll also give you TM62 - Acrobatics ! She doesn’t have much else to say, so once you’re done talking, move out of the red room onto the ledge directly to Skyla’s south. This will allow you to be blown straight back to the beginning of the Gym, and out the door!

Whoops! Looks like she did have more to say! She’ll come out and talk to you and Professor Juniper will suddenly appear. She’ll talk, she’ll leave, Skyla will talk, Skyla will leave. Head back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon.

Head back into the house north of the Pokemon Center. There will be a Youngster here, in orange. Talk to him and he’ll tell you to find his treasure! Head to the runway. Move down the very south-west corner of the runway to find his treasure, TM40 containing Aerial Ace . Cool!

The Youngster and Lass from the house will appear. They’ll allow you to keep it and leave. If you haven’t yet explored the Celestial Tower and rung the bell at the top, head there now via Route 7 and do so. You need to do this before you can continue on.

Once you’re done, or if you already have, head into the Mistralton Cargo Service building in Mistralton. Skyla and Juniper will be waiting inside. Talk to Skyla and she’ll ask if you’d wish to be flown to Lentimas Town in the east! When you’re ready, answer ‘Yes’!

Bianca will appear after you do and will have a reunion with Professor Juniper. Awwww. After that, you’ll get to watch the cutscene as you fly off into the distance, over half of Unova to Lentimas Town !


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