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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Floccesy Ranch

Vincent Lau

Floccesy Ranch

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Azurill Normal Grass 20%
Psyduck Water Grass 10%
Mareep Electric Grass 10%
Riolu Fighting Grass 5%
Patrat Normal Grass 10%
Lillipup Normal Grass 40%
Pidove Normal/Flying Grass 5%
Dunsparce Normal Shaking Grass 10%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 90%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Azurill Normal Surf 30%
Red Basculin Water Surf/Rippling Water 70%, 65% (Rippling)
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Rippling Water 70%, 65% (Rippling)
Marill Water Surf Rippling Water 30%
Azumarill Water Surf Rippling Water 5%

Super Rod required (post-game)

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Poliwag Water Fishing 70%
Red Basculin Water Fishing/Rippling Water 30%
Blue Basculin Water Fishing/Rippling Water 30%
Poliwhirl Water Fishing in Rippling Water 65%
Politoed Water Fishingin Rippling Water 5%

You’re now in Floccesy Ranch. You’ll notice a patch of grass to your left upon entering. You can use this to catch yet more Pokemon. When you’re ready, follow the dirt path north and west when you reach the gap in the wooden fence.

Make sure you’re ready for a Rival Battle when you attempt to move through the gap in the fence. As soon as you do, Hugh appears and the battle begins!

Rival Battle!

With our handy guide, you shouldnt find yourself caught off-guard by your rival!

If your starter is Snivy

Pokemon Level Type
Tepig 8 Fire

If your starter is Tepig

Pokemon Level Type
Oshawott 8 Water

If your starter is Oshawott

Pokemon Level Type
Snivy 8 Grass

After the battle’s over, some Pokemon trainers will come up and give you a Potion . You’ll talk to the trainers, who explain that one of their Herdiers have been stolen. They want Hugh and you to find it for them. Hugh will immediately rush ahead.

You can now talk to the female trainer as often as you like to heal your Pokemon , so you don’t need to go all the way back to Floccesy Town when you’re hurt. Continue through the gate when you’re ready.

Free healing is always nice; keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities!

Move left until you come to a point where there’s a northern and western path leading out of the fenced-off area. Take the western path first. Once you’re out of the fenced-off area, move south. You’ll see Lass Molly there, who you can battle. Battle her if you wish to.

Trainer Battle: Lass

Pokemon Level Type
Purrloin 6 Dark
Sewaddle 6 Bug/Grass

Move east a little. You’ll notice a small grass-filled gap between two fences running horizontally. Move into this gap to find a Poke Ball at the end. Move back to the area where you chose to take the western path and this time take the northern one.

Hugh will rush past you, but you will soon catch up. Continue past him. Take the non-grassy route if you don’t mind the trainer battle, but otherwise take the grassy route north. Assuming that you take the left route, your opponent will be a Janitor

Trainer Battle: Janitor

Pokemon Level Type
Lillipup 6 Normal
Mareep 6 Electric

Move right, down the steps. Hugh will come up and give you a Parlyz Heal as you attempt to. Once you’re down the steps, go right through the grass. If you go down, you’ll be forced to go back to the beginning of the ranch by ledges. There’s a Youngster up ahead who you can battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Patrat 6 Normal
Psyduck 6 Water

If you wish to skip him (you’ll be missing out on an item), simply go east along the narrow path to his north. If not, move south past him once he’s defeated and collect the X Attack . Move back north and move east along the narrow path that was mentioned.

Continue right until Hugh catches up. Move over and pick the Potion up from among the grass, then move south. You’ll notice a man holding a Herdier captive. Follow the path around until you reach him. The man will get frustrated with the Herdier and the fact that he’s been caught and throw a TM at you.

Frustration is quite powerful for newly-caught Pokemon, but will become less effective as you train them and they become instinctively more friendly.

This TM turns out to be TM21 , which you can now use to teach the move Frustration to your Pokemon. The man will run away without a fight and the two trainers will come up to you, thanking you for rescuing the Herdier. They will then disappear, leaving you alone.

You can now either train, catch some new Pokemon or simply leave the area back to Route 20 . There are some Pokemon here with types that you haven’t yet encountered in the wild though, including Riolu, Psyduck and Mareep. It may be a good idea to catch at least these before leaving.

You can still heal yourself by talking to the female trainer who’s still chilling at the beginning of the area. When you are ready to leave, exit the area by using the ledges to your south to skip back to the beginning of Floccesy Ranch , then exit back to Route 20 and take the shortcut over the western ledges back to Floccesy Town .


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