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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Twist Mountain

Vincent Lau

Twist Mountain

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Onix Rock/Ground Cave/Dust Cloud 5%, 20% (Dust Cloud)
Boldore Rock Cave 40% (Sp, Au), 20% (Su, Wi)
Woobat Psychic/Flying Cave 10%
Gurrdur Fighting Cave 10%, 20% (Su)
Beartic Ice Cave 10% (Sp, Au), 5% (Su), 20% (Wi)
Cryogonal Ice Cave 5%, 15% (Wi)
Heatmor Fire Cave 5%, 20% (Su)
Durant Bug/Steel Cave 15%
Steelix Steel/Ground Dust Cloud 5%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 75%

Twist Mountain B1F

Regigigas time! Assuming that you have the three Regis in your party that is. Anyway, head north along the eastern edge of this area, until you’re in the north-east corner. Head down the stairs and grab TM71 - Stone Edge waiting for you. Now head back up the stairs and west.

When you see the doorway, head through.

Twist Mountain - Regigigas Chamber

Here’s a bit of a puzzle. Head west, around to the boulder there. Use Strength to push it three tiles north, then head around to the one-way ledge and jump over it. Now push the boulder east until it’s in the hole. Push the nearby boulder south until it’s in its hole too.

Now head south-east over it and follow the path around to the third boulder. Push this boulder three tiles north, one tile west, one tile north and then push it west until it’s in the hole. You’ll need to follow this exactly, otherwise you’l mess it up. Move over it and head north.

Guess what?! It’s Regigigas ! He’s taking a nap at the moment though. How cute!

If you have all three Regis in your party, interacting with it will make it wake up and you’ll battle it! Obviously, make sure to Save before you battle it. That way, if you accidentally lose or defeat it without catching it, you can start over. You only get one chance otherwise.

Legendary Pokemon Battle - Regigigas

The battle for Regigigas.

Pokemon Level Type
Regigigas 68 Normal

Once you’re done with it (hopefully you’ve caught it!) head south over all of the boulders until you’re back at the entrance to the area. Head back out.

Twist Mountain B1F

Head west and jump over the ledge, then keep moving south until you reach some stairs to your right.

From the western side, before the stairs, continue south towards the exit at the end. Head out into the next area. Go up the steps. Be sure to speak with the Worker facing the wall here as he’ll hand you a Fossil ! He gives one random fossil per day, so we definitely recommend visiting him until he’s given out every last fossil.

The following table lists what Pokemon each fossil can be used to regenerate.

Fossil Pokemon
Armor Fossil Shieldon
Claw Fossil Anorith
Dome Fossil Kabuto
Helix Fossil Omanyte
Old Amber Aerodactyl
Root Fossil Lileep
Skull Fossil Cranidos

You can take these to the Nacrene Museum in Nacrene City and speak to the lady at the right counter at the entrance, who will use the fossil to regenerate the corresponding Pokemon. Once you’re done, head south and through the exit.

Twist Mountain - Inner Exterior

Twist Mountain - Inner Exterior

You’re now outside. Go up the stairs, then north-east up the next set. Head west over to the trash can next to the Vending Machine. Check it to find a Full Restore . Enter the door to your north-west.

You can instead enter the north-eastern door, head north until you reach the path leading east and follow it to the end. Entering the doorway there will take you into Icirrus City. If you want to head there, feel free to, but if you want to continue exploring Twist Mountain, continue reading on!

Twist Mountain 2F

Head north until you reach the Worker at the end. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Glalie 61 Ice
Beartic 61 Ice

To the Worker’s west you’ll find a Dusk Ball . Check the rock directly south of this item to find a hidden Rare Bone . Cool. Head east from the Worker now, heading south when you can no longer head further east. You’ll find a door there. Head through it. Now head south until you reach the Hiker. Battle.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Larvitar 61 Round/Ground
Probopass 61 Rock/Steel

Head south from the Hiker and head out the door there. Head west and follow the path along. When you reach the Worker, battle him too.

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Sigilyph 62 Psychic/Flying

Continue past the Worker and enter the next door. Head west through this area, past the ledge for now. You’ll see a female Veteran. You know the drill. Note that this is a Rotation Battle.

Rotation Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Gyarados 64 Water/Flying
Archeops 64 Rock/Flying
Kangaskhan 64 Normal

Grab TM90 - Substitute to her west, then head east back to the ledge. Jump over it and grab the Rare Bone there. Now head south until you hit the southern wall. From there, go west and turn your Dowsing MCHN on. Use it to find the hidden Ultra Ball in the bottom left corner.

Now run east until you reach the door. Stride on through. Head north along the path outside, until you reach TM91 - Flash Cannon . Move south, back past the door and follow the path all the way around until you reach the next door. Continue past it and take on the Nurse nearby.

Trainer Battle: Nurse

Trainer Battle: Nurse

Pokemon Level Type
Blissey 62 Normal

Once you’ve beaten the Nurse, and every time you speak with her from now on, she’ll heal your Pokemon . Just past her is a Full Restore . Pick it up then move back to the door that you moved past before and enter it. Head east over to the Worker.

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Machoke 61 Fighting
Abomasnow 61 Grass/Ice

The rock in the south-west corner of the area to the Worker’s south contains a Yellow Shard . Check it to obtain it. Head north down the hallway until you reach the door and head on through. Move up the stairs and take the nearby Worker on.

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Geodude 60 Rock/Ground
Boldore 60 Rock
Steelix 60 Steel/Ground

Now go east and grab the Dusk Stone sitting behind the large rock. Head west back past the Worker and follow the path around until you reach the door at the end. Head south along the path. Take on the Hiker.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Golett 61 Ground/Ghost
Mamoswine 61 Ice/Ground

Continue down past the Worker that doesnt want to fight and enter the door. Move south until you catch the eye of the Veteran. Yep, she wants to try and whoop your ass.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Glaceon 63 Ice
Drapion 63 Poison/Dark
Bastiodon 63 Rock/Steel
Rhyperior 63 Ground/Rock

Once she’s defeated, move south until the path turns west. When it does, follow it until you reach a path taking you back north. Head down it to the door at the end. Head through the door and Triple Battle the Veteran just outside.

Triple Battle: Veteran

Triple Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Carracosta 64 Water/Rock
Crobat 64 Poison/Flying
Tauros 64 Normal

Head back through the door and south until you reach the junction. This time, go west. You’ll notice a Worker. Fight time.

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Roggenrola 60 Rock
Graveler 60 Rock/Ground
Excadrill 60 Ground/Steel

Follow the path around west, then north, then move through the door. Back outside, move east first, over to the Float Stone . Once you have it, run west, past the doorway that you just came out of and follow the path until you reach the Worker just past the next door.

He won’t be looking for a fight, so continue further until you reach the very end of the path. You’ll find a Red Shard here, which you should pick up. Once you have, backtrack to the door near the Worker and enter it. Follow the path around until you reach the next and move through it.

Talk to the man outside and he’ll run off. Guess what? That’s it! You’re actually in Route 7 now. Feel free to do whatever you now wish to.


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