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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Humilau City Gym

Vincent Lau

Humilau City Gym is a Water-type gym.

Gym Information

Move in and talk to Clyde for your Fresh Water . He’ll give you tips and information like usual. In this Gym, you use lilypads for transport by jumping down onto them from walkways. They will float to another walkway which you’ll be able to jump to. It’s all pretty simplistic, but fun.

Move onto the first walkway and take the path west. Jump onto the first lilypad and ride it west. Jump off onto the next walkway. Move north and take on the Ace Trainer.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Floatzel 47 Water
Mantine 47 Water/Flying

Jump onto the lilypad to the right and ride it east. You’ll stop halfway along. Jump onto the walkway to the north. If you want to head back to the beginning of the Gym, simply jump back on it and ride it south back to the first walkway. If not, move north and ride the next pad east. You’ll stop halfway again.

Jump off and challenge the female Ace Trainer here. If you time it right, you’ll be able to jump on and back off the walkway before she’ll even see you, but battling is fun, so let’s do it!

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Alomomola 48 Water

Once she’s defeated, jump back onto the lilypad and ride it south. Move onto the walkway here, then move east. If you want to skip back to the start of the Gym, to heal your Pokemon or something, you can head over the lilypad taking you south. If not, head north and use that lilypad to reach the next walkway.

Follow this walkway along, over the bridge and around to the lilypad near the end of it. You have a choice here, you can either take the lilypad east and skip one of the Ace Trainers, or take it south, jump off it then take it east and take on the trainer first. It’s assumed that you’ll do this, but feel free to skip ahead.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Walrein 48 Ice/Water

Assuming that you battled the Ace Trainer, jump onto the lilypad to the south, then jump off onto the walkway to the south. Move east back over the bridge and continue until the walkway starts heading south. There’ll now be a lilypad allowing you to head north. Do so.

Now head north until you reach the female Ace Trainer pacing up and down the walkway looking around.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Pelipper 47 Water/Flying
Wailord 47 Water

Take the lilypad just south-west of the Ace Trainer west. Move west onto the next walkway. Take the lilypad to your north, north. Move onto the walkway to your east with the female Ace Trainer on it.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Golduck 47 Water
Starmie 47 Water/Psychic

Take the next Lilypad south. Jump onto the walkway to your east and take on the male Ace Trainer here.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Basculin 46 Water
Basculin 46 Water
Azumaril 46 Water

Jump back onto the lilypad and ride it west. Now jump on it from the south and ride it north. Finally, jump on it from the west and ride it east. Jump off onto the walkway to the north. Head north and you’ll be standing before Marlon. If you want, you can take the lilypad back south and you’ll be back at the beginning of the Gym.

You can then head to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and restock items, if you need to of course. Head back to Marlon using the same lilypad that you used to get back to the start of the Gym and, when you’re ready, talk to him to begin the battle.

Gym Leader Battle - Marlon

Gym Leader Marlon uses powerful Water-variant Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
Carracosta 49 Water/Rock
Wailord 49 Water
Jellicent 51 Water/Ghost

Electric- and Grass-types all the way, here! Grass is especially good against Carracosta and will finish him off quickly. Steer clear of Fire-, Ground- and Rock-types for obvious reasons. Also steer clear of Flying-, Ice- and Bug-types due to Carracosta’s Smack Down and Wailord’s Rollout which are both Rock-type moves.

Additionally, no Psychic- or Ghost-types against Carracosta or Jellicent and no Fighting-types against Wailord. They all have moves that are strong agianst Pokemon of those types. Other than that, battle hard! This battle should be easier than Drayden as you have more opportunities for super-effective hits.

First up we have Carracosta . This Pokemon’s not too difficult, but watch out for its crazy Shell Smash move, which lowers its Defense and Special Defense, but greatly raises it Attack, Special Attack and Speed. This can turn it into a killing machine.

If it uses Shell Smash, you still have a chance if you don’t delay. Go all out with your strongest moves and make use of its lowered Defense and Special Defense to defeat it quickly. You should have it down without too much of a problem. Especially if you took our advice and brought Grass- and Electric-types.

Next up will be Wailord . Rollout. F***ing Rollout. That says it all. Obviously, you want to defeat Wailord extremely quickly, before Rollout builds up. If you fail to do so, ride the wave of Rollouts out (double pun!) with Hyper Potions and Revives, then try and whittle its health down. Abuse type match-ups for a quick win.

Jellicent , the last of Marlon’s Pokemon, has a Sitrus Berry . It’s actually surprisingly weak, but you need to watch out for its Scald move. Using a Grass-type here is definitely the way to go as Water-type moves (such as Scald) will be weak against them and will allow them to quickly defeat Jellicent.

The first time one of Marlon’s Pokemon become low on HP, he’ll use his one and only Hyper Potion . Try and make sure this is used on Carracosta, but if not, then Jellicent. If you really need to, make good use of healing and Revive items, as well as status ailments (although you shouldn’t need to, much). You know, the usual deal.

Once Marlon’s down, you’ll receive the final badge, the Wave Badge! How awesome! Celebrate! Dance! Once you’re all sweaty and tired from dancing, come back to the game and hear what else Marlon has to say. He’ll mention that all Pokemon, no matter their level, will obey you completely now.

Additionally, you’ll receive TM55 - Scald! Finish talking and Marlon will spontaneously dive off the platform and swim out to see. How odd.

Head back to the entrance to the Gym and exit. Outside, Hugh will immediately stop you and urgently speak with you. Marlon will appear from the south. The south?! But he was swimming north just a little while ago! Our brain hurts.

The three of you will talk and you’ll be asked a question by Marlon. Feel free to respond however you wish and he’ll leave. Continue speaking with Hugh, who will mention Route 22 . Well, that’s the place we’ll be going to very soon!

Once your Pokemon are healed and you’ve visited those places, now you can head to Route 22 ! It can be confusing getting there, so pay attention. Head north-east from the Pokemon Center, past the Gym and head over the bridge to your north.

When you reach the path leading west, take it and move down the ramp to the shallows below. Move north-west under the walkway then continue north. Move west under the next one and head up the ramp. Continue west down the ramp onto the beach. You’re in Route 22!


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