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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Plasma Frigate Showdown

Vincent Lau

Head north from the collapsed barrier and you’ll come upon Kyurem. Zinzolin will suddenly appear to your south. He will speak with you and then challenge you to a battle again.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Zinzolin

Zinzolin has Ice Pokémon again.

Pokemon Level Type
Cryogonal 49 Ice
Cryogonal 49 Ice
Weavile 51 Dark/Ice

Once Zinzolin’s been owned, you may want to head back to the Doctor and heal yourself. Do so, then backtrack to where Zinzolin is. From there, head north, then east and enter the teleportation pad there. You’ll now be in the helm of the ship and you’ll find none other than…. Colress!

He’ll move down the steps and await your challenge. Move up to him and talk to initiate the battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Colress

Pokemon Level Type
Magneton 50 Electric/Steel
Beheeyem 50 Psychic
Metang 50 Steel/Psychic
Magnezone 50 Electric/Steel
Klinklang 52 Steel

After the battle, listen to Colress’s philosophising, then head back through the teleportation pad. Once more heal your Pokemon at the Doctor if you need, then head back to where Zinzolin is. Instead of taking the path right to the north of Zinzolin, this time let’s take the path left.

There’ll be a Grunt guarding the path, but will run away like a little girl when you try talking to him. Move through and stand on the teleportation pad. You’ll wind up in Ghetsis’ room, with Ghetsis in it! This is the first time you’ve met him all game.

After a stupidly long monologue, he’ll call in one of the Shadow Triads and leave. Hugh will appear and you’ll begin a single battle with the Shadow Triad member.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Pokemon Level Type
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Absol 51 Dark

After defeating the first Shadow Triad member, the other two will appear, one to your east and one to your south. Talk to either of them to battle them. You need to defeat both before you can proceed. You can also go back and have the Doctor heal you if you’re desperate. Let’s take on the east Shadow Triad member first.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Shadow (as the name suggests) uses Dark Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Banette 51 Ghost

Now take on the one to the south.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Shadow

Pokemon Level Type
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Pawniard 49 Dark/Steel
Accelgor 51 Bug

After defeating all three of them, they’ll vanish. Hugh will say a few words. Now go back and heal your Pokemon at the Doctor, then follow the stairs down and out the door. You’re back outside! It’s time to hunt Ghetsis down.


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