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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Wellspring Cave

Vincent Lau

Wellspring Cave

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Boldore Rock Cave 50%
Woobat Psychic/Flying Cave 50%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 100%
Red Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Poliwag Water Super Rod 70%
Poliwhirl Water Super Rod 65% (Rippling)
Poliwrath Water/Fighting Super Rod 5% (Rippling)

Wellspring Cave 1F

Move west until you hit water. When you do, move south and move up the stairs taking you east. Head east until you reach the Hiker. Yep, it’s a battle!

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Hoppowdon 61 Ground
Marowak 61 Ground
Rhydon 61 Ground/Rock

Grab the Max Repel to your east, then head back west, over to the water there. Move onto it with Surf, then head west over to the bit of land with the Battle Girl on it. Another battle!

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Medicham 62 Fighting/Psychic
Mienshao 62 Fighting
Hitmonlee 62 Fighting

Collect the Escape Rope here. Will be handy for escaping the (albeit short) dungeon later. Now move south and continue following the path as it turns east. Continue to the stairs at the very end. Enter them.

Wellspring Cave B1F

Wellspring Cave B1F

This floor’s dark! Use Flash to light things up and you’ll be fine though. Head north-east and down the stairs. From there head north along the path cutting between the two pools of water. Continue east until you’re stopped by the Black Belt. It’s go time!

Pokemon Level Type
Sawk 62 Fighting
Conkeldurr 62 Fighting
Breloom 62 Grass/Fighting

Once he’s defeated, move onto the water to his south. Surf across to the eastern side and move off onto the land. Move around until you reach the item just before the ledge. Pick it up to find that it’s a Max Revive . Move back to the water and Surf back across.

Now move up the path north of the Black Belt. You’ll reach a Battle Girl wanting to battle.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Primeape 62 Fighting
Hitmonchan 62 Fighting
Scrafty 62 Dark/Fighting

Now head north up the stairs and take the western path. Move up the stairs then move south to the end. Grab TM47 - Low Sweep from there, then head back and head down the steps. Head east past the set of steps leading south over to a slightly larger set leading south down to an item.

Go down and grab the Protector at the bottom. Move back up then take the path south to the west of the stairs. At the end you’ll be able to find a hidden Carbos by using your Dowsing MCHN. Backtrack to the stairs then head north to the next set. Go down them and take on the Black Belt here.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Throh 62 Fighting
Hitmonchan 62 Fighting
Machamp 62 Fighting

Move north, onto the water. Surf across to the northern side. Move onto the land there. If you’re up for a tough battle, talk to the Veteran here. He’ll be keen to have you battle him.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Gyarados 62 Water/Flying
Gigalith 62 Rock
Snorlax 62 Normal
Excadrill 62 Ground/Steel
Druddigon 62 Dragon
Crobat 62 Poison/Flying

Once he’s defeated, head east and turn that Dowsing MCHN of yours on. Use it to find the nearby Max Revive . Now return west and head up the stairs. Grab TM52 - Focus Blast at the top. Now go back down the stairs and head onto the water.

Focus Blast is powerful, but fairly inaccurate. Either way, its best in the hands of Pokemon with high Special Attack.

There’s a little bit of land just south-west of where the stairs at that you can Surf to. Do so and use your Dowsing MCHN once more to find the Ultra Ball . That’s it! Use an Escape Rope to exit, or backtrack to the entrance.

You can use the water running up and down the eastern side of this area to quickly get back to 1F then head back to the entrance from there. Once you’re out, you’ll be back in Route 3 .


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