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Pokémon: Black & White 2

White Forest

Vincent Lau

White Forest

To enter White Forest, you must be playing White 2 or have obtained the Treehollow Key from a White 2 player. To reach the forest itself, you can head south from Undella Town and traverse Route 14 to get here. If you haven’t been to Route 14, check it out in our To Gym 7 (Part 1) section.

Alternatively you can head east from Nimbasa City and pass through Route 16, Marvelous Bridge and Route 15. Route 16 is covered in To Gym 3 , while the other two locations will be detailed in the near future.

If you haven’t visited White Forest before, you’re sure to be impressed by how pleasant and natural it looks. Head south and continue doing so until you see the bright red roof of the Pokemon Center. Head inside. Heal your Pokemon and restock on items if you really need to.

Once you’re done, head back out. Normally this would be the point where we’d explore, but for such a huge place, there’s an ironically tiny amount of stuff to do here. Instead, move onto the path to the east of the Pokemon Center (where you came from) and follow it south, then west.

When you reach the intersection, there will be some wooden stalls around you. This is the market, which is empty right now but opens up as you progress through the White Treehollow. Speaking of which, the giant tree to the north is the White Treehollow , which houses the Unova Challenge .

Should you follow the path further south from here, you’ll end up at the next gatehouse. From there, you’ll reach Route 15 . Move ahead to that section if you want to explore the area. Otherwise, go and check out the Unova Challenge if you desire.


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