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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Undella Bay

Vincent Lau

Undella Bay

Wild Pokemon

Surf required

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Remoraid Water Surfing 5%
Spheal Ice/Water Surfing 30% (Win only)
Mantyke Water/Flying Surfing 30% (except Win)
Frillish Water/Ghost Surfing 32.5%
Mantine Water/Flying Rippling Water 5% (except Win)
Wailmer Water Rippling Water 30%, 60% (Win)
Wailord Water Rippling Water 5%
Sealeo Ice/Water Rippling Water 30% (Win only)
Walrein Ice/Water Rippling Water 5% (Win only)
Jellicent Water/Ghost Rippling Water 30% (except Win)

Super Rod required (post-game)

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Remoraid Water Super Rod 30%, 60% (Rippling)
Chinchou Water/Electric Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling)
Lanturn Water/Electric Rippling Water 5%
Octillery Water Rippling Water 5%
Jellicent Water/Ghost Special One per week.

Head east from Undella Town into Undella Bay. Run along to the south-east corner of the Undella Bay beach and use Surf . Swim east and land on the shallows there. Move south-east and challenge the Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Pelipper 40 Water/Flying
Starmie 40 Water/Psychic

Move south-east past the Ace Trainer and grab the Splash Plate . Use Surf on the water to the shallow’s east and set a course east. When you see him, challenge the nearby Swimmer.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Sealeo 39 Ice/Water

Head due north after defeating him and you’ll come upon another Swimmer.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Basculin 39 Water

Continue north and you’ll reach a female Swimmer.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Spheal 38 Ice/Water
Wailmer 38 Water

Once defeated, head back west and challenge the male Swimmer there.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Mantyke 39 Water/Flying

Continue north through the gap in between the rocks. You’ll reach a female Swimmer looking for a battle.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Alomomola 39 Water

No dice; youll have to come back after getting the 7th badge.

Continue north onto the sand and you’ll be able to enter Seaside Cave . You can only progress through this cave once you’ve defeated the seventh Gym Leader, Drayden; until then, a Black Belt blocks the passageway.

If you haven’t yet continued into Route 13 , we’d suggest going there now to advance the storyline. If you haven’t yet explored Route 14, an optional area, but would still like to, you can slot that in just before Route 13. Don’t worry, it’s not too large!


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