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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Pinwheel Forest Part 2

Vincent Lau

Pinwheel Forest is a massive place with multiple areas.

From where you left off, just before the last hollow tree, head south and down the small set of steps. Move south to the next set and move down those too. From there, head north, then east over to the Youngster. If you move into the space north of him, you’ll start a double battle with both the Lass and the Youngster.

But if you wish to, you can do these battles seperately by first talking to the Youngster from his west side, then taking the Lass on afterwards. Feel free to do it either way.

Double Battle: Lass and Youngster

Lass’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Nidoran (F) 60 Poison
Nidoran (M) 60 Poison
Nidoqueen 60 Poison/Ground

Youngster’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Cascoon 60 Bug
Silcoon 60 Bug
Scolipede 60 Bug/Poison

Now continue up the steps and head west to the end. Turn that Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the hidden BalmMushroom . Now backtrack to that hollow log and head through. You’ll stop before a crazy old dude screams out behind you, surprising both you and Cheren.

You’ll speak with him and he’ll leave. After he does, Cheren will hand you an Up-Grade . How sweet of him. He’ll then leave too. You’re once again alone.

There’s one last Pokemon Ranger hidden under a leaf to your north-east, in front of an item. Move next to the leaf and the Ranger will jump out and enthusiastically challenge you!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Munchlax 62 Normal
Zebstrika 62 Electric
Kricketune 62 Bug

When facing heavy foes, Grass Knot is the move to choose!

Collect the item behind her, TM86 - Grass Knot . Head south-east until you reach the ledge. Jump over it and continue back to the main path. Head south, back down to the bridge. You should notice that the gap in the fence on the east side of the road is no longer blocked by a person.

Now you can go through and explore the area there! move through and head down the stairs into the Dark Grass. Move south-west, along the short path to a tile at the end without Dark Grass on it. This tile hides a Green Shard . Grab it, then head east to the end of the Dark Grass.

Move out of the Grass and head over to the Youngster. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Phanpy 60 Ground
Doduo 60 Normal/Flying
Fearow 60 Normal/Flying

Head north-east, up the stairs. Follow the path around until you reach a hollow log. Move through it, then move through the next one leading east. Turn on that Dowsing MCHN of yours and use it to find the hidden Bug Gem around here.

You can head north-west and enter the Rumination Field, but it contains nothing but a Pokemon Ranger that just talks at length. Instead, backtrack to the Youngster. Head down the stairs to his south-east and back up the next set. Take the three sets of stairs east, through the Dark Grass.

At the end of the path is TM22 - SolarBeam with your name on it. Pick it up, then head back up the three sets of stairs. Now head along the thin path west along the south edge of this area. Continue around to the stairs leading down to the water. Move down them and continue around west.

Turn the Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the Rare Candy . Now use Surf and move onto the water. Head west under the bridges and continue to the land at the end. Head up the stairs and grab the PP Max . Now jump down the ledge, head north through the Tall Grass, then up the stairs.

Now go north and head through the hollow log, then finally east until you reach the ledge. Jump down it and move back onto the main path one last time. Now head south, over the bridge and continue until the path turns east.

Follow it east and continue until you reach the Twins at the exit to the inside of the forest. It’s the last battle of this area!

Double Battle: Twins

Pokemon Level Type
Plusle 60 Electric
Minum 60 Electric

Head through the exit, into the outside part of Pinwheel Forest!

Pinwheel Forest - Outside

The outside area has different kinds of Pokémon to find.

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Yanma Bug/Flying Any Grass 10%
Toxicroak Poison/Fighting Any Grass 10%
Gurdurr Fighting Any Grass 40%
Palpitoad Water/Ground Any Grass 25%
Throh Fighting Any Grass/Shaking Grass 15%, 5% (Shaking Grass)
Sawk Fighting Any Grass/Shaking Grass 15%, 5% (Shaking Grass)
Yanmega Bug/Flying Shaking Grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 85%
Seismitoad Water/Ground Shaking Grass 5%

If you are in desperate need of healing, you can follow the road into Nacrene City , head to the Pokemon Center there, then come back. If not, talk to the girl standing at the gap in the fence taking you south. A battle will begin.

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Oddish 60 Grass/Poison
Bellossom 60 Grass
Tangela 60 Grass

You should see a thin path leading north between the fence and trees to your east. Move up this path and head east when it does. At the end, obscured by some trees, is an item, a Full Heal . Head back to the School Kid once you have it in your possession.

From there, head south until you see a Battle Girl to your east. She doesn’t want to battle, so follow the decrepit railway line east until you see an item nearby, which happens to be a Protein . Grab it then head back west.

Continue south through the Tall Grass and puddles until you reach the very large puddle at the bottom. When you do, hit the switch on the Dowsing MCHN and find the Max Elixir hidden in the puddle. Now move west along the bottom of the puddle. Move through the Dark Grass over to the HP Up .

Pick ’er up and move back to the puddle. Now head north-west over to the male Ace Trainer. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Furret 63 Normal
Braviary 63 Normal/Flying
Seismitoad 63 Water/Ground

Continue north past the Ace Trainer until you’re out of the Dark Grass. Grab the Nugget here, then backtrack to the Ace Trainer. Head east from him to the female Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Linoone 63 Normal
Mandibuzz 63 Dark/Flying
Toxicroak 63 Poison/Fighting

Once she’s defeated, head east up the large set of stairs. Move over to the Black Belt and have him take you on.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Tyrogue 61 Fighting
Scrafty 61 Dark/Fighting
Makuhita 61 Fighting

Continue east past the Black Belt to the item and the Battle Girl. Let’s take the trainer on first.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Tyrogue 61 Fighting
Machop 61 Fighting
Poliwrath 61 Water/Fighting

Grab the nearby item, which turns out to be a PP Max , then head north-west over to the stairs leading down. Move down them and follow the path around to the ledge. Before jumping over the ledge, turn your Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the Fighting Gem .

Once you have it, head over the ledge and backtrack to the road. Follow the road toward Nacrene City. There’s a male School Kid moving back and forth along the road here. If you talk with him, the two of you will battle.

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Venonat 60 Bug/Poison
Yanma 60 Bug/Flying
Venomoth 60 Bug/Poison

Once he’s been defeated, continue onto Nacrene City !


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