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Pokémon: Black & White 2

P2 Laboratory

Vincent Lau

P2 Laboratory

Let’s explore P2 Lab! Move over and onto it, then head up the stairs to the New Team Plasma Grunt. What’s he doing here? Wait, is that the Plasma Frigate ?! Before heading aboard, let’s head into the nearby building, which happens to be P2 Laboratory. Grab the Dubious Disc inside… and that’s it!

Now you can board the Frigate and see what the fuss is all about.

Plasma Frigate

Actually, there’s very little that you can do here. Feel free to explore the Frigate and talk with the Grunts, but the only real thing to do of interest is to find Colress, back in the helm where you battled him when the Frigate was parked inside the Giant Chasm. Head there

If you speak with him, he’ll challenge you to a battle! Make sure that you’re prepared for such a battle if you plan to partake. He’s powerful so you may need to come back when you have a stronger team!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Colress

Pokemon Level Type Held Item
Magneton 72 Electric/Steel Eviolite
Rotom 72 Electric/Water Life Orb
Metagross 72 Steel/Psychic Muscle Band
Beheeyem 72 Psychic Leftovers
Magnezone 72 Electric/Steel Wise Glasses
Klinklang 74 Steel Air Balloon

With so many Legendaries to catch, its a good thing youve got 2 Master Balls.

You can battle Colress once daily, but sadly he doesn’t have any more Master Balls to give you. When you’re done, exit the ship and head back into Route 17 Again .


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